Thursday, November 28, 2019

THE BIG DAY OF THANKFULNESS!!!!! {Thankful Thursday #248}

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Here we are... the most epic days of Thankfulness.
The day where people go around tables & share what they are thankful for in their lives.
For some reason, in my mind, I remembered Thanksgiving was always on Thursday & that's why I started up Thankful Thursday so long ago.

Today, as we are celebrating all our blessings, you know I had to have this blog post up.  
Would love for you all to join in with me... comment, post a blog post down the road when you arent in your food coma... but let's share some great blessings in our lives!

This week I am Thankful For:

Prince Charming is at the grocery
Monday, I was just exhausted & wanting to get home after work & mentioned to Ricky on the phone that I had to stop at the store just to pick up some bread & bananas & eggs.  He told me to go on home & he'd pick it up for me.  OK - Where is Disney with this fairy tale of the perfect Prince Charming that picks up groceries for you?

Made it to appt
America's Got Talent had tryouts right next to my work & man O' man, downtown was crazy hopping.  Which also means, parking garages are full of people who dont know how to operate machines to exit. I was stuck in our garage for nearly 25 minutes getting out.  2 bad things with this... 1. I was late getting out of the office so I didnt stop to go to the bathroom first (YIKES) & 2. I had a hair appointment scheduled for an hour after I got off work ... so I was thankful that I pulled in at exactly the time my appointment was meant to be. Great timing! Whew! ... & also, let's be thankful they had a bathroom so I could run in for that overflowing bladder :)

Sticker Book Palooza
I was out to lunch with my work sister when she saw on her phone someone posting at Hobby Lobby having a clearance on a bunch of Happy Planner goodies.  I ran over after work & OH MY WORD. ALL THE THINGS... for $5.00 & under. Needless to say, I walked out with 6 new books & picked my friend up 6 books too.  Felt like I got in for some Black Friday practice!

Parking Downtown on a weekend
We went to a concert downtown on Saturday & there was also a big convention going on - GalaxyCon - which was super fun to sit & watch everyone dressed up in some costumes!!!  But that meant parking was crazy downtown - especially when its cold, dark & rainy. I was so thankful that I had a spot in a garage on a busy weekend downtown.

I always love me a good Christian concert! Never gets old singing songs about our Savior.

Awaken Worship ... our Southeast Family did so good!!

Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Pretzels
My work sister got me a bag of these & I'm hooked now. DELICIOUS!!!  She said that Trader Joe's has a bag that's even better. We get out there maybe 1 every 2 years (if that?) so I'll have to pay off someone to pick me some up.

All the Thanksgiving Usuals....
You know the ones - the ones that are usually repeated around the Thanksgiving table.  I know every week, I find odds & ends things to be thankful for... but the "usuals" apply every week - & so today, I'll make sure to mention them...

... family
... friends
... church family
... our animals
... our jobs
... our home
... our cars
... our health
... our Country

Always - above all - so thankful for our Savior ... Jesus Christ... who I love that we're getting ready to go into the time now to celebrate His birth.

& I'll start that tonight... Black Friday Thursday shopping. :)

Hope you've had a wonderful Thanksgiving however you celebrate.

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