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Wedding presents 22 years later, sunsets + onion rings & Good always prevails {Thankful Thursday #145}

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This week I am Thankful For:
{Numbers go with my One Thousand Gifts Journal / just ignore}

642 / Bruno ok after choking.
Y'all... that was scary.  Poor guy choked up a piece of chicken covered in blood. I took a picture but I'll spare you - but I had to show Ricky when he came in.  It didnt phase Bruno - he wanted to keep eating after it came up - but man, this poor little guy just has been through the ringer later.

644 / Food processor.
Who knew? Apparently I have a food processor. When we had that choking incident, I wanted to take the chicken I made & cut it in smaller pieces.  I looked under my cabinet in the back... & found a food processor. I had no idea I had it. I think I got it when we got married... so nearly 22 years ago. It did smell like it was going to blow up when I turned it on. I guess sitting dormant for 22 years will do that.  & side note- dont use a food processor to chop up chicken for a choking incident. It actually CLUNG together more causing the 2nd choking issue.  & other side note- we've given up on chicken for Bruno. He gets beef now.  .... just trying every which way for his vegetarian momma to freak out.

645 / Blue Vs. Pink night.
We just had the best time with the MSM kiddos.  & even better that the GIRLS WON!!!!

I love I can make these girls laugh so hard

647 / Sleeping with windows open.
Hello fall.

648 / New Projects.
I'm excited to try out something new.  Making these new bookmarks is just sparking all kinds of creativity.

649 / Perfect session.
This last senior session may be one of my best ones. This girl just knew how to work a camera. Literally, she could work out 3 pictures in one pose. I'd put her in a place & she would tilt her head, give a smile, give a serious face, give a grin, all moving slightly giving each picture a new look. Total model skills!

650 / Joyster Time.
I just loved our conversations & honesty in our group this past Sunday. Love that we can share so openly.  The best group of ladies!!!

651 / MOM'S BIRTHDAY!!!!
Another year under the belt for my momma!  Always grateful for that!!!!
& we'll throw in a side bar of extra gratefulness for birthday cake! OH YEAH!

652 / Outside dinner.
Ricky hates to sit outside to eat & I love it.  So when we went out to dinner Sunday evening & the place was so crowded, our only option was to eat outside, I was pretty happy. & I mean, come on - who doesnt love watching the sunset while eating onion rings?  

653 / Good in the world.
Seeing all the horror & evil in the world this past Monday in Vegas, it is something to stop & be thankful for the good that comes out of it as well.  The people that helped others with an unselfish heart, throwing themselves on others to protect them, or giving rides to hospitals, or pushing into safety in freezers or behind cars... & all the first responders & all the medical teams that helped to attend to the injured.  Evil may try to make a name for itself in the world... but good will ALWAYS prevail. ALWAYS.  You have to look for it & focus on it - but its there in bigger doses & quantities than ever before.

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What are you Thankful for this week?


  1. omg that must have scared the crap out of you! glad that he was ok.

  2. I still have a pressure cooker with my newly married name on it from nearly 23 years ago!!

  3. Poor Bruno - I would have freaked out! I am willing to overlook a few bug bites in order to have the windows open all the time or be able to eat outside. :) And yes, good will always prevail. It's so easy to focus on the negative, but the good is always always ALWAYS there.

  4. Love having the windows open at night! And your bookmark is so cute! I started doing this post this week to try to get my mind off the evil in the world right now. It's good to remember how much we have to be thankful for - and that there is still some good in the world!

  5. oh my goodness, poor Bruno! i would have been absolutely terrified. had to lol at the food processor sitting there for 22 years. i know you've given up on chicken, but the easiest/laziest way i cook it is in the slow cooker with broth or water, 8 hours on low and then shred with forks. i don't eat it, but i give it to KC all the time, and i will make like a vegetarian meal and then add chicken for him. anyway, i don't know if it's worth a try or not!

  6. Sure hope Bruno takes to the beef. Ground raw might work for him if you get grass-fed beef. Your thankful posts always lift me up and that last tidbit is so true! Hugs.

  7. Poor Bruno, the choking incident sounds pretty scary! That's funny that he was ready to go right back to eating though.

  8. Poor Bruno, glad he is ok! We don't have a food processor but I have always wanted one. I feel like there are a lot of recipes I could use it for. I hate pulling out the big blender and cleaning it avoid anything that needs fine grounding/mixing.

  9. Ha, i'm sure we still have a wedding gift or two that's gone unused!

  10. Sleeping with the windows open is amazing. I get my best sleep that way.

    Poor Bruno. Glad he's doing better.

  11. Oh Bruno! I didn't know he had a choking scare. Beef is probably a better way to go for him and you're a good Momma for making it for him too! And yes to the Good in the World. All the bad gets all the attention and some days, like Monday, it does feel as though the light has turned off. But that is simply not true. People rise up, further than they ever thought possible.

  12. Poor Bruno, hope he's doing okay now. Love your bookmark. Great job.

    Yes, there is good in the world. Very well said.

  13. Sleeping with the windows open and dinner outside sounds delightful! Thanks for hosting!

  14. So scary about the choking incident. I am glad Bruno is ok. That is funny that you had a gift in your cabinets from 22 years ago. I love my food processor. What happened in Vegas breaks my heart and I am still having a hard time with it.

  15. Watching the sunset and eating onion rings! I'm in! Thank you for your paragraph on good good to be reminded. I will try very hard to remember to join in next week. I'm here to meet new friends.

  16. Poor Bruno! Poor Mom! That must have been so scary, but glad it turned out okay. Happy Birthday to your mom! Your bookmarks are so pretty! The water colors and the lettering, you are seriously talented.

  17. So thankful Bruno is ok; that's really scary! It's hard when our dogs do something like that, and I can't help them. But I'm so thankful that God is sovereign and that He cares for our little canines. Also, I am sooo thankful that God's goodness always prevails; the light always always overcomes the darkness.

  18. Oh gosh, poor bruno! Glad he is ok, glad you are doing your best as a veggie feeding meat to your fur baby. The things we do for them! Happy birthday to your mom! & woot for food processors. They really are handy. I do forget about ours a lot too. I love using them to make pie crust. Easy peasy! Love that bookmark! :) XO - Alexandra

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