Thursday, January 10, 2019

New position, energizer bunny & dont touch my Canadian chocolate!!! {Thankful Thursday #203}

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This week I am Thankful For:

Insurance payout
Y'all ... tell me how amazing this timed out.  So I have Cancer & Critical care insurance through work. 2 different policies. They will pay you if you get cancer screenings done.  So look who just had a Pap smear, a mammogram & a colonoscopy done.  & being off of work for part of the week in this last pay period, my check was down. DOWNNNNN... & after being off for the pay period before that, I was hurting. Hello Christmas debt.  ... & do you know, the insurance company paid me for those screenings & it made up the difference for what my pay check normally is. THANK YOU LORD!  I honestly cried tears of joy. How faithful is our Lord?

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Easy New Years Day
I just really enjoyed not doing a darn thing except watching Netflix & working puzzles with my hubby.  I did do some laundry & clean a little, but the majority of the day was just about taking it easy.

Offered new job position
If you missed the post on Monday, I got a new position at work & I'm super excited about it. Feeling so blessed to be a real part of the Accounting Team now & excited to learn more & settle into my new role.

Bruno walking again
Our poor little blind guy had a mishap - on my birthday!!!! & we thought he wasn't going to be able to walk again. It was bad y'all... like I was freaking out thinking he was going to die - ON MY BIRTHDAY. Just how I expected 2018 to close out.  But he is back in the game. It took him about 3 days of rest & staying off his foot, & now, he's walking like normal again.  So glad! He's our little Energizer Bunny!!!!

Lunch with my Love
If you've been around awhile, you know me & Ricky meet every Wednesday for lunch - in the same place - usually the same order. Been doing it for about 7 years now.  & we hadn't met up since the week before Thanksgiving with me being out for my colonoscopy & then my surgery.  So this past Wednesday, it was so nice to get back to seeing him half way through my week & knowing we were on the back side to the weekend.

Starbucks Aye!
That's in my best Canadian accent. How seriously cool is this when I open a package & see not one, but TWO Starbucks mugs - from another land. I love the writing on the box was in French. & even better? It was full of Canadian chocolate & coffee!  I have had Canadian chocolate before & it's delicious so I was way too excited about it when Ricky was like, "isnt it just chocolate?"... He didnt get it. & I dared him to touch the caramel ones.  But I met the kindest soul on Facebook awhile back - & she is so precious where on Thursdays, she'll message me her Thankful Thursday list. She doesnt have a blog but I LOVE she shares the good in her week with me. I'm telling you - I LOVE seeing blessings flow everywhere.  Thank you so much Karen for kicking off my 2019 with expanding my Starbucks collection to new lands.  You are wonderful & I am thankful for YOU!

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60 degree weekend
... in January... YES! I'll take some more of that please.

Back to HSM
I honestly hugged my girls a little too long & a little too hard. I just so so glad to see them again & catch up on their holidays.

Bible Study delivery
I'm so excited to jump into Lisa Harper's bible study & my precious friend picked one up for me when she was out to Lifeway Christian Bookstore. Side note - I am SOOOOOO bummed out & sad that we have no Christian bookstore near us any longer. It takes about 45 minutes to get to one now.  I usually just order online but my sweet Chasity said nope, she'll pick one up as she was going out there.  & then I come home Sunday with a text saying, "It's in your mailbox".  Talk about first class delivery. Cant wait to dig in!!!

If interested, it starts today on Lifeway Christian... they are posting the videos for it free for a few weeks.Just click this picture & it'll link you to it

What are you Thankful for this week?

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