Wednesday, October 30, 2019

What's Up Wednesday {October 2019}

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What We're Eating This Week
Being on vacation this week, we'll just be eating out & going with the flow!!

What I'm Reminiscing About
Harvey's baby pictures came up since his "Gotcha Day" was popping up in my Timehop. 6 years ago.
It's crazy to see baby pictures of Harvey & see how he's starting to turn into a mature man now.
I'm not ready to call him "old" yet.

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Oh my heart... I'm so glad he got to learn from the best... miss our Sydney girl so much!

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What I'm Loving
Learning all about The Happy Planner & all you can do with it.
Love that I got this Faith Planner too... really excited to put this to use!

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Click pic to see this

What We've Been Up To
We've been super busy it seems lately
I have Bible Study & Youth classes - Ricky's had dart ball games & checking out some UK basketball
Then add in Ernie's agility classes that have been wrapped up & taking care of horses & keeping up with 4 dogs... we've been busy busy busy

What I'm Dreading
Time change.
The WORST time of the year!!!!

What I'm Working On
Trying to get my Plantar Fascitis from hurting.
Man oh man... this baby can be pure misery!!!

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What I'm Excited About
We got this little thing for Bruno to help him walk with his back legs!!

I can NOT wait to get him in it & see how he moves.
He has one back leg that is just dead... it crosses over the other & it trips him up.
He doesnt cry with it, it never seems to hurt him - I just think with his old 19 year old hips, its just shot
So we're going to try this out.
Being blind, we're gonna need more space for him to "roll"

What I'm Watching / Reading
Super excited about another season of Survivor... it never gets old to me

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& also loving another season of The Masked Singer

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Of course - no brainer - stay out of my way on Monday night with Dancing with the Stars
Loving me some James Van der Beek
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What I'm Listening To
I found a new podcast that I've been enjoying.
It's all about talking about food as thy medicine & talks about myths & facts about food.
I love this sort of geeky stuff

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What I'm Wearing
I just took advantage of Old Navy's $10.00 dress sale & snagged up 5 new Swing dresses.
I love wearing these for winter with my leggings & boots.

Long-Sleeve Jersey-Knit Swing Dress for Women

What I'm doing this Weekend
I honestly havent given it much thought
I'm sure coffee & books will be involved somewhere there

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month
Putting up the Christmas tree.
Christmas aggravates me... but I do love the glow of Christmas tree lights shining in my living room on dark nights & especially on mornings with my coffee in hand.

What Else is New
Something new? ... making my first car payment for November 1st.
Still loving my car though!


  1. I bet I would like that podcast. Your pup, what a cutie, then and now. Glad you’re loving your new wheels. Hope your Wednesday is as wonderful as you are! xo

  2. I love that cute. I'm hoping to put my Christmas tree up this weekend. We're leaving for 3 weeks and I want it up when we come home. We'll see if I get that accomplished or not.

    Hope with all the busyness you are still enjoying your time off.

  3. I'm really not looking forward to the time change...I feel like Sophia's been waking up early in anticipation all week LOL! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. We had not yet connected when you adopted Harvey so I love seeing his baby pictures. He is so handsome! And those eyes! YAY Bruno! I hope his little wheely thing helps him get around better. I love those swing dresses but they sadly don't flatter me. I really wish they did because they are so cute (and look so nice on you - totally jealous!). Have a great week off!

  5. This is a great link party. I think I am going to participate myself.

    Harvey is beautiful! I know he brings much love and laughter to your days.

    I hear ya on the time change. Actually, I prefer being on Standard Time, but I detest changing the clocks. I wish we could just leave them one way or the other.

    Great score on the dresses. If that sale is still going on, I need to get some for myself. I love leggings and boots in the winter.

    Patti @ This Beautiful Life

  6. Puppy pictures of Harvey and your sweet Sydney...Oh my heart! Looks like you have a love of Aussies like I do yellow labs. I didn't realize Sydney was an Aussie too ( for some reason I thought she was a lab, even though I also knew you had a lab named Buffy).

    Those types of dresses and thick tights or leggings is what I mostly live in during the winter months. Thankful I haven't had to break them out yet!

  7. That dress is so cute! A fun post! Keep us posted, please, about Bruno's walker and how it's working!

  8. I was thinking next week might be good for the Christmas tree! I hate being that person, but I do like to enjoy it as long as possible.

    ON swing dresses are the best. Also, I always found that rest and elevation was the only thing that helped plantar fasciitis. :(

  9. Wahoo for vacation! Baby Harvey is just precious as can be. Isn’t the Happy Planner great? Would you believe I have never seen an episode of The Masked Singer? $10 dress sale? That’s amazing! And those are my favorite style of dresses.

  10. I need to check out that podcast, I am constantly researching food things like that. I feel you on the Plantar Fascitis. It is not a fun thing to suffer through!


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