Thursday, February 01, 2018

Cold water, warm days, & no coats {Thankful Thursday #161}

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This week I am Thankful For:
{numbers go with my Journal - just ignore}

68 / No Coat.
I think one day last week was the first time I didnt have to wear a coat into work. It felt so funny & different.  Granted, I was chilly on that morning walk, but it still felt good to not be constrained.

69 / MSM Meeting.
We played a Taboo-type game before we got down to business & its just fun to hang out with all the other leaders & high school kiddos that help lead as well.

70 / Lunch with coworker.
I've just really hit it off with one of my coworkers & we went down to the Hard Rock for lunch. I was even happier when we prayed before out meal together.

This is a CAULIFLOWER Burger!! Ever heard of that? It was delicious!!!
73 / Diapers
Speaking of my coworker - she brought in some diapers that she didnt need anymore. She had gotten them for her dog when she was in heat, but she just got spayed so she was going to throw them away. It worked out perfectly because we were wanting to try the XL on Bruno - this let us try it before buying.  (Note - the XL did help with his fatty tumor hanging - but he was able to wiggle those loose & they'd fall off of him.  Back to the size L)

74 / Precious text.
I got the sweetest text from one of my MSM girls telling me about a conversation that my girls had at lunch & how grateful they were for me as their "CM" (Church Mom).. I honestly got choked up. These girls... have I mentioned how amazing they are?  Probably 3 dozen times, I know. I'll keep saying it.

78 / My Artic Cup.
My work buddy from my last job got me this when I left - & man, this is the best cup. I have my Yeti that I got at work for my coffee - & boy it keeps things hot - but I love this cup because I can put ice in it & water & at the end of the day, there's STILL ice in it. I dont mind drinking water at all when its so cold & this is doing the job of keeping me up in my water intake!

79 / Bank walks.
While its been so nice, my coworker has had me walk with her to the bank in the afternoon.  It's been so nice to get out & breath fresh air in the late afternoon.

81 / First Readathon
I had never done it before but I am so hooked. Clear out the schedule to do nothing but read. I so enjoyed focusing on books & finding other reading IG accounts & Twitter accounts.  It was just the best experience for something I had no idea existed as of last week.

86 / Ricky & horses
Ricky has been wanting to help out my dad with his horses since my dad hurt his knee - but my brother is amazing & has taken on the job.  Well, this past weekend, my brother had his daughters basketball games where it was going to cut into his sleep - so Ricky got to help. & then the poor guy broke a tooth .... & then had something painful happen to his hip.  But he was NOT about to miss the chance to help out.  Love his heart in serving others.

What good things have been going on in your world this week?


  1. Looks like you had a very blessed week!

  2. I love that you are continuing to find joy and friendship in your new job!

  3. since i'm starting work again, i need me a cup like that!

  4. I have a cup similar to that. I don’t know the brand but it kerps ice all day too. Love it.

  5. I am so ready to not need to wear a winter coat too! I've never heard of a cauliflower burger, but that looks really good!

  6. That cauliflower burger looks amazing, ummm .... especially all that cheese! :D I so love the close relationship you have with your MSM girls. You are all lucky to have one another and I love that you and them are so openly appreciative of one another.

  7. Poor Ricky! I hope he's feeling better!!
    I love winter but even I'll admit that it was nice to peel off the coat and wear sweatshirts instead :)
    I loved discovering the readathon, too! So cool!

  8. That cauliflower burger looks amazing! I don't think I've heard of that before.

  9. What a great week! I need to buy my daughter a Yeti because now she wants to bring soup for lunch at school.

    I cannot wait until no jacket season. Jackets are annoying.

  10. I love breathing fresh air so much, and that cauliflower burger looks DELICIOUS Becca! :) What a blessing that you got those doggie diapers for Bruno; I'm sure those have been so helpful.

  11. You have had a great week (but poor Ricky!)!! We have had company for two days so I didn't get a post done today to link up with you. I AM thankful for my dear friend, Karen, whom I have known since 5th grade.

  12. Yay for first readathon!!
    I love days with no coat. Yesterday was one for me. Today, not so lucky.
    Have a great weekend!!


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