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Show me your books (January 2019)

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So I totally slacked off at the end of 2018. I'm always slacking towards the end of the year anyways... but then the surgery came & I just didnt feel like reading.  I was more into knitting in bed.  & now that I have this new position at work, & my schedule is going to be crammed up, I'm thinking my reading is going to be down in 2019. That's a little bit of a bummer. I'll totally be relying on these link ups for some good books then. No time to waste on bad books... 

Anyways - here's the latest books I got in for December. Kind of sad really. But at least it was something.

38915854Catching Christmas
**** / 4 Stars - Really Liked It

Quick Summary:  A cab driver keeps getting called to take care of a sweet older lady who isn't well while her granddaughter is trying to keep her job in a law firm.

I picked this up at the library when I saw the word Christmas on it & thought it would be a cute read for the holidays. I am super happy I stumbled upon it. It's SUPER fast to read & a super cute & actually touching book. I didnt even realize that the author was a faith-based author so that was a pleasant surprise.  It was heart tugging at moments & funny at others.  I could totally see this made into a Hallmark Christmas movie!

Read if: You like holiday books.... love a little light love story.... enjoy Luke from Gilmore Girls.... 
Dont read if: if loss around the holidays is tough for you.

... reading my first book about the holidays....

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Quick Summary:  The story after the pageant when Callie & Millie have to work together.

So I loved Dumplin' & super excited Netflix took it & made it a movie - with Jennifer Aniston no less.  But I just never really got that enthused with this book.  Granted - I was just coming out of surgery & I'm frustrated & at the end of my wits  - so I just wasn't in the mood for a YA book.

& then it was time to take the book back to the library & I just didnt care to finish it. I was half way through the book but I could lay down a bet that I could tell you how it was going to end.

I guess I just need Dolly Pardon in a book to make me really interested :)

I'll wait till its available on my kindle from my library & I'll pick up where I left off.... maybe

...How I felt reading this one....

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The Next Person you Meet in Heaven
***** / LOVED IT!

Quick Summary:  Annie dies less than a day after her wedding & we see the people waiting in Heaven to show her how their lives were connected.

Oh my goodness. My heart. So full & so broken. I just loved this book.
If you read the first book, "The Five People You Meet in Heaven" - then you'll enjoy this one. I think this one is actually better than the first one.

& granted, maybe my circumstances with so many people I love this past year passing away has something to do with it.

But this does have some beautiful thoughts & ideas in it - reminding us that we are connected to one another.

I just really enjoyed it - plus, its such a fast read! Like you can get through it in one day - no problem.

Read if you enjoyed the first book, or Mitch Albom's writing - he just is a great author to me - & read if you enjoy short books - or you are intrigued by the afterlife.

"What's the truth?" Annie asked.

"That the end of loneliness is when someone needs you." The old woman smiled. "And the world is so full of need.”

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