Thursday, January 17, 2019

Another Christmas down, seating, & is that you Daddy? {Thankful Thursday #204}

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This week I am Thankful for:

Dad & my first check
So there was no one more excited about my new job than my dad. He literally was so thrilled for me to move onto a company that was offered benefits, raises & just valued their employees.  So when I got this promotion, I told Ricky, "I just wish dad was here so I could tell him" - & so my first big day on the job on my own, I open up my first check - & what do I see? The numbers 444... which every time I see, I always say "Hi dad" - its just been our family thing my whole life & dad even left a message saying that if he was gone & we see it somewhere, its just him stopping in to say hello.  I didnt find it just a coincidence that the very first check I opened was this one. I literally laughed & just looked up & said an even bigger "Hi dad". I had to take a picture of it & send to Ricky & tell him to look at my first check & he messaged me right back & said, "Yep, your dad knows"

New area to sit
I kind of didnt think I'd like where I had to move to sit for this new job... but turns out, I really like it. First, I'm no longer by the front door - which I always enjoy because I really did enjoy meeting & greeting people... but it was hard to do work when you're constantly seeing/hearing the door open & close.  Second, I get to watch the sun rise from my new seat - which is just lovely. I'm totally a sunrise person

Bruno's Kennel
After Bruno's latest little mishap on my birthday, we've got him in a new kennel in our kitchen during the day while we're gone. Keeping him good & safe. Almost like a little doggie jail. The bad thing, its literally taking up nearly 45% of our kitchen - but that's OK - we'll all walk around this huge thing if it keeps him safe & sound.

Les Mills on Demand
I'm probably going to do a post on this soon - but right now, I am LOVING this app on my Roku

Sushi lunch
Some of my favorite coworkers & I went out to lunch this past week & tried a new sushi place right next to work that I had never been to before. DELISH! I got an Avocado roll & a veggie roll & I'll totally be back - especially because I found out that on Monday, Tuesdays & Fridays - they are buy one roll, get one for $1.00. OH YEAH - I'll buy extra for lunch the next day. SCORE

1 million views
OK - I get it. Some people get 1 million views in a day on Instagram. & some blogs get that in just a few months. & yes, I've been blogging for nearly 12 years - but I finally hit 1 million views on my blog. To some, that wouldnt be impressive.  For me, it makes me proud to see that people care to read what I write out.  I'm not into this to make a living, or to make a career. I just enjoy sharing my life as I document it solely for myself - & if I can bless someone with my words or thoughts, even better.

Pizza Day
1,578th time I have said this.... I love my job. Friday, when it had turned cold & yucky, our work ended up bringing in salad & pizza for us as a thank you for doing a good job on year end stuff.  Perfect timing. No one wanted to go out in the yucky weather. & who doesnt love free pizza?

Click List not canceled
I typically order my groceries to pick up on Friday after work for the weekend - so did what I usually do - except this weekend, snow was expected. Everyone & their momma was ordering apparently - & I found out they canceled half the orders & shut down the system because everyone was calling to place an order. I'm so glad they got mine done... & they had most of the stuff. I thought for sure they'd just say half of it was out of stock.

Snow wasn't bad
& all that freaking out about the snow, we only got like 2 inches - & it was basically melted in 24 hours. My kind of snow.

Filing done
With my old position still open, there are some things about it that had gotten piled up, so I went into work on Saturday since Ricky had to work - he drove me - & got it all caught up. Whew. That's just a relief. & it was nice to go in with Ricky because when he picked me up, we were able to just go out for lunch together.

Christmas still going
Always enjoy Christmas with our sweet framily & our adorable little Grand-buddies.  We laughed so hard at the things they say - & ate a yummy dinner that was made for us.  One more Christmas still to go.

What are you Thankful for this week?

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