Thursday, February 15, 2018

Too hot to handle, what REAL happily ever after looks like & this could basically be an ad for Advil (Thankful Thursday #163)

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This week I am thankful for:
{Numbers go with my One-Thousand Gifts Journal / just ignore}

113 - Advil
It's been my friend this past week.

114 - Frozen Ground
Why am I thankful for this awful cold we've had?  When I'm so tired of winter?  Becuase when its frozen, its not muddy. & I'm so tired of mud... & doggie feet ... combined.  & muddy doggy feet across my kitchen floor. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL. So at least when its cold enough to freeze, no mud getting tracked in.  Who would ever think I'd be thankful for the cold.

117 / Bean Street Tea
Let me back up - its not Bean Street.  Or is it? The sign outside says Bean Street, but the cups & the shirts & everything else is called Starlight Coffee - I'm so confused. Anyways, I'm thankful for this coffee shop on the way home - especially when I have an awful sore throat. They have the best tea & they use REAL honey. Starbucks doesnt use real honey in case anyone was wondering.  & their tea is so hot, I will get it on the way home at 5:00pm & it will STILL be warm by 10:00 at night.  & we've learned not to drink it when you first get it or you wont actually taste ANY of your tea. You have to wait at least a minimum of 30 minutes before you can even SIP it.  THE BEST!

120 / Erin Condren Planner
I love my planner. It really does keep me on top of my game in life.
I need to do a post on how i use it & how I actually have a bullet journal as well.  Anyone else a planner fanatic?

121  / Ricky feeds dogs.
I came home last Thursday ready for the count feeling awful & I literally walked in, went to bed & laid down - even in my work clothes. Fell asleep in them.  & I didnt even want to get up to feed the dogs - so when Ricky was feeding them when I walked in the kitchen, it was like seeing Prince Charming.  That's when love really matters & this is the stuff of fairy tales.

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122 / Advil
Funny - I didnt even realize I wrote down Advil twice in one week until I just did this post. haha I must REALLY love my Advil.

125 / Books that strikes emotion
I finished a book that I honestly laughed out loud & gasped at parts & swooned at others. I love when a book totally sucks me in.

126 / Nothing
I was so glad that feeling so bad & having a fever for 2 days, I was able to do nothing.  No plans were had on Saturday (I'm really glad I'm keeping my Saturdays open now) & Chasity was AWESOME by leading the Joysters on Sunday & my amazing senior high student Jana was also incredible to take over the MSM girls as well.  I had no worries except to stay in bed with blankets, books, knitting & yep - Advil.

What are you thankful for this week?


  1. Sorry you haven't been feeling well but glad you have all that advil!!!

    One of my other friends recently mentioned bullet Journaling and I had meant to look that up. I never did but now that you mention it, I definitely need to. I'm all about Journaling and documenting things...haha

  2. Quiet weekends are the best. Hope you are feeling better.

  3. Sorry you were feeling so sick but I'm glad the advil helped. And I had no idea Starbucks didn't have real honey. This new coffee place you found sounds amazing!

  4. Yes, a planning post needs to come soon. I've been putting off buying an EC planner for a few years now.

  5. I'm sorry you've been under the weather. Nothing worse than feeling yucky and miserable. Honestly, I'd take the cold over mud too, especially with dogs. I don't like cleaning and I'd be gritting my teeth over all the extra mopping! Feel better!

  6. It sounds like Advil has been your saving grace this week. I hope you are feeling better! I am so over the mud! We hit the 50's here this week and our back driveway is nothing but a mud pit.Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  7. I love it when Mr D decides to feed the dogbabies! Such a little thing to give me so much joy!! lol

  8. I love, LOVE that one of your students is named Jana. Seriously. I LOVE IT.

  9. Hahaha that meme. Yes, it is hard to argue when they clean! The Beau and the Belle!!!! EEEE I cant sing it's praises enough. And Advil is seriously a miracle sometimes, right?

  10. I'm sorry you've not been feeling well. Advil is the best. I probably take it too much, haha. I'm glad you liked The Beau & the Belle!! Her books are super cute. Honestly, I hate muddy dog feet so much it's one of the many reasons I keep putting off getting another dog. Plus the hair. And just having a small house. I can't.

  11. I hope you start feeling better. I feel your pain. I have been taking meds for fevers and being sick and I am so thankful for modern medicine. Also thankful for my husband feeding the dog and our girls lately. Ha.

  12. I sure hope you are feeling so much better by now! I chuckled at your muddy paws comments. I remember that nasty melting now muddy mess, but now I live in Florida!! :) Take care!!

  13. I'm glad Advil was there for you! I hope you're feeling better?
    That marriage tip? BEST ONE EVER!

  14. heheh that book was so cute! And I agree. :P I hope you are feeling better now! :) XO - Alexandra

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