Wednesday, February 21, 2018


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... I watched a half a day of the Dog Whisperer & still have no idea how he does the things he does. I try & take the techniques he uses on Ernie... Ernie just basically laughs & continues to get in tons of trouble.  Cesar Millan is magical - I'm convinced of it.

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... I still have yet to walk back into my grocery store since I've started using their Click List shopping. I honestly am saving anywhere from $40-$50 every grocery trip - so yeahhhh - I dont mind paying that $4.95 fee.

...I love Shaun White. He's just always reminded me of Ricky - especially when he had his crazy snowboarder hair.  & his features, something about them, just remind me of Ricky's.  So yeah, basically, I feel like my husband won the gold.

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Doesnt this look like Ricky???? 
... speaking of Shawn White, I have watched ZERO amount of Olympics. WHAT??? I know. I just havent had time lately at night & when I do have time to sit down & watch TV, my DVR is so backed up, I'm trying to catch up on that. I mean, when I'm 5 episodes behind on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, you KNOW I'm not watching TV.

... my kitchen floor is just out of control with all the rain.  Do they sell Swiffer pads in bulk? & then times that x 5. & then sell the solution in gallon sizes.

Update - they indeed DO sell in bulk.
I just went to Sam's Club & bought 2 bottles of cleaner & 36 pads in bulk.

... I've got wrapped up in a show on Netflix called Baby Ballroom. It follows kids starting so young & all these teenage & preteen ballroom dancers in England. I never get enough of this stuff. It's so amazing to me how these families find these male dancers, usually from Russia or Romania, & have them come live in their homes to train with their daughters.  SUCHHHHH a different world.

... I am convinced I'd be good at golf for some reason. Never played in my life - but I just always think I'd be good at it. Too much Happy Gilmore?  Too much Putt-Putt?  Maybe.

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... I dont know if its the weather, or if its hormones... or both - but my hair is basically like a brillo pad lately. There is just nothing that is working to soften it up. Its driving me nuts. I hate to even touch it right now.

... I was asked the other day why I always have a "dumb grin" on my face all the time.... hmmm... is that a compliment or an insult? Both?  Ok then.

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... did I just read that Stranger Things doesnt come back until 2019? How are they going to do that?  Kids growing in one year = 5 years in their appearance. Arent some of those kids already like 16 or 17 - or older?  & how am I going to wait that long?

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... FYI - our Christmas Tree is still up. I can't make this stuff up anymore.

What do you need to confess?


  1. Oh - I love Putt-Putt so much that I'm scared to try pig people golf. I know I'd stink at it but I'm also certain I could be amazing at it too -- not sure I want to find out which way the putter swings. :) I haven't tried whispering to my dogs - I basically try out the Crocodile Dundee hypnosis thing on them. FYI - it doesn't work.

    1. Haha ... well, that was supposed to be BIG people golf. I don't know about pig people golf but I'm sure it's a thing.

  2. Get out the eggs and make it Easter tree! Yay, Shaun, I mean Ricky, on the gold. Too funny! Ugh this rain, I almost needed a boat to get out today.

  3. My sister watches the dog whisperer all the time too, hoping to help with her new pup. I think she's given up on that and she signed him up for puppy boot camp. They will keep him for 10 days and we'll see how he is after that. haha If it works, I may send my dog except she's almost 4 and it's probably too late. lol

  4. did someone really say that to you? HOW VERY RUDE. i hope you gave them a snarky remark back!

  5. Wow, I can't believe someone said that about the dumb grin!?! Rude. I hadn't heard of baby ballroom before. I've been binging The Crown on Netflix and just got to the end and realized it won't be back for a while :( I hate when that happens.

  6. Zero olympics. SAY WHAT. I legit love them

    And, I need to look into this grocery shopping you speak of. It sounds amazing!

  7. What?! We have to live without Stranger things that long? I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it'll release at Halloween this year again. I LOVE that show!

  8. Yes, Ricky and Shaun White DO look alike but I think Ricky scored gold with you Girlfriend! Hope you are having a good week!

  9. I would rather see someone with a grin on their face than resting bitch face, which most people have lol. What a weird and possibly rude comment to make to someone. Goodness. People. I am 100% terrible at gold. And bowling. And well sports in general. I will stick with my books, thanks :)

  10. Lol, I guess you need to decorate the tree for St Patty's Day! I just downgraded our cable yesterday (the bill was so outrageous) and it took away the Olympic channels. Oh well, no more watching for us!

  11. I haven't watched one episode of RHOBH this season. Who am I and where has my time gone? Don't even get me started on my floors. We use our backdoor which is right off our kitchen and my Roomba and mop can't be used enough. Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  12. Happy to give you a few golf pointers, if you ever want to try ;) And congrats to Ricky on his gold medal :)

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  13. I love that your Christmas tree is still up, lol
    I towel off the dogs every time they come in. I just have a huge pile of towels sitting in my laundry room sink, waiting to be reused or washed.
    I've barely watched any Olympics, too. We're not big into sports so we just never ever turn it on.

  14. You and golf reminded me that I have always felt like I could get on a horse and ride it. Well, four trail rides later... HA HA HA!! There's my confession! I always enjoy your posts, and yes indeed, that could be Ricky!!

  15. Shawn White and Ricky!! YES!! They could be brothers! What do I have to confess... I started painting the small bathroom - again - and probably won't finish for a while. It has a pedestal sink and my body isn't cooperating when it comes to being on my hands and knees to paint around all the pipes and stuff. Ouch.

  16. I saw that your Christmas tree was still up and I was a little jealous. I want mine up, ha. My hair is all yucky right now too. I am super happy to go to the salon next week, but not sure how to make it grow faster and feel silky again. I am right there with you.

  17. Figuring out a floor-cleaning system might be the hardest part of having a dog!


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