Thursday, October 24, 2019

A badge, cutest clothesline ever & Thank you Christopher Columbus {Thankful Thursday #243}

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Things I'm Thankful for this week:

Columbus Day
This was the first Columbus Day in my life that I was off work.  It couldnt have been a more beautiful day too.  Ricky even took off & we just really enjoyed the day going out for breakfast & getting some errands ran.  There's just a slower pace in stores during weekday mornings.  I'm jealous of everyone who gets to live in this speed.

Agility Night
I'm so super impressed with Ernie & his ability to take on these challenges.  I totally thought the teeter totter was going to freak him out. Nope - he just randomly runs across it for fun now.  No fear at all.  He has the best time too - you can see it in his face. Do dogs smile? I believe they do.

This is the after effects of Agility night... a Sleepy Ernie!!
That tongue y'all!!!!

Fall Thunderstorms
I am just a sucker for thunder & lightning... so when it happens in fall, I love to sit back & watch them move through - bringing in that cool air with it.  The sound of all the rain just lulled me to bed this week.

New Hat
I've been on the hunt for some cute girly looking baseball caps... & when I saw this one at Hobby Lobby - I knew it was a must have for me.

Picture Clothesline
I got this little string of lights from Target for $6.99 & draped it across my desk at work.  Love bringing a little SPARK into the day - a little light - a little happiness.  It had come with some clear, speckled clothes pins & they were cute, but I have a wooden sign I got from Hobby Lobby that I have on the side of my desk....

so to keep it matching, I got some wooden clothespins to hang my pictures with.

I love having faces of the ones I love right in front of me now at work.
I also love having some scripture that I letter there as well - some days, I'm just on repeat with those scriptures.  Be near Lord!

New Starbucks Drink
I was coming back from my lunch with Ricky on Wednesday & it was so chilly. That bone kind of chilly - where its been raining & damp & the temps were in the 50's. I wanted something warm to drink & didnt want usual plain coffee - also not a fan of pumpkin spice latte, so looked through the rest of their drinks.  I decided to try a cocoa cloud macchiato.... I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised.  Which I'm even more glad about since a Tall cost me nearly $5.00 - OUCH.  It better be yummy with that.

Ricky's Job
My momma's furnace was out & with the beginning of cold weather, we had to get it fixed quick.  She had called a repairman & he gave a price & OUCH. The part alone was super high.  Well, Praise the Lord - my hubby works at an heating & AC supply warehouse.  He was able to get that same part for more than HALF of what the repairman was charging.  That helped my momma's pocket!

I haven't gone a 5k in forever.  & I'm so out of shape now, its RIDICULOUS ... RIIIDDDIIICUULOUUUSS!!! It's actually shocking how out of shape I am now compared to the days where I always had a half marathon in front of me.  Guess that's what your life crumbling around you will do to you.  But I'm trying to CAST MY HOPE INTO THE FUTURE... & with that, I've got plans to do more races. Get back in shape.. so you start small. & last week, I started over with a new training plan I created. One that is the most humble of training plans... but it'll work for me. & i started with a few days of 2 mile walks & some weight training & weekend 1 on Saturday - a 5k.  I did it.  It was tough, it felt foreign to this body who could easily do 5-6 miles a weekend... but its a start. Glad for new starts.  Over & over.

Garage clean!!!!
I can finally get my car in the garage! FINALLLLLLLYYYY!!!! Just in time for winter & cold air! No more scrapping my windows, thankyouverymuch

What are you thankful for this week?

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  1. Awww....Ernie. I agree that dogs smile and several years ago someone actually got money from the government and did a study and proved it. Hooray for savings on that furnace part! Love when stuff like that works out. Have a blessed day, friend!

  2. Love the look in your office. Those lights are so festive.

  3. I love your office setup! For as much time as we spend at work, it needs to be cozy and comfortable - and it encourages productivity and builds morale. :)

  4. Hangest thou in there girl! You can do it. I'm trying too. I think it's funny you and I both did a 5K on Saturday. lol

    Love your desk. I really like the idea of hanging your pictures with clothes pins.

    Ernie is so beautiful!!

  5. I LOVE this post! Do you do this every week all year long? Super cute hat, btw. :)

  6. Nice hat and I am glad that you got the part for cheaper. Thanks for hosting and I hope that you have a wonderful weekend.

  7. Oh I love the look of the lights and the pictures at your desk! So cute.
    Ugh, I feel you on the running thing. Before I had Caleb, I ran a freaking half-marathon and now I am SO out of shape. Right now, I am walking outside as much as I can, just trying to get some miles on my legs again. I am also going to walk a 5K with my mom and aunt. We just have to keep pushing and believing in ourselves!

  8. Cute hat and what a blessing for your mom.

  9. I TOTALLY think dogs can smile!
    I was in the same boat as you with running, starting back VERY slow and low mileage.
    I like your work space. I had to refrain from putting my dog pictures up at work because it made me homesick!

  10. I gave my older daughter a clothesline thing for my granddaughter's art and it has never been hung. Cady is so creative and I really hoped they would use it to show off her masterpieces. Your little line with the sparkly lights is adorable! Glad you have made your cubby at work your own with the photos, Scripture, and little decorations.
    Yay for Ricky finding that part for your mama. I know she appreciated it.
    Yay for you getting in the 5K mindset. It will come back to you, friend. Baby steps.
    That hat is adorable. You have some darling pup babies. I think Ricky needs a Dog Dad cap to match.

  11. I love the picture clothesline, that is so cute! Dogs smile, my Willie Dog used to smile all the time, he crossed over Rainbow Bridge several years ago, I still miss him. Love your Dog Mom hat, I bet Ernie does too.

  12. I love thunder and lightening storms too! We used to have more here when I was a young girl and I miss them. They're just so beautiful! Nice that your husband was able to save you mom some money.

    I'm trying to get back into running, too! I ran a half marathon back in May and then just stopped. I've been doing other workouts, strength training and such, but I need to get back on track with running. I have another half schedule next May so I need to get one the ball. Good for you in getting a training schedule again and for running your 5K! Congratulations, and I'm cheering you on for more to come! :)

  13. So glad Ricky was able to help fix that furnace! Scott does all of our work himself (as you know LOL), but my dad has an HVAC business. When we've been in furnace/AC situations, he's always like "You can wait for me to get home or you can call your dad" (when my dad usually lives states away, so it's not super helpful of a suggestion).

    I love the hat!

  14. Dogs 100% smile! I can always tell when Coaty is the happiest. Your hat is super cute! That's great Ricky was able to help your mom out. I am always so blown away by how much some of these parts cost, or allegedly cost.

  15. I have never tried a cocoa cloud macchiato, sounds fun! That is awesome Ricky was able to save your mom so much money! HVAC stuff is ridiculously expensive! You go girl on the 5k!!!!! I started running again two weeks ago. I still hate it, but I am trying to get back into shape as well and I was phoning in my workouts and not pushing hard enough. Running makes me push.

  16. I love storms. I open the shades just so I can enjoy them. In warmer weather we sit on the porch.

  17. I love the pictures on your desk! What a cute idea! I have a few family photos (in frames) on my desk. Kind of old fashioned, but oh well! :) Our house is surrounded by tall evergreen trees, some are 60-70 feet high! So #1, we don't get to see the storms and #2, there's always the concern that one of the trees will fall. There have been a couple fall on the hill behind the house that's behind us. It's a scary sound when when one them starts to go!


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