Monday, October 02, 2017

The weekend that starts off PINK & ends with all the BLUE....

Ever have a weekend that was so busy, you cant keep it straight?

... yeah.... I'm that way.

I was looking back at pictures I took on Friday & was like, "That was THIS weekend?"... you KNOW its busy then.

Friday for me kicked off with a big night.


It was the annual Blue Vs. Pink at our church - a youth event for middle school that has the boys vs. girls in competitions.  The past 2 years, the boys have won.  I wanted so badly for our girls to win - especially because my girls are 8th graders & it was their last year to get that win....

& long story short - WE WON!!!!!

It was hard fought... & so much fun.

This is my girl!!!! She is an ALL IN kinda girl - obviously
... she's the girl in the pic below on the left.

I was glad some of my girls were able to make it for the fun - especially because half of our little bible study group was at a championship soccer game. I hated they didnt get to make it & I hated I didnt get to make their game.... but we still had the BEST TIME!!!!

I didnt get home till nearly 11pm....for me? That's like staying up all night long. I was EXHAUSTED!

Luckily, I did get to sleep in till 8:30 on Saturday.... whew. I needed it.

I got up with a motivation to try a new project I wanted to try - those bookmarks I talked about on Friday.

I got some water color paper & pulled out my paints & I got to creating...

I was actually really happy how they are turning out.

I'm getting some inspiration though on some future ones - where there's adding washi tape, & gems & ribbons.... Just a fun thing to work on... like I dont have enough things to do.

I then got my crock pot going with Bruno's food for the week....

& the geared up because it was time for a photo session.

I'm so glad this sweet girl got worked in because it was literally the ONLY open date I had for basically the rest of the year... & it couldnt have been a better day.  The temps were perfection, she was stunning, & we just had the best time doing her session.

I reallllly need to clean my back shield

We even stopped in between locations at Starbucks.  #daymade

I said this is why I love doing pictures for people that are my friends, because there's just a comfort that makes it all just a better experience.  Plus, I'm just a better person with iced coffee.

I cant wait to work on these pictures... I was so busy the rest of the weekend that I havent even gotten them uploaded yet.  But I'll be working hard this week at getting these gorgeous pictures to their owner.

After getting home & taking a shower, giving Bruno a bath, getting his meals ready for the week, & doing my Bible study, I was just exhausted...

I just called it a day by laying in bed & watching the last 2 episodes of Ozark.  Which by the way, can someone who watches it talk about it with me. I mean, COME ON... that last show of the season?!?!?!??!?!?!? OHHHHH MYYYYYYGOSHHHHHHHHHHH.... I literally was screaming at the screen... twice actually.

... my anxiety is kicking in again thinking of it....

Sunday, time for MSM ... which was a fun day since its fall break, our numbers are down - so they ended up separating the boys & girls for the next 2 weeks. This week, the girls got to go around  & see what areas there are to serve in & the boys had a lesson given just for them.  Next week, the boys go around & the girls get their lesson.... I'm excited because I get to be a part of that & help out on a panel of women speaking to the girls.

I left from church to head to my Joysters .... It was just such a great time of talking & reflecting & sharing.... I cant even put into words how much I love these ladies.

I made it a point though that I was just going to be there till 3... I had to jet

It was after all, my momma's birthday! YAHOOO!!!! 70!  Doesnt she make 70 look good????

Think my momma likes blue?  Just a little bit?

I loved it was a perfect day to sit outside & just talk & laugh & play with all the animals....

Finally, around 7:00, Ricky & met up since I didnt get to see him the whole day & we ran down to get some dinner....

& then I got home & was OFFICIALLY exhausted.

By the time I got the dogs fed & did my bible study for the day, I literally couldnt do one more thing but just lay on the bed.. in my clothes... not even turning a channel because I was too tired... but glad my TV was on Halloween Wars on Food Network. I'm always a sucker for all their Halloween shows all October long.

So yeah... it was a doozy of a weekend... & I actually have  a busy week ahead & another busy weekend after that.

People think I'm lying when I say that my calm time is going to be January 2018.... its true.

How was your weekend?

October busy for you?

Finally feeling like FALL to you?


  1. what amazing bookmarks! i wish i were that creative to use water colour paint.

  2. I remember the Blue vs pink event from last year and as I was reading I kept thinking "wow, it's been a whole year already". Where did this year go?
    Happy birthday to your momma!

  3. Go ladies beating the guys!! You had a non-stop weekend and happy birthday to your mom! Wishing her great health and happiness! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Girl, I'm exhausted just READING about your weekend! Lol! Happy BD to your mom and no! She does not look 70!! Loving those bookmarks!!

  5. I do feel a little bad when I tell some people I look forward to work because I can sit down for extended periods. I know not everyone can do that (nurses, teachers, etc.) but when weekends are busy, Mondays are for sittin'. Happy birthday to your mama! The bookmarks look neat-o too! :)

  6. Wow that was a busy weekend but so many good things going on. Happy birthday to your momma!! Beautifully Candid

  7. That was one busy weekend!! Happy Birthday to your Momma. She looks fantastic!!

  8. Wow, that was a busy weekend! I love the bookmarks, they look so cool :)

  9. girl i can't even handle how busy you were!! happy birthday to your mom. so KC and I tried to watch Ozark, but we only watched the first episode and kinda both were like.. eh. should we keep going?!

  10. I posted about our busy weekend, but it wasn't busy at all compared to yours! Wow! I always love your photos!

  11. Whew. Just reading about your weekend was exhausting! I loooove those bookmarks, though!!

  12. Yay for the win!!! I love love love those bookmarks! They turned out so well. You seriously crammed so much in to your weekend!

  13. I love that bookmark! Glad you had a good weekend :-)

  14. This has been my life the last few weeks. I even went into work today (on my day off) to tell someone I just couldn't take on one more thing but could we revisit it after the first of the year?! We HAVE to find some quiet time. Soon!


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