Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Harry Potter House or Word of the Year? Either way, I love a good quiz.....

I know its that time of the year where people pick their WORD OF THE YEAR.

I used to do that - for quiet a few years... & it would be funny how I'd pray about what word to focus on during that year, & God would show me a lot about that exact word all year long.

Why I never picked the word, BILLIONAIRE is beyond me... I kid...

But I just stopped doing it over the past 2 or 3 years.
It just started to feel like so much pressure. What if I picked a word & didnt like it - or found another one later. Like picking a word was walking down the aisle & putting a ring on it or something.

So I chalked up those years by saying, "God is going to teach me whatever He wants"... which is true if I pick a word or not. That's how God rolls.

But someone posted a quiz you could take & find out your word for the year. Let me fill you in on a secret - I'm a sucker for online quizzes. I have repeatedly taken at least 3 dozen quizzes to let me know which Harry Potter house I would live in - Hufflepuff for the win EVERY SINGLE TIME - & I just aced a Sabrina quiz on Buzzfeed & I am happy to tell you my spirit animal is a bear, which doesnt surprise me one bit. I'm more than happy to hibernate during winter.  & of course, I didnt need a quiz to tell me that I'm most like Belle. I could have told the quiz that myself. But at least now, I have proof.

So when there's a quiz to help you pick a word for the year, I thought, I can waste 5 minute here... but ended up really loving the words it gave me.

Empowerment ... . Strength.... Fearless.... Warrior (I really liked that one)

Image result for resilience

But one just stood out to me over all of them..... It was like the bells rang & I was back in the game of Word of the Year.  I connected with it.  Imprinted for all you Twilight fans (you dont have to admit you like Twilight if you dont want. I for one still love it #TeamEdward)

Let me introduce you to my word for 2019.... RESILIENCE

Image result for resilience handletter

Now, let me learn to misspell it 1000 times too ... I'll have it down by 2020. That's for sure.

But I looked up the definitions & these are the two that swayed me....

An Ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change


& the other definition...

The power or ability to return to the original form, position, after being bent, compressed or stretched

This word was made for me.

& finally....

The ability to recover ready from illness, depression, adversity or the like

OK... I just want to cry.  This word is speaking to my soul.

Image result for resilience

& already, I've been looking up scripture & quotes & articles on resilience (I just misspelled it again)... & let me tell you, its just the band aid for my heart right now.  The reminder that healing happens.  Comebacks happen. Recovery happens. 

I am so excited to find out all I can about the word - find encouragement in this word. Reminders to myself that you can get knocked down, but as long as you get back up, I'm still in the fight.

Do you do the Word of the Year?

If so, what is yours?

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