Thursday, October 03, 2019

Text to change the day, Bahama vibes & PEANUT BUTTER IS BANNED!!!! {Thankful Thursday #240}

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This week I am Thankful For:

HSM kiddo text
I was having the worst day.  Found out someone I really thought I had a friendship with totally shut me out.  That's OK. If someone doesnt want a friendship with me, they dont have to - but it still was a shock more than anything. I tried to not let it get to me & just go on with life, but it sat heavy on me... & then I get a text from one of my HSM kiddos out of the blue.  Just thanking me for investing in her & listen to her & letting her cry on my shoulder when she needs to & giving her advice when she needs it.... that right there took all that heavy weight right off of me.  That is where I'm needed. God will let relationship grow where they need to & settle where they dont need to happen.  I totally felt God's hand on that sweet text with this precious reminder.

Bahamas Mug
My adorable blog/running friend Karen had gone to the Bahamas on a Disney cruise (color me all sorts of jealous) & she thought of me & made sure to find a Starbucks to pick me up a mug I do not have.  Welcome to the collection Bahama beauty!!!

Starbucks meet up
Speaking of the above, I loved getting to sit with Karen & her soul sister/roomie/bestie Cathy - We meet up at Starbucks so I could get the beautiful mug & just loved hearing their stories about their trip & our discussion somehow transferred to The Monkees & Chris Evans & Hugh Jackman... these girls, I enjoy conversation with.  Looking forward to setting up another coffee date or dinner date to chat some more!

Choking hazard
Ricky got choked the other night eating a peanut butter sandwich.... FREAKED ME OUT. He ran to get something to drink & it just came right back up - nothing would pass.  He said he felt like he was going to black out.  It was HORRIFYING.  He kept running around the kitchen in circles & I was running behind him screaming to shake his head to tell me if he was OK. I was ready to tackle him & beat his back till he could breath again... but first, I'd have to catch him!!! Whew - after some gagging & throwing him, he finally was able to breath. We were both so shook up for awhile after that.  The dogs even were shook up.  Talk about praising the Lord when he was fine. ... man, you never know what can happen in a day.

Library Day
... always love visits to my local Library!!!  I wish more people took advantage of this great resource so the library could get more support... from people & the city!

New Car
... just had to throw it in here again because I'm loving it!

No Humidity
So if we have to deal with record breaking temps (99 degrees most of the week!!!) at least the humidity hasn't been awful. I mean, it still feels horrible & nothing I want to hang out in... but you can at least breath & your hair doesnt automatically turn into a brillo pad.  I'll take it.

Tell me something good about your week!

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  1. omg! i'm glad Ricky is ok; that must have been so terrifying.

    the new car feel is the best.

  2. I'll never look at a peanut butter sandwich in the same way again!

  3. Choking on peanut butter must be terrifying! That's an awesome mug! I love Starbucks and libraries too.

  4. Whoa - so glad that Ricky is OK! I've gone through the First Aid/CPR classes but I don't know if I'd remember what to do in time if I saw someone choking. I'm sorry about the friendship situation - maybe they're just going through a time - but so sweet that the youth texted you and right when you needed it. :) I think I keep the librarians busy with all my book requests ... that I then forget to pick up so they have to reshelve them after a week. oops ...

  5. I love that mug. It's one of the prettiest I've seen of the Starbuck cups. So glad Ricky's okay...I can't even imagine how scary that must have been. It sure has been hot, but you're right the humidity has not been so bad.

    Have a great day!

  6. Yikes, the choking incident with Ricky sounds scary! That happened to me once and it was such a horrible feeling. I don't even remember what I was choking on, I tried to drink water and it couldn't get past the obstruction, Mike kept asking if I was ok and I just got up and ran out of the restaurant! I'm not sure why I just ran away, I guess that was the instinct. Thankfully once I got outside the running apparently dislodged whatever it was and I was able to swallow. I seriously thought I was about to die.

  7. Glad that Rickey is ok and a visit to the local library is always good. Have a blessed weekend.

  8. Glad Ricky is okay. Choking is so scary. I choked on a vitamin once (they can be such horse pills) and it freaked the heck out of me, so I can only imagine what it's liked to see happen! Libraries don't get the love the deserve. Whoa. 99 degrees? That's crazy but I'm glad humidity wasn't an issue. I don't like "hot" weather but it's the humidity that drives me nuts.

    1. I gag on aspirin so you can imagine how I do with vitamins!

  9. Choking is so terrifying. The pediatrician said PB is one of the worst for babies too because of the texture. I'm even constantly watching the dogs with their treats and smushing chicken or whatever I give them between my fingers first. Smashed food is harder to choke on!

  10. YIKES... terrifying situation with hubby! Glad he's okay.

  11. Oh how scary with the sandwich! i'm so glad he's okay! I always put the thinnest amount of peanut butter on sandwiches or toast when the boys ask for it, haha! it can get stuck so easily!

    Hope that you are having a great week :) I've just posted a giveaway on my blog!

    Away From Blue

  12. Oh goodness, Glad Ricky showed that peanut butter whose boss! I bet that was scary.
    I am probably in the minority saying I don't mind a hot October one bit. Although, we were pushing 90 degrees yesterday and now today it is more fall like temps. Actually it is rainy, so it really feels like Spring. That Bahamas mug is just darling! Did you ever show us your mug rack?

  13. Thank goodness, Ricky is okay. Paul ate a huge bite (like an entire ham steak) and got choked one Thanksgiving. I was in the garage and heard this horrible sound. Ran in to find PC on the ground crawling toward the garage to come get me. He was making this garbled sound. Oh my gosh. Terrible. Thank goodness, our guys survived!

    So thankful for the sweet text you received. What a precious gift.

  14. Oh my goodness, I am so glad Ricky is ok! How scary!!

    I’m sorry about your friendship. I’ve been through that before and it’s difficult. Hugs!

  15. No humidity???? Cant wait to feel that again! Glad Ricky is ok, that would have given me a heart attack! So glad you are loving your new car!


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