Tuesday, October 01, 2019

One Sentence a Day - September 2019

So we link post this baby up the first Tuesday of each month - when that actually falls on the first  day of the month - its like a bonus

So be sure to say a big Happy Birthday to my momma!!!
Today & every day - something to celebrate!!

1 - Sun /  On the hunt for yarn to finish my blanket & can't find it at any store. #allsoldout #founditonline

2 - Mon /  Who doesnt love a day off work. #thankyouLaborDay

3 - Tues /  The Monday-est Tuesday ever. #longweekendrevenge

4 - Wed /  HSM Home Group is back at it! #backtolatenightsgettinghome

5 - Thurs /  Spent nearly 3 hours at the hematologist office to only see the doctor for less than 5 minutes. #iamsendingherabill

6 - Fri / Got the news that my ferritin has indeed increased just after 3 rounds. #goodnews #stillfeellikepoop

7 - Sat / Spent the entire day car shopping so had to watch Serena Williams lost the US Open on replay at 10pm at night. #avoidallsocialmedia

8 - Sun / Back out car shopping after church & already beyond over the stress of it all. #showmethemoney

9 - Mon / Ernie did so amazingly well at his 5th Agility class & we have now moved onto learning the A-Frame. #nailedit

10 - Tues /  This has been the week of problems at work. #makesthedayflyby

11 - Wed /  Week 2 of our ladies group & loved the conversation about "See a Need - Fill the Need" #LearnItLiveit

12 - Thurs / I had so many plans to come home from work & accomplish but instead, found myself laying in bed most of the night not feeling the best. #feelingsobadlately

13 - Fri / I've been so stressed over this car hunt thing, I think my body just shut down when I went to bed at 9:30pm #overitall

14 - Sat /  Finally decided on a car! #helloBlue

15 - Sun /  In small group today at HSM, I am reminded how hard high school is with friends & all the drama that comes with it. #toughtimes

16 - Mon / So the best thing of all about Agility training happened tonight when Ernie jumped into the car on his own instead of us having to threaten his life & pick him up & put him physically in the car ourselves! #goodsideeffectsofagility

17 - Tues /  I think I was way too excited for the Bachelor in Paradise finale. #LoveDean #JohnPaulJonesiscrazy #Blakeisgross #feltbadforChris

18 - Wed /   Beyond grateful to have our Youth Pastor lead our home group after a rough week for some of the kids. #PREACH!!!

19 - Thurs /  Finally have a new DO in our doctors office & she's fantastic! #hopeshesticksaround #3rdDOin10years

20 - Fri / Not looking forward to kicking off my weekend with a hospital visit for more blood work & a chest xray. #becausemybodyhatesgettingold

21 - Sat / GOT MY CAR!!!! #officiallyindebt

22 - Sun / I just had a really rough HSM day & its days like this that I feel like it's time for me to just step down & let the younger generation pick it up. #feellikeafailure

23 - Mon /  Mr. Ernie is just a lover as he had to greet everyone & give them kisses at the vet's office where he got a good clean bill of health. #gottachangedogfood

24 - Tues /  I was so saddened by a torn relationship that I have no idea what happened all day long but then my heart smiled again when one of my HSM kiddos out of the blue text me the sweetest words reminding me once again the relationships that truly matter. #investinoneanother #toooldfordrama

25 - Wed / Make Me A Blessing meet up tonight where we talked about what problems we feel overwhelmed with in this world that it feels like we have no control over. #GodsFaceGiveGrace

26 - Thur /  Grey's Anatomy & A Million Little Things are back!!! #falltvisthebest

27 - Fri /   Love you Library!!! #somanybooks #solittletime

28 - Sat /  Binginged season one of American Horror Story & cant wait to dig into the nutso madness of the rest of the seasons. #Freakingmeout

29 - Sun /  Happy National Coffee Day or as I call it, every single day of my life! #celebrateeveryday

30 - Mon /  Happy Birthday to my friensistaughter (friend/sister/daughter) #yesitsaword #imadeitup #itfitsforher

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That's September - wrapped up ...
heading into "Holiday Season" - 
doesnt it all seem to kick off in October?
October - let's do this!

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  1. Happy birthday to your mom! I hope you have fun celebrating :)

  2. How fun to do this! I always have the best of intentions and then I get to like day 9 and fall off the wagon! I need to keep a note going in my phone and then set an alarm or something! Enjoyed reading this.

  3. Seems like a fun month! Congrats on your new car! :)

    Hope that your week is going well :)

    Away From Blue

  4. I would not go back to high school for all the money in the world. Would instantly succumb to being the same 15 year old I was back then. Tough times for kids. Thank goodness for the text you received. You are a blessing to those babies and they are to you. You will know when the time is right to step down.

    Have you made the first car payment yet? I am going to have to think about a car before too long. But with PC's job situation so IF-y I am trying to ride out this 2008 Altima as long as I can. Your car is awful cute. Great color.

    Happy birthday, a day late, to your mama. Hope you guys celebrated with cake and ice cream.

    Proud of your pup hopping into the car all by his lonesome. Atta boy. My pups got so big that I needed them to put me in the car.

    Thanks for this great link up. Wishing you improved test results this month!!

  5. I hope your mom had a great birthday! I love an extra day off. I thought Eric and the boys would have off for Columbus but it looks like they don't :/ Sierra Beautifully Candid

  6. I am always amazed that you can do this each month. Sometimes I don't remember what I did yesterday! Happy birthday to your sweet momma!! Love & hugs!

  7. Happiest of birthday's to your mom! Wishing her a beautiful and healthy year ahead! xo, Biana-BlovedBoston

  8. Long weekends do make Tuesdays feel very Monday-ish don't they? Enjoy your new car!

  9. Love your short sentences and amusing hash tags, wish I could do the same but I always get too wordy!


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