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Sweetness potential, New Years Eve time & we Believed {Thankful Thursday #162}

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This week I am Thankful For:
{numbers go with my 1000 gifts journal - just ignore}

88 / Coworker lunch.
I love my coworker walked in on Monday & as she walked past me said, "I need to talk - lets do lunch"... I love she needed someone to vent to & wanted me to be the ears that listened.  Plus, we had a really good lunch together.  I really am enjoying getting to know all my new friends at work.

Black bean veggie burger for lunch

89 / Ricky found a dentist.
Y'all know we've had some dentists in our day that have NOT been the best or have led us on a wild good chase with treatment.  Well, with Ricky's tooth breaking last weekend, we are trying a new dentist that a lot of people have recommended. He goes to our church & I've not heard one bad thing about him... & Ricky really liked him. Could it be? Finally? A good dentist?  Halleluia

94 / Work Hand sanitizer.
I so love that work sent out an email about the flu & the statistics on it - they ordered new soaps for the bathrooms & passed out individual hand sanitizers for everyone to take.  THIS is my kinda work place.

95 / Meeting changed.
I had to leave work early on Friday for Believe & we had a Finance meeting where ALL of our branches would be linked in together.  It was going to be right when I needed to leave & I hated the idea that I was going to have to get up in the middle of this & go.... but then it got rescheduled for another day - YAHOOOOOOO!!!! Whew! I dont have to be the new person who walks out of big meetings.

98 / Tired Ernie
Ernie is just a little tyrant lately.  I have to get him into some sort of training class because he's just not listening to me. He will listen to Ricky but Ricky is hardly around.  He leaves for work before I wake up at 5:30am & when he gets home, he's in bed usually around 7:30 or 8 so I have Ernie all night to myself... I have to get him to listen to me. Anyways - good things here - when he's tired, he's being really sweet - which he wasn't doing that when we first got him.  But he's sweet with Harvey & even came over & laid his head on my leg.  This is NOT Ernie behavior - so I'm thankful of glimpses that he could be a good dog - SOMEDAY.

99 / Off early.
Like I said, I had to leave work early on Friday. The cool thing? I didnt have to take any of my personal time. The firm closed early on New Years Eve but the Finance department had to stay in case of any late deposits for year end.... so we were able to take that time everyone else got off & save it to use in January. & I know, Friday was actually February 2, but my manager is amazing & so thoughtful. She told me I could save it for Believe.  It worked out wonderfully

101 / Great Small Group
Our small group time was fantastic. I was worried it could be a little chaotic with so many people but these girls really are maturing so nicely & beautifully. 

102 / Bed early at Believe
If you call the girls getting in bed at 1am early - I do - last year, it was a struggle to get them to stop talking. We had like 43 people in our room - NO JOKE - try & get 43 middle school girls from stopping giggling with that many people.  YIKES... but this year, I told them twice to keep it down & by 1am - it was crickets. I couldnt believe it. So much that I couldnt sleep haha - it was too quiet. I didnt fall asleep until 2:30am - & the girls literally were out. No shenanigans - they really were in bed that easily.  Kudos to them

103 / C-ALERT
So if you've been around here for awhile, you KNOW what food I detest... the breakfast food - & guess what they had out for breakfast on Saturday for Believe. Yep... all kinds of choices. All the lady leaders were like, STAY OUT - they brought me breakfast (Panera) to my room so I didnt have to go in. there.... & the cutest thing of all - so many of my MSM girls were like, "Rebecca - stay away from there - you cant handle it"... & they all stayed out in the hall way with me to hear the announcements for the day & then they all went around the back way so I didnt have to walk through the C-infested room. How cute are my girls?

I actually have so many break downs of things I'm grateful for at Believe - but I'll just sum it up with that. It was an amazing weekend with the girls - a fantastic message - great people to serve with - kids deciding to follow Jesus - it just doesnt get any better than weekends like that.

109 / Ernie OK 
So while I was gone, I found out Ernie had some deodorant. Greaaaaat.  Ricky tends to forget its like watching a baby - eyes on them at all time. Ricky said he was acting funny for awhile... but he just seemed to snap out of it & was ok. Geez.

111 / Home
It was heaven on Sunday to just stay at home in sweats & with my own coffee & finishing a book.  They dont have MSM the day after Believe - & my sweet precious Joysters went ahead & pushed back our meet up for another week ... Sunday was just wonderful relaxing, reflecting & recharging.

So what good things happened in your world this week?


  1. Ernie sounds like a real pistol. lol But he's so cute so how could you stay mad at him. Thanks for doing this every week. I really do appreciate it and enjoy reading your posts.

  2. I need all the hand sanitizer. I went to my daughter's classroom this week to help and the germ fest was awful. Not one child didn't have a cough or the sniffles.
    So awesome to be making new friends and having lunch with coworkers!! When you have to spend so much time together, it's good to enjoy each other's company.

  3. Sounds like you have something you love about your new job every week and that's great! My only question is who in the world schedules Friday meetings?? I hate that!! Friday's should be off limits! Glad things are looking up for y'all in the dentistry world!

  4. Did Ernie Eat the deodorant?

    I continue to be amazed at how awesome your new company is! Do you often feel like you are just waiting "for the other shoe to drop" so to speak? Do people even say that anymore? That's how I felt when I came back to my job after having some time off. Things were going way too smoothly. After many years, things are still good!

    What is that book you were reading? Is it good?

  5. That's my next thing to do is see a dentist. My daughter spent years seeing dentists that tried to take her on a wild goose chase. So she found a wonderful dentist several years ago and I plan on seeing him. He is not on our insurance but I am going to get his opinion before I visit the dentist on our list. I trust this man.

  6. Yay for work friends to have lunch with! That is the best feeling :) And I am laughing at the err c-word diversion!

  7. So great to connect with coworkers and also to work for a company that values your time and life balance.


    Fingers crossed for an awesome dentist. I found one and it has made ALL the difference.

  8. Oh Ernie. So adorable and so naughty! He'd take one look at me and know that I was a complete and utter sucker and do whatever the heck he wanted. :D I'm glad he's okay after eating the deodorant though. Seriously, yucky though! It's so great that your workplace continues to be awesome! Good people and management - that makes such a huge difference.

  9. Enjoyed reading about all your 'thankfuls!' With the flu so bad around here we've really been using a lot of hand sanitizer. The dogs are so pretty, the small one's markings are so unusual.

  10. That really was thoughtful of the company to provide the hand sanitizer with the flu begin so bad this year. I keep hearing horrible things about it. The photo of the two dogs together is so cute!

  11. Oh Ernie, clearly you are on the bottom of the totem pole. I like that your company gave you hand santizer...Last night Mini Fox breathed into my mouth with her sickness and now I'm feeling it today. Boo! So happy you had such a fantastic Believe experience! I love reading about it.

  12. That bagel from Panera looks AMAZING. I could eat it right now!

  13. Ok your work sounds amazing! I love that they got everyone hand sanitizer!

  14. That veggie burger looks really good. Sounds like work is working out great for you!

  15. I am still smiling and am so happy for you in your new job!! Yay!! As always, a wonderful list of thankfuls!

  16. It sounds like your new job is really amazing!

  17. Ohmygosh, Ernie. I want to hug him. And I see how he could be a little devil. Our dogs do this thing where they only listen to Scott now because he's their "primary caregiver" of late, and it ticks me off.
    If I need a new dentist or doctor (or job lol), I just say I'm moving and find a new place. It's usually true.
    Glad your new job is working out so well!

  18. Oh Ernie! Such a rascal. I'm sure he'll settle down.... in three or four years. Lol
    Yay for a dentist. And such thoughtful co-leaders and girls keeping you away from the c-infested room. Lol!!
    We just got home from a business trip and it feels SO good to be home. YES!


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