Monday, February 19, 2018

The weekend we had the SNOW OF DOOM!!!!!

Is it close to Spring?

Well, it feels like it today here - its in the 70's - WHAT?

Especially after we had a huge snow this weekend.   Mother Nature is hormonal... but as being someone who is hormonal herself with perimenopause - I'll cut her some slack. I get it.

I will say, as much as I hate snow, this one was fun.  It was beautiful, fluffy, sticky snow that lasted about 24 hours & made for perfect fun.  Why?  Because the Nashville gang came up & the boys were all excited about the snow.  Ricky may have been a little excited too to have someone to play in the snow with.

Let me back up...

I got off work on Friday & they were knocking on the door not too long after we got home & ran Ernie out a bit to burn some energy.

The thing is, Ernie got his energy right back when in the door came our new grandpup, Bree.  She's actually one day younger than Ernie - how funny is that?  But they were instantly playing - & basically played the ENTIRE weekend.  With maybe a 15 minute break here & there.  Harvey was happy for the break.

Friday, we were all pretty tired so got to bed fairly early & then ready to have some fun on Saturday....

when the snow came in.

We spent the morning in my room & it was fun having all the company.

The boys were easily entertained by getting in the dog kennel & letting the dogs run outside of the kennel. The confused looks on their faces was so funny.  

What is wrong with this picture/????

But we enjoyed watching these huge flakes fall down & covering everything so fast.

We drove down to get some brunch & MANNNNN - the best breakfast I've had in awhile.  A red pepper & feta omelet - with the best potatoes & the MOST AMAZING bagel. YUMMMM

It was super fun seeing a precious & dear friend there as well - I got to meet her sisters & I always joke to her I want to adopt myself in her family. After meeting the sisters, I really do want to be a part of their tribe.

The boys finished up their breakfast dessert -which was donuts after their breakfast - that's how you celebrate - & Julie & I ran down to the yarn store to look around for a bit.  & let's hear some claps & get some pats on the back because both of us walked out without buying anything.

I had to walk them down the alley next to the restaurant since its my favorite & we snapped a few pictures - even in the snow... & then headed home to really play.

We got out of the car & saw the snow was perfect snow ball throwing snow ... which I threw a few & then ran & got out of the line of fire... but Luke was right on the idea of building a snowman.  Ricky didnt have to be told twice. He ran in & got some gloves & the two of them (Twins anyways) got to work.  Steve & Isaac dug up some gloves & got out there to play too....

It was just fun watching them get it all together.

William stood inside with me & Julie & told me, "I thought I liked the cold. I really dont"... I hear ya buddy.

I was asked for a carrot for the nose, Ricky found a hat of his & I pulled out an old scarf I had knitted & found in my closet & he was complete.

Luke was the one to name him - COLE.... but of course, he had to be called the SNOWMAN OF DOOM

Luke told me that he & his best friend add the word DOOM to everything ... & honestly, I had the most fun adding that onto everything all weekend.

I was going to the BED OF DOOM.
We were eating in the KITCHEN OF DOOM.
I was putting on my PAJAMAS OF DOOM
We were eating my home made CHILI OF DOOM.
The dogs were getting in their KENNEL OF DOOM.

I can do this my entire life.

But Luke must have really enjoyed Cole because he just kept looking at him & hugging him. How cute is that???

I went in to get some chili ready & was told to come back out to see the boys had made a little igloo.  Boys will be boys, will they not?

Everyone came in to finally dry out & relax & it was movie time & hot chocolate time....

& then some fun - FINALLY CHRISTMAS. Yep - we just had our last Christmas of 2017. haha. Maybe now we can REALLLLLY take down the tree?  Seriously.

The boys had new things to keep them occupied the rest of the night.

Ricky & I had gone to bed early - or 11:00 - but I guess that was early for the boys because we kept hearing them running around for the longest time.  Energy abound.

So Ricky & I were up early while they all slept & we just got to love on some doggies & sit outside & watch the snow melt....

& then I had to get ready to go to MSM .... it was a bitter sweet day when I had to say a goodbye to someone I really look up to & value their talent.

The gang all drove down after church to meet up for lunch because they had to get home for a sleep over for Luke....

Saying goodbyes

The weekend just seemed to zoom by... fun was had by all....

We ran into Sam's Club to pick up some stuff & then I got home, got the house straightened back up & then it was time for me to go to the MSM girls night time bible study.  SUCH GOOD DISCUSSION.  I love hearing their honest talk on things like comparisons & passions & what they think their purpose is.  

& then before I know it, its 9 pm & I'm shocked its time to think about going back to work... because we're not one of those lucky people who get off work on President's Day - BOOOOOOOOO.... So unpatriotic.

So how was your weekend?

Did you get snow?

Are you sitting in your HOUSE OF DOOM or WORK OF DOOM today?


  1. Now that’s a breakfast and snowman to be proud of! Yep, with 66 here today, our 15 inches from last weekend is melting fast. Try to have a sweet Monday at work my friend! xo

  2. I think I was up in your neck of the woods Saturday ... the snow was gorgeous, but the roads were terrible and we had to turn around and postpone our day of adventure OF DOOM. ;) No day off for me either.

  3. Don't feel bad! I'm not off today, either! The life of accounting and finance people! Insert eye roll. Love all your snow pics!

  4. That breakfast looks amazing! It's supposed to be 80 here today and I am EXCITED! haha we're actually going to have to mow our yard soon- it's crazy.

  5. I LOVE how much you and Ricky love on those grandpups. :) And I'm so glad that you were able to enjoy the snow even though it's not always your favorite! :o) That makes me think about last summer. I'm actually not a huge 'heat' gal, but I'm so thankful that God really transformed my view of summer last year.

  6. We did get snow on Saturday but it all melted by Sunday! It looks like the kids (and guys) used up most of the snow in the yard to build their

    I'd love to see more pics of Bree, is she a lab?

    Explain to me who your Nashville gang is. Is it Ricky's daughter and her family?

    We should be on "Winter break" now but sadly I had to work Friday and Today due to snow make up!

  7. hehehe I love it! Adding doom to the end of everything. That snow fort is super legit!! We haven't had a ton of snow in quite a few years. It's been pretty warm in the 50's and 60's many days. Then we'll go back to the 30s. Who knows! But Kansas is always like that hehehe. :) Glad you had a great weekend!!
    XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  8. Lol...sitting in my house of doom right now fighting off a sore throat of doom. :) Our office is open today, but I called off. Woke up feeling like poo. Love that you made the most of the snow - we got a little bit over the weekend and today it's creeping up into the 70's and raining. Mother Nature is so moody.

  9. I'm at my work of doom (which, actually, might be the literal truth!). Ha! Looks like you had a great weekend. I want that breakfast AND the donut!

  10. Ugh I am definitely in the office of doom today. Gross. It sounds like you had a great weekend and enjoyed playing in the snow! It is in the 70s all week here, but gross and rainy. I am so over the rain! Hope you have a great week!

  11. I have the cat of doom on my lap and am trying to type over and around his tail of doom! LOL That was fun! Sure looks like you had a great weekend full of fun and love!! Great photos!!

  12. It's cold here. We had snow Friday but not over the weekend.
    That grandpup sure is cute!

    Hope today went quickly for you!

  13. That is legit. It looks gorgeous and love all those snowman pictures! I REALLY want snow in Dallas, it would be so fun!

  14. Such a fun weekend with all the snow and family!! I love that Ernie got some company, too! So sweet to have such a busy & love-filled house. And the bonus of delicious foods all weekend, too!!
    I worked today. K and I were planning to take the day off because we've been on the road for two weeks... but then I ended up working all dang day anyway. Sigh. Lol

  15. That breakfast looks amazing!! Is it almost lunch time yet because now I am hungry! You did get a lot of snow and it looks like the perfect kind for making snowmen. Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  16. We had just a dusting of snow and boy am I glad. I am so over snow for this winter. lol I was off yesterday and it was wonderful to go out to lunch and to a bookstore and sit in a park for a bit. But I'm back at the work of doom today :(

  17. I'm sure that the snow has already melted by now! We are having the most beautiful day today and tomorrow as well, but then it's back to cold temps!

  18. Weekend of DOOM sounds fun. Love the photo in front of the wall of DOOM.

    I could also do this for the rest of my life. LOL


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