Wednesday, January 16, 2019


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* Did anyone else think Bird Box wasn't all that great?  I mean, I didnt think it was that scary either. Kinda gross & freaky - but not really scary. & I had so many unanswered questions, by the end, I was like, WHAT? Really?  Anyways, I wasn't all that impressed. I'm more impressed by the funny tweets about it.

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*Anyone have wood grain in their kitchen cabinets & also has wood floors? I want new floors so bad in my kitchen but think if I get wood floors, its just going to be too much. I have oak cabinets - with lots of grain in them... so I think it'll feel like a mind trip if you see grain going through the cabinets & then more of it on the floor.  I cant imagine what it would look like all together..... & Ricky refuses to let me paint our cabinets. It's been an ongoing argument for 2 years now.
"Why would you want to ruin perfectly beautiful oak cabinets?"
... "Because Pinterest says I have to to have a pretty kitchen"

* I know a lot of you have heard me talk so much about the sunflower seeds I was getting off of Amazon. They were 'cheese flavored' - which was really nutritional yeast on them. They were DELICIOUS. I seriously was buying like 2 bags a month. They were BIG bags too.... & do you  know, they STOPPED MAKING THEM???? I nearly have a panic attack every day when I keep clicking on to see if they are back in stock.  How could Amazon do this to me? I've been eating plain sunflower seeds & I just chomp with slow, mournful motions every time.

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My same reaction eating all the other sunflower seeds

* I dont know if its the stress of the new job, or if its hormones, or what's happening - but its miserable. I have this new habit of waking up every night, usually between 1am - 3am... & then am WIDE AWAKE. No going back to sleep. I'll lay there in the dark & count sheep, & do all the breathing tricks & everything to relax & go back to sleep. NOPE. No go. & then MAYBE I'll start to drift out like 2 hours later... & then my alarm goes off at 5:15. & then I'm EXHAUSTED through the day.  I just cant get a good nights sleep for the life of me.

* I realized even more I'm getting old when I didnt know half of the people singing on all the New Years Eve shows.  I also feel like that on most Grammy or any other music awards.

* So everyone has seen that Fiji Water girl that photo bombed everyone at the Golden Globes, right?  When they showed it on Entertainment Tonight - Ricky just looked at me & shook his head. I was like, WHAT? & he said, "This is totally something you would do!"... I just looked at him & said, "You're totally right" :) haha

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* Anyone else loving The Masked Singer? I think its so fun. Who knew watching big Peacocks or weird looking martians singing could be so awesome!!! ....I still think Joey Fatone is the rabbit.  I am trying to go over the list of people that have been on shows like DWTS or Celebrity Big Brother - people who just want to get out there.  I hope one of them are like a big time celebrity star - or someone with an INCREDIBLE voice is someone like Dr. Phil - wouldnt that be the best???

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I'm dying to find out who the Peacock is... his voice is incredible!

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