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Halloween just isnt the same....


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Do you know, when someone asks me what my favorite Holiday is, I always say Halloween.
I know the majority of people choose Christmas - or even Thanksgiving (Blah)... but Halloween & Easter are my top two picks.  Which sounds kinda opposite of holidays.... & that says a lot about me.  Give me a day to celebrate Jesus resurrections & a day where I can dress like Belle & get no judgement & I'm a happy girl.

I can remember growing up waiting so anxiously to get home from school to go trick or treating.  None of this Trunk or Treat stuff back in the 70's.  You worked hard for your candy by trekking up & down the street, even go a few blocks & if you're really dedicated, you went home, unloaded your pillow case of candy (also no fluffy candy buckets or bags for us old schoolers) & you'd go out again & venture into the world of FREE CANDY.  All this while suffering the hard edges of plastic that smothered your face & made you sweat like you were in a sauna....

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This pic is on Pinterest - dont know where it came from - but man, I remember these masks! Especially the Lone Ranger cowboy, the Princess & Woody the Woodpecker. WOW - memories!

We were some tough kids back then is all I gotta say.

My parents usually went the way of home made costumes, which I always loved. I mean, who ever gets tired of being a HOBO for Halloween. Just pull out dad's old over alls & draw on some dirt on your face & BAM! - costume ready.

Growing up, I never outgrew the love of Halloween & always loved giving out candy just as much as receiving it. I mean, you have a bowl of candy in your hands that you can snack on waiting for the next kid to come up - what's not to love?

I would do it UP!!!!! I had strobe lights going on our home... I would dress like a creepy witch... I would perfect my cackle (I have a great cackle) & I would walk hunched over with my broom up & down my drive way.  If you've never met me, I can tell you I am fully, 10000% dedicated to a role.... & Halloween night, I was dedicated.

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I always loved when moms wanted to take pictures of me with their kids documenting their own Halloween... & always feel a little bad when a child was too scared to come up to me because I was a little too dedicated.  & I guess I would break my role for a few minutes to tell them its all OK - I wouldnt eat them, I promise.  (Maybe just break my role a little bit?)

A toned down witch... without my make up
This was when we moved & I went with my nieces to trick or treat

Look at how little the twins are!!!!

Then we made the move away from the city....

& Halloween came & I loaded up on candy & wondered how it would work on these country roads where there's no side walks & houses are scattered & fields are dotted along the road...

& I found out, Halloween doesnt exist where I live.

No trick or treaters.
No kids dressed in the lastest Marvel or Disney costume.
No decorations or strobe lights or witches mask needed to be pulled out.

Let me tell you - it was an adjustment.  I think I may have cried that first Halloween.

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We've been in our home now for 15 years & its still a rough pill to swallow....

But it just gives me a good reason to put on my Belle dress, because if I'm going to dress up for Halloween, I might as well dress up in something that makes me happy & turn on my own Halloween & enjoy my own bag of Reese's cups

.... & maybe break out my good ole cackle to Ricky if he tries to steal one.

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Happy Halloween everyone...

Do you get trick or treaters?

Do you like to dress up?

What's your favorite Halloween candy?


  1. OMG I SO remember those plastic costumes! I have to admit I did not like Halloween growing up!

    That is a great witch costume you had! We do not get trick or treaters were I live now which I never understood because there are kids in our neighborhood!

  2. that's like my inlaws' area...they don't really get many kids; maybe one or two but it's mostly an area where all the kids are grown or have moved out which is a shame because my inlaws LOVE seeing the kids all dressed up.

  3. I live IN a subdivision but we still don't get any trick-or-treaters. Our house sits back from the road and no one wants to make the long trek down our drive for some candy when they can continue on through the neighborhood and get their bags filled up quickly. It's OK - I still buy loads of candy "just in case" and we'll take care of whatever doesn't get claimed by a trick-or-treater (all of it). :)

  4. We do get a lot in my neighborhood. So many that I am usually tired before we're an hour in LOL

  5. Oh man... Your story made me so sad! I love Halloween. It's also my favorite holiday. (Halloween & Christmas Eve!) Since we're in a new house I'm not sure what our traffic flow will be. I'm hoping there's a good turn out!!

  6. So sad how it has evolved....to nil in so many areas! That classroom from back in the day could've been mine. We buy the BIG candy bars but rarely get many trick or treaters! I'll admit I will now have nightmares from this post as the wicked witch from TWOOZ scares me more than anything! LOL. Have a BOO-TI--FUL DAY!!

  7. How fun that you love Halloween so much! I can honestly say I would have lost that in a guessing contest about you for sure. These trunk or treats have turned into a big thing and they were never around when I went treating either. The kids do love them and I guess it provides a "safe" environment, but we will be in the back neighborhoods tonight scooping up the goods. Enjoy your day! Beautifully Candid

  8. I love this post!!! I miss the good ol days when we had to work for our candy and you went trick or treating on Halloween night, not the weekend before in the daylight!!

  9. I remember those masks, they look creepy now! I used to live in an apartment and we never got trick or treaters. The nice thing about moving out to a house in the suburbs is that we get a decent amount of trick or treaters :)

  10. As far as I know we will have kids at the door tonight. If that has changed then we have 100 large candy bars to eat!! My kids were able to do the door to door growing up. I loved Halloween night growing up.

  11. I totally agree that Halloween just ain't what it use to be! We don't have trick or treaters, either, so we turn off the porch light and slip off to another nearby neighborhood! Happy Halloween!

  12. LOL.... my first thought when you said your favorite holidays are Easter and Halloween was that both are associated with CANDY! I like your explanation, though. We don't buy candy, we don't answer the door, and we don't dress up. Bah humbug.

  13. Same here, I grew up in the 80s and early 90s, but we had to work for our candy too. I lived in Pennsylvania and it was always freezing cold and we would have to wear sweat pants under our costumes with those painful plastic masks. Some years it even snowed!!! And we would walk the neighborhoods in the evenings when it was pitch black. None of this 5pm crap. And we didn't have trunk or treat either. The neighborhood I currently live in succckkkkssss so we wont be participating in trick or treating this year, but hopefully when we move we can get into it more! More candy for you, right???

  14. There were some great costumes today. Even an "El" from Stranger Things! I don't miss handing out candy (the dogs can't handle that knocking and ringing on the door so much), but I like seeing what costumes kids choose. My favorite today was probably a Princess Leia and an Alice (from Wonderland)...One of my kids dressed up as Pennywise from It. That was slightly terrifying.

  15. We've never been big on Halloween. Even though we lived in a quiet neighborhood, we were rarely home to hand out candy. Our church always had their Harvest Party on Halloween and we volunteered there for years. Our girls would dress up and go from room to room playing games and getting candy. By the time we helped clean up and got home, the trick-or-treaters were gone. And now... our girls are all adults, we no longer help at the Harvest Party and we live on a very busy street. It's been 16 years and we've never had one person come to the door. It's just another day for us. I'm glad you had a great day!

  16. Halloween is so much fun. I think we always had good costume intentions, but it was hit or miss how successful we were in the end. hahaha. Now as an adult I try to be pretty dedicated.. because... hello, I still love dress up! :) Trunk or Treat is so big now, I don't know that it was around at all when I was a kid either. Olivia went to her church's and it was fun. We met her there for a hot dog and then left because it was SO COLD. OMG. It was like 38 degrees... brrr. XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  17. Oh I hated those plastic masks! Claustrophobia!

    In Ohio we had tons of trick-or-treaters - Mike always dressed up & sat outside to hand out candy. We were warned that we wouldn't have any here, and we didn't. Mike bought candy just in case (I'm eating a Reese's Cup RIGHT NOW - ha!). We ended up having my dad & his wife over to look at our decorations, and Mike make dinner for them. That took the sting off a little bit.

  18. I feel the same way. I love that my girls got to go door to door for their trick or treating. They had to work for it. Yes we carried them from some of the houses, but it was so much fun.

  19. You are so stinkin' cute as a witch! I'm pretty bah humbug about Halloween. I quit giving out candy a couple of years ago because listening to the dogs bark and trying to prevent them from running outside each time the doorbell rang got to be too much. You would LOVE my neighborhood. People come here from everywhere else because it's so safe.


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