Thursday, October 17, 2019

2 yrs old, 15 years old & 31.1 miles {Thankful Thursday #242}

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Ernie Birthday
I cant believe my baby boy is 2 years old.  How fast did that go. I always cringe a little at each of my dog's birthdays. I dont want them getting older!!!

Doggie celebration
It worked out perfectly that Ernie's birthday fell on his agility day.  He just LOVES when we pull into their driveway because he knows he gets to see all his human & fur & feather friends.  He even got to do long jumps on this day - nothing Ernie loves more than to SKY through the air. Maybe his name should have been Superman! :)

Surprise Lunch Date
Yep, most of you know that Wednesday is my lunch date with the hubs - but on Tuesday, it was so nice out - so FALL like - that I was planning on walking a bit for lunch. I happened to call Ricky to tell him something & he said, "I'll call you back, I'm here to order my lunch" - I asked where he was & when he told me, I was only 2 block away... DETOUR!  I ended up surprising him & we had an extra little date day thrown in.  That was fun.  Always like getting a breather in a work day with him.

Fresh Hair
I'm telling you - when every 6 weeks comes by, I am in such need for a refresh on these gray hairs that are wagging war against me.  It's crazy what winning this battle over them does to my spirits - at least for a few weeks.

New Car Gas Tank
OK... I'm used to a tank of a car with a V6 Engine... & with that, comes paying for fuel & doing it frequently.  I had to fill up my car minimum every 6 days - could never make it a week on a regular schedule - & it was a hefty price to fill up too.  When gas was at its highest, it was nothing for it to be $65.00 a week to fill up.
Cue to now & my new 4 Cylinder car... Ricky told me I'd save money with this car but OH MY GOSH!  I'm now 12 days out from my last fill up & even when I do fill it up, its so much less out of my pocket too! ... This is a nice side effect of a smaller car!!!

Twins Birthday
The birthdays just keep rolling this month & this is a double decker in one day. My twin nieces turned 15!!! They can get their drivers permit now y'all.... nope nope nope & nope. I'm not handling this well.  I'll be sitting up with their mom & dad worrying now.

Julie is an ULTRARUNNER!!!
She did it - a 50k!  I can't believe it... so proud of her.  It took her 9 hours & 5 minutes but she finished 55 minutes before the cut off time & her goal was 9:59 - to eek in at the end. She had plenty of time to spare.  She's never even done a full marathon before - but she had devoted so much time to training for this & has herself in the best shape ever - what an example of a momma she is for her boys.  I told her I'm in total awe of what she's accomplished. I'm glad she crossed that finish line - but more so, that she crossed it healthy & strong!

Feels like Fall
I am so glad that we finally got FALL FEELING DAYS!!! Not only for us, but for the dogs & for the horses who got to stay out & enjoy all the fresh air!  Now, if only winter will give us a little bit of time before it moves in.

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  1. I can't believe that my doggie boy is 13 years old! How did that happen? He is an old guy. Congrats to Julie on becoming an ultrarunner. 50K is quite an accomplishment!

  2. Glad you had such a great week! There's always something to celebrate!

  3. Wow! I can't even imagine a 50K...that is so awesome!!!

    The weather has been wonderful...hoping it stays that way for awhile too.

  4. Great stuff this week, my favorite is the surprise lunch!

  5. I do wish I knew how old Frannie is so we could celebrate her exact day/year. We have to go with the estimated age from the shelter and her 'birthday' is the anniversary of when the shelter picked her up as a stray. I am LOVING this weather ... though I did cave in and turn the heat on in case the house dropped below 60 degrees. I do have a limit to the inside chill :)

  6. I discovered your blog through Terri and Stacy, as they both take part in Thankful Thursday. Such a great reason to link-up. I intend to join in one day very soon.

    I hear ya about your sweet boy's birthday. My older beagle turned 11 two weeks ago, and although she's in good health, it does stress me that she is that old. I kind of know that we are in the final third of her life, and I hate that.

    Wow and congrats to your girl on her marathon. That is incredible!

    I love fall, and it is feeling like fall here (Boise, Idaho) too. Like you, I hope winter is a long way off. Fall is my favorite season, and I could live in it 365 days a year.

    Blessings to you,
    Patti @ This Beautiful Life

  7. You know I totally get the doggie birthdays! Your hair looks absolutely beautiful and I am still so in all of what Julie accomplished! Yay for an extra surprise date with your man!

  8. Once our dogs hit 7, the birthdays became a sad event, yet I celebrated them through "happy tears"!
    I always thought it was wonderful that you had twins in your family, Happy birthday to them too. I wonder if their momma gets sad as they age too?

  9. I know what you mean on your pups. I don't like them getting older. Skye will be 11 in January. Happy Birthday to the twins. Whatever you're paying for gas add $1.50 per gallon here in CA. Your hair is beautiful.

  10. What a great week of things to celebrate! The boys were looking handsome for Ernie's birthday. Isn't it awesome to NOT have to fill up the gas tank when you think you should?

  11. 50 miles?? I'm not even sure I can do two right now. Wow, such an amazing accomplishment. As for those grays, I have to color regularly as well. no bueno. And I love impromptu meet ups. I call them mini-adventures! And I love that your dog gets to do agility training. Our dog needs some major training around here! lol Have a great weekend Rebecca Jo. OH! And the driving deal. I totally relate. My middle son is now in the driver's seat and I get to sit in the most scariest seat of all - passenger!!! You should totally take a turn with your nieces. lol!

  12. I always love your thankful posts! Your hair always looks fabulous! Whoohoo on a fuel efficient vehicle!! Julie is AMAZING!!

  13. Looks like you had a wonderful week. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  14. Random but I've also discovered that not commuting an hour each day ALSO cuts down on the gas fill-ups lol.

    Happy birthday to Ernie! And yeah, I cringe at dog birthdays too.

  15. So much goodness here. Of course, your hair is so pretty. I look like a skunk lately growing out my color and trying to embrace my gray. Ugh.

    Glad for you kids to sneak in an extra lunch date.

    I know what you mean about birthdays for pets...well, for all of us, but pets, too. My kitties are now 6 and middle-aged. Where did our playful kittens go?

    The twins are darling. Driving is such a huge responsibility that I didn't handle well at 15 and 16. Hope they get lots of practice first.


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