Monday, February 26, 2018

The weekend I took pictures....

Hello Monday!

Well, today is kinda a different post - hope you like pictures.

I just didnt have big plans for the weekend & figured I'd document it in pictures.... so hope you enjoy. 

Friday - got off work after having to work some over time & stopped for another coffee... which was horrible. UGH - having the worse luck with coffee. This sucker ended up costing me $10.00 after the tip. That's a total waste of $10.00

... I literally just sat on my couch & knit the rest of the night & watched some DVR'ed shows

... Saturday morning had me digging out my Starbucks Christmas blend coffee

... worked on my Bible Study that my Joysters are doing.

... the hubs went to a diaper party for a coworker whose wife is having a baby.  While he was gone, I took advantage of the quiet house to work out.

... while someone else took the advantage of the quiet house for other things.

... I then needed a refuel drink.  Tone it Up protein powder really is my favorite.

... then while the house was still quiet... I really took advantage of it by reading some in my spot with a dog who was enjoying watching the rain.

... & someone else who enjoyed watching me & my every move I make. After all, I may get near a treat jar at some point during the day.

... the hubs got home with some pizza for dinner & I literally sat on the couch the rest of the evening watching some Netflix & DVR shows & knitting. I had the worse head ache - dont know if it was all the rain & storms coming through - I felt BLAH.

Obsessed with this show on Netflix

... got up on Sunday to make some breakfast for me & Ricky.

.... then had to mop the floor because my dogs love to dig for moles, especially in muddy dirt.  Geez.  He caught one too. Ricky had to take it out - its the 2nd mole this week he caught.

... devotional time before straightening my hair & putting on make up.

... we headed to church at our old church to hear our precious buddy preach his first "big church" message. It was so incredible. Truly impressive.  So proud of him!!!!

.... it was so great seeing so many people of our church friends & visiting our 'home' ... it will always feel like home to us.

... You know what Sunday calls for - Starbucks break.  

... & a Target run. Do you know I havent been to Target in a month - A MONTH!!!!! I had to do what I love the most - check out the books. What can I say?

... I then had to head over to my parents house to help my dad with some things & then got to see his new little Baby. She's coming up to me & nipping my hand now. So stinkin' cute!!!

... & the big boy got to enjoy some outside time with some hay in the fresh air.

... I got home after the sun went down & it always feels  like the dog food assembly line.

... & then it was 8:00 & we called to Nashville to wish our youngest a Happy Birthday on his 4th birthday!!!... & I'm watching Big Brother & trying to get in some Walking Dead... & then its time to wrap up the weekend

So tell me, how was your weekend?


  1. Oh no, look at that muddy Harvey Dent! So stinkin cute!

    So tell us, why was your coffee so much $? One time I went to Starbucks and ordered something that was on their online menu but they didn't have on their menu in the store. Instead of just making that particular drink, the charged me for a regular Frappe plus charged me for each extra ingredient used to make the Frappe I ordered. I was shocked when I heard the price! I don't do tat any more. I order only what they have on their store menu now!

  2. Look at that muddy boy of yours, it’s a mom, am I in trouble look! Love your parents lil farm. Sweet weekend pretty lady!

  3. $10 for coffee?! OH HALE NO! i got so mad when i paid $6 for a PSL which basically tasted like someone shat in my cup.

  4. For $10, that cup should have been at least twice that size and taste amazing.
    Thanks for the reminder! I need to get more protein powder and hopefully make better choices with my snacking making protein drinks. This weekend was a clean-out-the-pantry-and-eat-everything event.
    I've started getting more books from Target than I used to - I justify it by saying "well, it's 5% off with the red card so I'm saving money here" ...

  5. How do you like the tone it up protein powder? I've been itching to try it! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. There is nothing worse than spending money on a bad cup of coffee. That is one of pet peeves. And why does it always have to be so expensive. I don't mind paying more for coffee provided it is good.

  7. Muddy Harvey Dent is the cutest! My dogs would absolutely look like that if we had a doggie door. Right now they get let out to go potty and then they get a treat if they come right back in with no digging ;) They know the system. Although sometimes I know they make the conscious choice to dig over getting a treat. Rotten little imps ;)
    Sounds like a relaxing weekend- minus the icky expensive coffee!

  8. Ugh, I hate spending so much money on something to have it not taste good :( At least you know to avoid that place in the future. I felt pretty blah yesterday too and didn't even think about it, but that makes sense that maybe it was the weather with the rain and changing pressure.

  9. Woah a month without target?! That's dedication! Glad you had a nice weekend!

  10. $10 for a cup of coffee - that's crazy. And anger-inducing when it's not a good cup either! Ernie is so cute and I love that he is starting to outgrow his bed. Harvey Dent! Man, I wouldn't want to clean him up but he just makes for a cute, muddy dog. :D I always check out the books at Target too. Lately, I've noticed that I'm all "read it, read it, read it" which made me think that I read too much. But nah. Not possible! Have a great week!

  11. Mine was about as quiet as yours, only I didn't even get many pictures. Did some reading, crocheting (very little) and watched the last Harry Potter movie and we started the series Babylon 5 again and watched some Death in Paradise and Monk. So see, very similar type weekends.

  12. That sucks you paid so much for a crappy coffee. BOO!! I haven't tried the Tone It Up protein powder before, but I have one of their cookbooks haha. I might have to try that! A month without Target? Girl, you crazy! Haha

  13. I love Christmas Blend and look forward to it all year. We go through SO fast! I think I'll check out the study by Lauren Chandler. Matt's church is literally a hop and skip away from us and have visited there several times.

  14. I love this!! What a fun post. I have to know...did you buy any books from Target?!?

  15. I love quiet Saturdays like the one you enjoyed...I could do that every weekend with no complaints.

  16. We had a great weekend. I sure enjoyed seeing yours in pictures!!

  17. That dog...him and Jett would be best buddies.

    I need to get better at documenting weekends.

  18. All those quiet moments; what a blessing from God! Also, Ernie and Harvey; they are adorable. I just want to kiss Ernie's face, and also I love so much how you go with the flow on the busy days and quieter days.


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