Thursday, January 03, 2019

Planner time, trees everywhere & am I Snow White's evil queen?

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This week I am Thankful For:

Mirror Mirror on the wall
I have been wanting a new make up mirror for the longest & the hubs picked me one out that I really really love.  The light is such a pretty white light & the mirror is so clear - especially the magnifying side - which these old eyes needs.  AND I'll also add, that magnifying side is also sort of scary. You shouldnt look TOO closely. I just focus on the eyebrows & not the skin. Sort of makes me understand the Evil Queen from Snow White & why she was in such a bad mood when she looked in her mirror all the time.  Anyhoo, this has Bluetooth on it where I can play Spotify off my phone on there. Not sure why that's a thing, but its nice to have in case I need it.

My Christmas Photo Shop Family
So this has become such a fun tradition. I've done two of this families weddings & we just love this gang. They are so precious. & a few years ago, they put up their annual Christmas picture.  Well, I took a picture of Chasity & I that was taken at their wedding we did when we had a picture taken with the whole family at the reception, I took the pics of us two & photo shopped into their annual picture.  They thought it was so funny & then the next year, they actually left a space for us to get photoshopped in.  & now, its just something that we all laugh about & look forward to.  I told Chasity I especially love it that we're never aging in it. haha  She is actually pregnant with Caden in this picture & he's getting ready to turn 3.  But I am just so thankful for this family that has such a sense of humor & loves me & Chasity crashing their holiday pic every year.

Erin Condren Life Planner
Love pulling out my new planner. Its been sitting in the box in my front room for months & I'm excited to pull it out & get it put to work.  There's just something that feels like a fresh start when you see all the blank, empty pages.

Work Giving Target Card
I love that my job gives a Target gift card to you on your birthday. How cool  is that?

Hubby on my birthday
Ricky was just so good at letting me make the choices of the day on my birthday & treating me with sweet & thoughtful gifts & even more sweet treats!  He really did make my day special.

New Christmas Tree
I've posted pictures of our tree all season long fizzling out - lights were going out all over it all season long. It looks pitiful now. Granted, its like 5 years old - maybe older.  But we found a Christmas tree we've been eyeing for awhile on clearance.  YAHOO.. & not even that, we found the Christmas tree I've been wanting 75% off - so we got that too. Needless to say, we can make our house Christmas Tree Central next holiday if we wanted.

It changes colors or stays on certain colors. It's going to be fun next year!

Health Insurance
I could cry every time I think how different life is with insurance from my job compared to the junk I had to pay for self insured coverage.  Here's my latest surgery bill... Yep, I owe $12.00

Can we even talk how much one outpatient surgery costs???? WOW. What do people do with no insurance at all?

What are you Thankful for this week?

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