Thursday, November 14, 2019

Test results that gives relief, parking shelter & the blind man is on a roll! {Thankful Thursday #246}

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This week I am Thankful for:

Back to work
I really dont mind coming back to work. I really love my job & I really like a routine & schedule so I'm grateful I have a great job to come back to.

Work load fast to catch up
Its always scary to be out knowing how many emails I can get in a regular day & the work that has to be done each day.  But my coworkers are awesome & had me in good shape getting back. Granted, i still had 188 emails to go through, but I was able to get 95% caught up by the end of Monday.

Ricky Test results
We had a little bit of a scare with Ricky after some test results... but his family doctor calmed us down & told us not to freak out.  He had some tests re-run on him & those results came back SO MUCH BETTER!!!!!  We got an explanation on what could have happened - & we were just so relieved, I cant even begin to tell you.  Such a reminder to never take your health or each day for granted!!!

Praying friends
While we waited for these test results, I am so grateful for a group of faithful praying friends who held us up to God!!!

Birthday Bagels
Panera bagels are work to celebrate birthdays is always a good way to start a morning!

Coffee Chats
We had planned a get together at our coffee meeting spot for our youth girls.  Well, all but one could make it. Even the other leader couldnt make it. So I walked in & there was one young lady.  Let me tell you, she's had some challenges lately & honestly, it was just lovely to sit for an hour & hear how life has been for her lately & discuss some of the challenges & cheer for the good that has happened lately too.  I always say that when numbers for events or group arent what I think they'll be, its OK - its exactly God's perfect timing for the conversations to happen that need to.

Early workouts
I did it... I made it through a week of getting up earlier & working out BEFORE work. I dont like to do it, but when I was on vacation, I was up at 5am & thought, its not too bad - I can do that. I just have to go to bed around 10pm. With it being darker earlier, I want to get in bed around 7pm anyways - so I challenged myself...  & it's working out well. For now anyways. My favorite part? I dont have to squeeze it in after I get home, making dinner super late & of course, every day seems to have something thrown at me when I get off work so I end up missing so many workouts.  It's just nice to have it checked off my to-do list by 6am.  Let's see if I can keep it up & if I adjust to this being a habit!

Parking Garage
So I hate to pay even more for parking, but I am glad a spot opened up in our parking garage that is attached to our building.  Mainly because winter is coming. It's frigid walking in downtown where the wind is extra super strength anyways, but when its freezing? YUCK. Plus, when it snows & is icy, I am terrified of walking down the sidewalks & across the streets.  Now, I dont have to worry about it. Nor walking in monsoon rains. I just park in the garage that is attached to our building. NICE!!!! Plus, its not a public parking - whereas the garage I was in before, it was parking for a Convention Center. Try leaving work when a convention gets out & there's a few hundred people parking in your garage that have to pay to leave. I've sat in the garage for over an hour trying to get out. Not cool. ... so yeah, I'll pay a little more for the convenience.

Devotional mail
My sweet friend Christina is just the best at loving others through snail mail. I got an envelope from her that had a copy of a devotional that she had come across. It was very similar to the post I did HERE on being kind to others.... It was just a joy to sit & read this beautiful devotional that someone took the time to send me.  I've now got it tucked away in my Bible to reflect back on time  & time again!

Ricky finally got Bruno's new little wheels together ... what an interesting creation. We'll see if it works for him.  Right now, he just tends to go in circles. LOL!!! But at least he's moving, right? Better than just sitting in one spot & staring into the wall... he's blind. Doesnt matter where he's staring actually.  We're hoping he gets used to it & learns to trust the back part of this holding him up & learn to go straight. We're going to work with him on it with a leash... but if anything, its good to see him moving. Let's just hope he doesnt get dizzy.

Family visits
We got a phone call that Ricky's sister & her husband were going to come over to try out our inversion table.  We rarely get family visitors our in the country so it was a fun surprise.  I just love these two & it was great seeing them & chatting the evening away.  They even brought their son's new dog & hello - we love a dog over here in Greenville!  I loved it too that Melissa got to go with me to see the horses & get to visit with my momma for a little bit.  See, Greenville is a good place to come visit.

Sharing Starbucks Holiday cups
If you didnt know, the Starbucks holiday cups came out last week.  They had on the release day if you got there early & ordered a Holiday drink, you got a free cup.  I was going to stop but it was a rainy morning & glad I didnt stop because traffic was a bear.  Me & my work sister was talking about how we both didnt get one & FOMO... which is a funny topic when you use it for Starbucks cups.  So she text me the next day & said she let FOMO get to her & she had a surprise for me.  She had gone in & got the holiday iced drink cups that come in a 4 pack.  All the cups were super cute- but she let me pick one for myself! How cute is that??? So now, I want to have all my iced coffees in this cup for the Holidays.

What good things are happening in your week?

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  1. Wow! You had a LOT to be thankful for this week! What a wonderful feeling. Good for you for getting up early to work out before work. I was always the same before I retired. When I got home from work, I was too tired to work out. Best to get up early and git 'er done!

    I bet the young woman you talked to (and listened to) at your coffee chat was so glad for your presence. You did a wonderful thing for her. God works in mysterious ways.

  2. It's fun to see little signs of the season showing up here and there. The snow and cold temps we've started having here are hurrying me along.
    And it's great to hear about your week.

  3. Oh what a relief that Ricky is okay! And I’m obsessed with Bruno’s wheels. I’ll bet he gets the hang of them real quick.

  4. Yay for good test results!! I hope Bruno can figure out his wheels - I'm sure they're confusing to the little guy but will be so helpful when he can get rollin'. :) I didn't think I'd be able to stick with morning workouts but they've been a great way to start the day!

  5. Good news that the health scare ended up being ok! And way to go getting those early workouts in :) I was good about that over the Summer but I've been bad about it with the cold weather. You're right though that it feels so much easier to have it checked off the list early and not have to cram it in during the evening after work.

  6. Busy week! Glad the test results came back better---it really is such a relief, esp. when you've spent hours or days thinking of the possibility that they could go the other way.

    Also, woo hoo that you're able to start working out again! That's got to feel so good in a lot of ways.

  7. I'm so glad that Ricky's health scare turned out alright! Those sorts of things are terrifying, as are all big life changes, honestly. And I'm glad that God managed it so that you were able to have a one-on-one with that girl by yourself. Sometimes those chats are so needed!

  8. You have so much goodness going on and blessed results you sure do deserve it! Glad Ricky is ok. I always feel better when I get my workout in in the morning, it changes every thing for the day.

  9. Praise God for Ricky's better results. Tough stuff. I always love your thankful lists and the Starbucks cup is very cute!

  10. I can't not say enough how much I am loving your Thankful Thursday posts! Coming over here and reading all these positive blessings just gives me a peace that feels so nice. There is so much truth when they say gratitude is good for the soul. I really do need to remember to join you one of these weeks. So glad that Ricky's test results came back okay!! What a scare I'm sure.

  11. What a wonderful week you had. Thanks for sharing them. Very nice.

  12. I'm so glad Ricky's tests came back better than the first. Those tests can be scary! Poor Bruno! I hope the wheels are helping.


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