Wednesday, February 07, 2018

I like to move it, move it....{Wellness Wednesday}

We're back to another month of Wellness Wednesday.

I loved last month & reading other's goals for the year ... & looking forward to seeing what this month's topic brings.

Favorite Cardio or Exercise & any tips 

I am a cardio girl.  Seriously - I've talked about this here before with my issues of struggle with other exercises that focus solely on weight lifting or 'calmer' exercises like yoga or Pilates.  - which, before I upset all the calm yogi's in the world, I KNOW it sculpts a body& does amazing things for flexibility, but if I dont get my heart rate up to a high number & keep it there for a minimum of 30 minutes, I feel like its a useless workout.

I always say I blame my upbringing of Richard Simmons on  his daily TV show (Anyone else remember that? - I'd totally do it in my basement with him) & because of the Jane Fonda era - leg warmers & all.

Proof this existed....

But I really do feel like, for MY body, I'm all about needing a fast pulse to get any results.

Saying that, I've never really lost any weight running. Ironic, huh?

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The only thing I've ever really lost weight doing is the 21 Day Fix or back in the day, Jazzercise.

Now, those are a combo of cardio and weight lifting/toning.

I guess that's my jam.  My sweet spot.  The thing that gets real results.

Because like I said, I usually would GAIN weight training for races.... & I did the Hammer & Chisel program for 3 months & ended up with zero weight loss on that too. Granted, I did tone up, & I get muscle weights blah blah blah.... but I didnt feel any leaner.

I actually really miss my Jazzercise class & if there was one near me, I'd totally be back.  The one I used to go to shut down & moved - it would take me nearly 30 minutes to get to a class now one way... & the time the class is isn't convenient for my schedule... so alas... no Jazzercise.

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Same goes with cooking healthy dinners & Pinterest

& now, I'm frustrated that Beachbody is doing everything streaming anymore.  I used to love to buy some of their work out sets but now, they really push that yearly subscription & dont sell the new plans on DVD - they want you to stream. I dont have a TV in my work out area where I can stream - & I'm not about to work out looking at small computer monitor or tablet. I've got 46 year old eyes - I dont want to work out with my glasses on.

My ultimate favorite exercise though is kickboxing. I guess it taps into my days of Kung-Fu where I grew up every Wednesday taking classes.  & yeah, if you didnt know that fun fact, I got my black belt at 16 years old.  Those moves just come natural to me - to kick & punch.  It's like those kids that are raised to play any sport young - it becomes just natural moves to them. That's how kick boxing is to me.

It's also a good cardio work out & toning for those kicks & punches.

Beachbody had a program called Les Mills Combat that is my all time favorite.  I think they quit dealing with that though - Beachbody, what are you doing to me lately?

But, truth be told - I did that whole 2 month program & never lost any weight either.... sigh....

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I in fact did NOT get lean & shredded... but I had fun

& obviously, I do have a love/hate relationship with running - doing 8 (or 9? I forget) half marathons... I have discovered I enjoy the solitude of being on the road. It's mind clearing to me. I've also learned I'm not into races - the pressure of time & judged by others.... I'm actually going to do a post coming up soon on what happened to me a few weeks ago & why I'm really frustrated with running right now after being 'time shamed'... it's a thing - trust me.

So I guess what it all comes down to - just do what makes you happy.  There is something for everyone. It's just moving your body - staying active - not letting time walk all over you while you're still.  You gotta fight to keep a body in shape - & being in shape doesn't mean it has to LOOK a certain way.  It's about FEELING good - its about not being breathless doing normal chores - its about being able to walk up steps with laundry baskets or run down the drive way to get your mail - or lifting groceries or carrying out dogs in the middle of the night to go potty.  All the every day living things.

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So find what works for you... do it a few times a week.... be kind to your body.... keep moving!!!
Know that it can change all the time too.  What you love today, you may hate in a few months... & then love it again in a few years. 

Just be open to what your body is asking you to do.


UPDATE TIME... so my goal this year is dealing with Weight Watchers.
How is that going for me?

Well... OK, I guess. I'm down like 6 lbs (blah - I can gain that overnight so I dont feel like its a big deal) I'm struggling in the sense that I'm feeling a little lost with the program.  I guess that's why they want you to come to meetings & not do it solely online - which I'm not paying & driving to go to meetings. 

The points they give you aren't a lot for a day.- & I am glad you do get the extra points for the week - but I'm finding its about incorporating those free points.  I just have some struggle with that I guess. Basically veggies, fruit, eggs & beans - all free foods.  All good for dinner (my lentil soup I post on IG a lot - zero points) - its the snacks & eating out that's tough for me.

Image result for diet funny eat a lot at night

I need lunch ideas. I need things to take to work.  I need to get snack & dessert ideas that aren't many points - that aren't SUGAR FREE. They really promote sugar-free items to save points - & I'm not about to load my body up with artificial sweeteners.

Everyone talks about a dessert you make with Greek yogurt & sugar free pudding. & I got the pudding & then seen it was made with aspartame. OH HECK NO - I truly believe that stuff is the stuff of the devil.  I threw it away. I dont care if its zero points. My long term health is much more important than my scale number next week.

Image result for aspartame meme

So - I'm still trying to learn about it....

& basically, its like my friend Nathalie told me - sounds like if I ate basically a good vegan/vegetarian diet, I'd be doing the points right... which is basically not even needing Weight Watchers.  hmmm... I'm already signed up for another month anyways so we'll see if anything amazing kicks in for me...

This turned really long today... sorry... kinda ... not really - I can talk about this stuff all day long.

Anyways - here's to another month... & I'm still PRESSING ON!!!


  1. I can't wait to read your post about running and how awful about the time shaming, I just don't get why people would do that.

    So what is included in signing up for weight watchers? I think your 6 lb loss is awesome!

  2. Oh I soooo remember Richard Simmons show! Best leg warmers ever! Way to go in the loss and to keep on moving that bod!

  3. Yep - I remember my mom watching Richard Simmons and Jack LaLanne every morning.
    Does your office offer any exercise classes or a wellness group?
    I avoid anything artificially sweetened too - why do people think this poison is healthier?
    Good job on those 6 pounds - don't knock them!

  4. I'm so impressed by your motivation to always try something new and different! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Ughhhhhh! I just ate a chocolate poptart!!

  6. I really appreciate your honestly with how you are doing on WW because that is my exact hesitation of why I never did it. I dont believe in sugar free foods. And the low fat crap is just as bad because they replace the fat with other bad things. I don't know why Beachbody is pushing their streaming service. I would think they would make more money with DVDS, but what do I know. I am still having a hard time getting back my workout groove in general. You are so right, it is about doing what makes you happy!

  7. YES!! kickboxing (any martial art, really) is so amazing. it's why i quit weight lifting to dedicate more time to muay thai but sadly, i need to dial that back and to back to weight lifting because i need the muscular balance and strength lifting provides.

  8. I tried WW a few weeks ago, and I couldn't live on such little points. Even eating tons of zero point foods, I was starving. I have used MFP for years and it seems to be what works for me. I'm totally with you on cardio and needing to get my heart rate up! I prefer to run over anything - I love to run so much. I just hate doing weights or any kind of strength training. And I'm not a yoga person, either.

  9. I love spin. That is my workout jam, but I haven't done it in forever. I have been changing up my gym routine because I need to lean out a bit. I was bulking up doing the wrong exercises and now I think I found my sweet spot. A bit of running, tons of walking and weights. I thought about trying WW before mostly to eat a more rounded diet, but I thought it might be too much work. Ugh.

  10. hehhehe I am the opposite. I'm not a cardio girl! At all, but I try. I loooove belly dancing and other dance though. I try to get workout dvds that are like that for cardio! :) XO - alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  11. I just can't get into videos at home. I've tried but no luck but I do love walking. I walk a few miles every night in the spring/summer/fall. It could be better but I could be sitting on the couch watching TV so it could be worse! I hate the wintertime when it's dark and cold and I can't get my nightly walk in!

  12. I love your perspective Becca. It's so true that it's hard to find what you really LOVE and really want to do in order to stay healthy. My favorite thing is to do videos at home and running 3 days a week; I've realized my body can't quite handle more than that a week, and I'm still kind of healing/repairing from a lot of years of a bad relationship with running.

    And I mostly don't do sugar free either; I do... drink some sugar free drinks, but in general I do agree that stuff that is sugar free is just not usually the most helpful/nourishing for the body. :)

    Most of all I would say God is really teaching me to want to glorify Him in everything I eat or drink; that's been such a battle for me for 10+ years, and He has given me so much victory!

  13. I feel the same way about diet soda...I don't have a lot of food rules, but I will not touch artificial sweetener. I hate seeing people rely on it.
    I've found that the cardio doesn't actually help you lose weight. It contributes to your overall health and makes you feel good, but it just makes you hungrier. It's all diet related, which you're already doing!

  14. Oh boy. I'm not moving much AT ALL these days with the bad knees and have never done the gym or exercise class things. I did lose 50 pounds on WW about six years ago. I didn't go to the classes, but did go every Saturday morning to get weighed in. It costs too much, though, and like all the other diets I've done, I gained it all back. I've lost the same 50 pounds at least four times in my lifetime. Sigh. Low carb works best for me.

  15. I used to love Jazzercise back in the day and agree that unless I really get my heart rate pumping I don't feel like I've exercised. I run twice a week and do two PT workouts. I do enjoy my yoga though more for the mental relaxation.
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond.

  16. I agree with your points about do what makes you happy and keep moving. Good for you for pressing on. Thanks for joining in the Wellness link up.

  17. I think I still have a Richard Simmons DVD - or it might even be a VHS TAPE! Working with the Oldies, or something like that. My mom did some card program he had.

    I loved Jazzercize the one time I took it, but I did fall over doing a grapevine maneuver. Graceful, I am not!

    I'm sorry you're struggling with WW. I've had good & meh experiences with it. It depends on where my brain is.

  18. Girl, I feel ya, I'm a cardio girl too! Honestly, I don't have the patience for Yoga lol. I do like bodyweight exercises like TRX probably because it's still like cardio. Oh well! I'm doing something so that should count for something!

    Richard Simmons is great - I actually used his Sweatin' to the oldies video a lot during high school and I lost weight from it!

  19. Running is usually not a good weight loss strategy for me either, except for the time that I was training for a full marathon and got to the point where I was doing 15-20 mile runs at a time...then I lost about 5 pounds, ha ha. For me, losing weight ALWAYS comes back to counting calories, much as I hate to admit it.

    Lately, I've been pretty burned out of running (I basically NEED a race and training plan lately to motivate me to run, and I haven't had that for a year and a half now), so now I'm just letting myself do local dance cardio classes at the gym, like hip hop, zumba, and high fitness. For me, those hit the sweet spot of heart-pumping aerobics with a little bit of strength mixed in, which is good enough for me.

    Have you ever tried vegan ice cream? You basically freeze a banana or two then put it in a food processor with a tablespoon or so of cocoa powder and a dash of vanilla. It basically tastes like soft serve ice cream, and it saved me when I was doing hardcore clean eating stuff.

  20. Wow, such good stuff here. I agree, you have to do what you like doing...or you aren't gonna do it. I do find that Weight Watcher's is not really a diet but just a routine of eating well. But I can have those treats and occasional splurges, just have to get back on track or move a little more. Since I broke my foot, I haven't done much of anything at the doctor's request but so far haven't gained weight either. Just feel more gelatinous. Ha!!

  21. Oops. I typed a comment and lost it.
    Long story short, I'm not a cardio girl. I am a yoga girl. Right now I'm a nothing girl. I need to fix that.
    Also, I don't know what aspartame is/are...?


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