Thursday, October 12, 2017

Proudness, baby coffee cup & Rogue Hair? {Thankful Thursday #146}

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This week I am Thankful For:
{Numbers go with my One Thousand Gifts Journal... just ignore}

656 / Hair Day.
I was in desperate need. The gray is overtaking me.  I think if I let it grow out, I'd have a stripe like Rogue.  Almost makes me want to have her dye that section so my roots wouldnt look so bad coming in - & it'd be a unique look, wouldnt it?

661 / New Erin Condren goodies.
They had a buy one get one sale on their covers & when I saw they had a new one with a scripture on it, I had to have it.  & I needed the sticker book for 2018 anyways & they had a 20% off sale.  I was happy with my stash.

662 / Bruno OK after falling out of bed.
Yep... last week, we had a Bruno incident where he choked. This week?  He fell out of bed - kinda.  We have a baby gate on the bed for him - & pillows even in front of that & on the edges of the bed so he has a soft cushion to 'bounce into'... but for some reason now, he hits these pillows & just keeps on climbing over top of them. WHAT?  Why did he start this?  & I woke up in the middle of the night to see him climbing over the mountain of pillows - I shot up just in time to grab his tail. OUCHHHHH - but I do think I soften his fall by slowing him down a bit by grabbing his tail.  He wasn't phased. He jumped up & found his way to the water bowl & then barked for his nightly pee ritual.  Ohhhhh mercy... this boy of mine.....

663 /New house shoes.
I really do get giddy over new house shoes.  The fluffy cushiony souls.  Feels like a piece of heaven.

664 / SO proud.
Our friend just got promoted in the fire department to Sargent!  Isnt' that incredible? I still see him as a little teenage kid & now he's a married man with 2 kids ... & now a SARGENT!!!! So proud of our buddy!

Sargent sitting right here!!!!
667 / Game Night.
I just love our friends... our FRAMILY... totally FAMILY.... & we had a game night scheduled when my dad was in the hospital & we had to cancel.  So I was thrilled when we finally got another one on the calendar & we got to enjoy every minute of it.  The talking, the yummy food they made, & the laughter. It was all just a perfect evening.

669 / Safe drive home.
When we left our friends after game night, it was STORMINGGGGG - like thunder & lightning kinda storming. & it was scary as all get out driving. The water was standing so high, you couldnt see lines in the road.  I was so glad to pull in my garage like never before.

670 / Leftovers.
We didnt want to take these leftover cupcakes home because we thought they'd go bad ... little did we know Ricky & I would have sweet treats all eaten up by the next day.  (Harvey Dent just begged for one bite)

671 / Honor to speak.
I really do take it as a honor & privlege to get to lead in our church & even more when I get to speak in front of the whole group up on stage with some incredible leaders & youth ministers.  It just makes me proud to even be associated with these people in any sort of small way.

672 / Warm Drink on a Cold Day.
I think the transition to warm drinks instead of iced is going to happen more often now.  But I'm just excited pumpkin is out right now for some good warm chai tea lattes (with almond milk... & 1 pump pumpkin)

673 / Baby Shower.
Loved celebrating our friend's new baby coming... & loved I found this little toy that I couldnt pass up.  Between this & the Beauty & the Beast book in the package, she had no doubt who the gift was from.

677 / My Nieces are 13.
I cant even wrap my mind around this.  Seriously.

What are some good things happening in your life this week?


  1. Your hair looks great! And wow, those cupcakes look amazing. I love game nights with friends, such a fun, low key way to get together. As far as good things this week, I'm looking forward to going to Ohio tomorrow and spending time with family and childhood friends :)

  2. Oh Bruno, Bruno, Bruno! That little dog is keeping you on your toes!!
    I love that you guys do a game night :) When one of our best friends because a firefighter we were SO happy for him! Congrats to your friend on his promotion!!
    Warm drinks are one of the best parts of cool weather :)
    I love those slippers and if you decide to do a grey streak, let me know. We can be twins because I have a patch that I have to dye every few weeks, too. Ughhh! Lol

  3. i can't walk around any house without house slippers. not even joking about that. feet on carpet is ok but feet on hardwood or tile? WHERE ARE THE SLIPPERS. glad that Bruno is ok.

  4. Speaking of your dad, how is he doing? Green looks really good on you, Sista!

  5. We live in Florida but I can't stand going barefoot. Slippers are a must and those look amazingly comfortable! As always, I loved reading your thankful list and linking up with you!! Hugs.

  6. You should totally do the Rogue look. If anyone can rock it, you can! It's been weird weather-wise here. Hot and cold. Makes it hard to know how to dress. I love the house slippers, look so comfy. I am not a huge pumpkin fan so those drinks don't hold much appeal to me. Now apple, on the other hand. Yes, please! Oh Bruno. He keeps his Mama on his toes and he's so darn lucky that he's so cute and his Mama loves him so much. Harvey Dent's face is hilarious. He's so hopeful. Bless our fur babies.

  7. I'm glad Bruno is okay. The puppy has fallen quite a few times in the past week.

    Oh, love your slippers. Where from?

  8. What a fun week you've had this week. A girl in our Bible Study brings her 9month old boy and he had a cup similar to that Tuesday. So cute!! Those cupcakes look to die for! So glad Bruno is okay.

  9. What a great week so far. I am starting to get gray hairs and I get them dyed. My dad went gray early on, so I knew it would happen early for me as well. Glad Bruno is ok. I love the Starbucks style cup for babies. I wanted ones like that for my girls.

  10. That baby coffee cup is too cute! I also love your green blouse! Adorable. :) Ohh yeah. EC stuff. I am trying to figure out what planner I want to do next year.. maybe and ECLP...maybe not?! Ugh. It's difficult. LOL. I do like the ECLP, but am feeling like trying something new... but can't find anything that I love. The Rogue hair thing cracks me up. I always liked her. XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  11. Those are some fun slippers!!! I thought about getting Zoe that teether when I saw it at Target, but she would just be mad there was no drink in it. LOL. She loves drinking out of big people cups now. Glad Bruno is ok, poor pup.


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