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One Sentence a Day {January 2018}

Trading out Friday Favorites for this today...

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2018 - here we go
Another year lays ahead of us... so much possibility
But first, we gotta get through the first month.
The dreary winter month - the month that is after all the excitement of the holidays - the month that apparently is full of flu germs (YIKES) - we made it...
& here's what my month looked like One Sentence a Day

1. Didnt even leave our warm home when it was zero degrees all day long & ended up getting all the Christmas decorations down. #baretreestillupthough

2. Looks like its back to the grind. #backtoworkwego

3. Water pipes are busting everywhere in this frigid cold & we were all in a little panic when our water went out at work & we were trying to figure out where to go to the bathroom at. #theyfixeditfast #noaccidentswerehad

4. I have been watching every day how they are taking the ice rink down out of my office window & shocked that now, they're at the point where people are actually SHOVELING the ice up. #gottabeabetterway

5.  So I made the leap & joined Weight Watchers!!! #letsdothis

6.  Got to meet a FB friend in real life when she commissioned me to do a canvas lettering project for her & she is even more ADORABLE in person. #howdidInotgetapic?

7.  So glad to be back at MSM & see my adorable & precious girls.  #missedthemsomuch

8.  Starting to have issues with Mr. Ernie trying to show his dominance to all the dogs, & even me & Ricky. #gottaputhiminhisplace

9. Getting so upset about Ernie & hoping this is just a phase he's going through with his aggression. #snarlingissues

10. My kitchen floor is basically a mudpit with all the damp ground & no sunshine for a week. #SwifferOnOverdrive

11. I didnt think I was ever going to get out of the grocery when I stopped on the way home from doing my weekly shopping the night before a snow storm - when EVERYONEEEEE & their momma was in the grocery. #2hourtrip

12. Winter Storm Warning let us get out of work early on a Friday. #slipperyridehome

13.  We all stay snuggled in the house all day long while it was snow covered & freezing outside. #snugglethedayaway

14.  The kids were laughing at me because I kept giving everyone "Far away hugs" instead of real hugs because hello - Flu season is crazy. #tryingtostayhealthy

15.  My first MLK day off work & I'm so glad because it snowed all day long & I wouldn't want to drive in 5 inches of snow. #cleanedmyhouseallday

16.  I'm 100000% convinced my Bruno has angels protecting him when he SOMEHOW managed to get BEHIND the gate at the steps & fell down them for the THIRD TIME.  #hesELASTICDOG!!!!!

17. So that was a surprise when I opened the door to come home from work & Mr. Ernie had apparently climbed out of his play pen & sitting so proudly waiting for me.  #whattodonow?

18. Watching Ernie on our security cameras all day to make sure he stays in his play area & he stayed in there all day long.... until about 15 minutes before Ricky got home. #sofunny

19.  Went to the vet for Ernie to get his rabies shots & to find out Bruno busted his inner ear after that stair fall. #mypooroldman

20.  Loved staying at home to finish reading a book & watched all the snow melt away!!!

21.  So excited to be back with our Joysters to kick off our new season.  #feelslikeforever

22. It felt like the longest Monday ever when I had work & ran home & then had to run back down to church for a Youth meeting & got home near 8:30pm #needmytimeathome

23. Tried a new Vegan recipe of 1-Pot Lentil Soup that was DELICIOUS!  #thehubslovedittoo

24. Went & picked up some groceries for my parents who cant get out right now using Click-List. #bestinventionever

25. This full week of work feels like the longest week ever! #stillfeellike3dayweekendsneedstobeathing

26.  Enjoyed the Spring feeling day, even if it is short lived. #enjoyeverytimeithappens

27.  Participated in my first Reading Challenge & loved it fell on a rainy day #24in48

28. Enjoyed being back in my middle school girls Bible Study as well with a great talk on anxiety & worry. #itstartsyoung

29.  So glad Ricky was able to get in with a new dentist to get his broken tooth looked at. #wemayactuallyhaveaGOODdentistnow!!!

30.  I made it through the entire State of the Union address. #thatfamilywhoadoptedthebaby #thatmanwiththecrutches

31.  Yep.... the bare Christmas Tree is still up. #decoratingitforvalentinesday

& just because I started using this app for 1 Second Everyday, I thought it would be an extra Bonus every month

So how was your first month of the year?

Did it fly by for you, or DRAGGGGG?

What was the best part of January?


  1. Oh I have to say it totally went so fast. But then I believe I've been saying that about every month for the last year. I think the older we get the faster time flies! Does tht mean we are just having more fun now?

  2. Bruno! Poor guy! Heart and Love that tree up girl! I hope you have a GREAT weekend! xo

  3. This month felt like it drug on. I think it's the lack of sunshine. I'm ready for spring. Oh the mud and slush...I feel like I'm mopping floors daily!!

  4. Sounds like it was a pretty good month :) And yay for good dentists!

  5. Uh oh Ernie needs to slow his roll lol. I hope you have a great weekend! Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  6. Rebecca, your sentences are my favorite ones to read. I absolutely love the addition of the hashtags. They make me giggle. And NOW you add the wonderful second a day! Too much fun!
    :) gwingal

  7. I'm pretty sure I need to have another 24in48 reading challenge before July. :)

    Sounds like Harvey has been giving Ernie some tips on how to keep you on your toes! ;)

  8. I'm totally laughing that your tree is still up, but decorating it for valentines day is brilliant!!
    I need that recipe for the soup. We have soup as part of our lunch every day, and I'm always looking for new ones!!

  9. January lasted approximately 4 years.

    I love the hashtags at the end of each sentence and I love how you keep track like this (I realize I say this every month)

  10. I've started a post for January of this and I think I've hit at least over half of the days. Maybe I'll post mine too. I've always enjoyed reading yours.

    1. Actually I had more completed than I thought. So I posted it.

  11. Haha Ernie is cracking me up. Silly dogs. Hopefully February will be a warmer month for you!

  12. We definitely didn't get our Christmas stuff down until like, the 16th or something because unfortunately, we DID get the flu! (Kudos to you for avoiding it thus far! Knock on wood! I think I might have to start avoiding all hugs and handshakes for the same reason...)

    Also, this reading challenge sounds super intriguing! What does it consist of? (You might have posted about it already, but I'm waaaaay backlogged with my blogroll and decided to be a rebel and just read all of today's posts rather than trying to go back and catch up!)

  13. That Ernie! Needs a serious comeuppance! LOL Sorry about Bruno's ear. Poor baby. That video was pretty cool.


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