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Heading into Fall with my planner {Keep it Together}

I joined in last month with the beautiful Alexandra for her link up with planning & scrap booking & I was really surprised at all the questions & feed back & interest... so here I am again...

Mainly because I have taken a new love with my planner & love to show you what I'm doing with mine, & because each month/week can look different, I love seeing what others are doing in theirs too.  If my planner helps someone else learn to use their planner in a new way too - that's just even more of a reason to join in with these posts.

And because we are just in October, these posts tend to run a month behind on my layouts...

Saying all that - we kicked off September & on the first of the month, I was so super stoked to change my cover.

I got this from Stylish & Co. - actually got like 5 planner covers when they had a 4th of July sale... that's telling you how long its been since I have been wanting to put this cover on my planner.

They have some super cute things if you're looking for planner lovelies.

We'll dive into my lay outs for September... which was a 5 week month. I think its the only one in my whole planner that has 5 weeks... maybe there's one other... so you get an extra layout this month.

Also, you'll note that some of the pages have marks out or where it looks like blank areas - I covered up some personal info... most of it are dollar amounts & the majority of it is suprises for others that may not have them yet - or they are personal things of others that they may not want shared on here - so if you see a big blank area, I've just photoshopped it out.

This first one, I was lazy with changing my brush color so its just white... oh well.

But I had fun with a Pretty in Pink layout for the first week of September. 
Even drew in a little paper airplane to reschedule Ernie's agility from Monday to Thursday. That is a cute little touch.

I also tried a little charting differently to keep track of my stuff I'm supposed to take every night - supplements, things for my iron/hemoglobin levels.

As you can see, I fail wonderful at taking my Turmeric.

Here's Labor Day week.
I really liked this color combo of the teal & yellow.  It turned out better than I thought it would.
This was when Car shopping was kicking in gear for me on the weekend.

Week 3 had me doing another color scheme I really enjoyed - the coral & light blue together - also using some more of my stickers with my little cactus. 

I am such a fan of the sticker books that you can get at Hobby Lobby, or Michaels - they make everything so super cute!!!

Here's week 4

If you notice the temps at the top where I've been keeping my weather, it was in the 90's's all week long - no wonder I'm back to using Spring colors.

Also, I changed my little charting on the side - tried adding it to the bottom of each day. I didnt enjoy doing it - so this is the only week that you'll see it in this month.

& finally started digging into more fall colors.  What I'e been dying to do.

Once again, loving using my little stickers.

The ladies are from the stickers that are called Squad Goals... & the little drink & leaves are from the new sticker set that just came out that is called Fall ... I got the Fall & Winter & am going to zoom through these books fast. 

Click on the pic for the Fall stickers

Click on pic for the Squad Goals Stickers


& just for fun, I did get in this month my 2020 planner from Plum Paper. 

I decided to give them a try because I got to design it how I wanted AND it was much cheaper than the Erin Condren with a Labor Day sale they had.  I'm super happy with how it looks....

We'll OBVIOUSLY be talking more about it down the road & I'll show you the way I designed it.

So there you go - another month down. 

I'm already having fun with October so can't wait to share that with you....

If you have any questions about planning or any ideas you want to share with me - please, let me know - this is like my happy spot. I'm like a kid with it comes to stickers & all things pretty planning!


  1. I absolutely LOVE these posts! <3 But of course, I'm also planner obsessed :D You inspire me to try different stuff in mine ;) Keep sharing!!!

  2. I love this! I was just thinking this morning that I need to order a planner for 2020 - and my goal is to use *just one* planner! I have two paper planners, plus a wall calendar and not one has the same info as the others. So frustrating .. plus two different online calendars (Google and work) and THOSE have different items on them as well. 2020 goal ... one planner. Just one. Which will then give me plenty of extra time to personalize them like this!! :)

  3. Your planner makes me want to be organized! Putting all those colorful pens to good use! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. I love how creative you are with your planner! I tried Plum Paper when I was trying to make myself be a paper planner gal and really liked it. Although I'm back to being a digital calendar person now! ha, ha!

  5. Your planner is a work of art in itself! I am always so amazed at how well some people can utilize their planners. I start off year with good intentions and then it just doesn't stick with me. I love seeing everyone else's though!

  6. I love your planner cover! So perfect for this time of year. You just gave me so many new ideas for my planner!!

  7. I love how colorful and detailed your planner is. Do you write everything in it I'm advanced? If so, how far? My problem is that I write a lot of things that happened AFTER the fact..haha. so I guess it ends up being somewhat of a journal too. Mine is not nearly as detailed. How large is your Planner? Do you carry it with you? I usually keep mine in my work bag and I like how light weight it is.

  8. That should say " Do you write in it IN advance" not I'm. Stupid autocorrect!

  9. Aurgh! I read this and went and ordered 4 more sticker books.

  10. Looks like a lot of fun! It is all I can do to keep our BIG calendar on the pantry door up-to-date with my appointments and Joe's. I know me... I would not keep up with a planner like this. I'm too lazy, plain and simple. I'm just too lazy. I know you love it and are creative to the max. Enjoy!!

  11. I can appreciate a pretty planner!
    I think maybe I'll just branch out into different types of lesson plans used to be all fancy like this..I just don't have the motivation for everyday life.

  12. OOOH I AM OBSESSED! I AM SO GLAD THAT YOU ARE LINKING UP WITH US, ESPECIALLY BECAUSE I AM SO BUSY FOR BLOG READING AND I WON'T MISS THESE! LOL I definitely screen shotted your spreads last time so I could imitate them. I totally forgot to add that image (it's there NOW), but my book finishing little drawing is inspired by how pretty yours are! I now want to spend my whole lunch hour doing planner decor! THESE ARE JUST AS GORGEOUS! I am not having the best week, but I feel totally inspired now. Thank you friend, and thank you for linking up with me! XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  13. Aw, yay! I'm so glad you linked up with me and Alexandra again. I love planners and planning. I want to do better in 2020. I feel like I've slacked a lot this year, and I like decorating and making things pretty so I want to get back into that. I like having these planners as a journal in a way too - I can keep them and look back on the things that I did, etc. Your pages are so pretty! Great job.


  14. What a darling planner. Love the stickers and all the color and personality on each page. I have stickers for mine and have been really awful about decorating my pages. Heck, I am really awful about opening my planner!! Need to do better. This old brain is getting so foggy that I stay mixed up with dates and appointments. Even when I write them down!! Thank you for sharing this with all of us. It made me smile.


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