Monday, November 11, 2019

The weekend we had a baby giant visit us

Happy Veterans Day!

I am actually off today so I'm really enjoying this Monday!

I'm equally glad to be home because today is supposed to be yucky around here.  Which is really sad because we're coming off of a beautiful sunny weekend. Even better, yesterday was GORGEOUS. One last glorious day before winter comes in & sucks away all the fun.  Near 70 degrees & sunny & just perfect.  Today, the bottom drops out.  Rain all day, temps dropping, light snow possible. & tomorrow, our HIGH is going to be in the low 20's.  Kick me in the face now. It'll feel equally the same.

But... let's just reminisce on how lovely the weekend was first before I hole up in a cave like a bear & just want to sleep till the first buds of Spring appear.

Friday, we got off work & I stopped at the grocery to pick up a few things & was ready to tuck away for the night.  This time change & it being dark by 5:30, I was in my sweat pants & cozied up in no time.  I ended up finishing up American Horror Story - season 2... Asylum.  Which, all I can say is CRAZZZYYYYY. 

Image result for american horror story season 2 meme"

This show is like a horrible car wreck. You can't look away even though you know you dont want to see what is there.

Of course, I never can go to sleep after watching these episodes so I had to get in one episode of a Halloween Baking Championship to cleanse my mind palate.

Saturday, I got up as Ricky was leaving for work.  Boo.  I hate when he has to work on Saturday.  Though, I am so productive when he's gone.  Dont know how that works.  But I ended up getting Bruno going in his walker for awhile... & got a work out in ... some laundry got done... & got some crock pot chili going.  All that before noon!

Oh, add in I went over to take care of the horses. BAM! Superwoman!

When Ricky got home, we were just relaxing, chatting, having a nice easy Saturday.  Then we got a phone call from his sister & brother in law & they were headed our way.  That was a fun surprise.  Especially when they brought over their "Grand-dog"... a Great Dane!  OH MY GOSH... this baby monster.  He's just 5 months old & is as tall as our kitchen table.  His paws are bigger than my hands. He is HUGE!!!!... & WE LOVE HIM!!!!!

Harvey was REALLLLLY leery of him & we ended up having to kennel him up.  Harvey is a nervous dog anyways.  Ernie was totally intrigued & kept trying to get him to play. 

It's so funny to think that this huge creature is still just a baby though.  Just months old.  We remembered he was a pup when we looked up & saw him starting to gnaw on Ricky's tablet - HAHA. Oh, those puppy days. How we remember them well.  Shall we bring up all the #thingsharveydentdoeswrong again?

It was so funny though because this baby Giant didnt know what to think about Bruno. He just kept staring at him (Bruno was sound asleep & you dont mess with Bruno's sleep)... Bo just kept staring at him, like "What in the world is this thing?"

My sister in law ended up going with me to put up Baby & got to visit with my momma for a bit... & then we got to hang out a little bit more at the house. It was so nice to see them & have some company.

The rest of my Saturday was filled with watching the last 4 episodes of A Million Little Things.  Man, I love that show. I'm a total Gary girl! Love him so much!!!!

Image result for gary a million little things"

Sunday, I was up fairly early & time to get ready for church.  Before that, I ran back over in the cool air to let Baby Girl back out again.  She knows my face - let me tell you. She knows when she hears my voice, she gets to stretch those legs.

After church, I had to do some Target shopping & then worked on my planner a bit & then back over to my momma's to take her some left over chili & to see what my brother & his buddies did.  They cleaned out the stalls & had to dig out the barn doors so they could close for the winter.  With these cold temps coming, time to prep up..... UGH!!!!

& that's the extent of my weekend. Nothing super exciting, but nice enough. We had family in there, dog loving, church, productivity, Netflix binging, beautiful warm sunshine.... I think we covered it all.

Oh, we also got our Christmas tree up!

OK - someone help me here.  We got the TREE up - its not decorated yet. I want to do that today, but I'm not sure HOW to decorate this tree.

We got it last year at the end of the year on clearance & we love it.  It has these HUGE bulbs on it & you can click it to keep it a solid color. Like, Clear, yellow, red, blue, purple, green.  Or it can flash between red & green... & Ricky likes it where it is on a constant loop switching colors....

I tried to capture some of the light changes - could never grab the red or pink

But how do you DECORATE a tree like this? We usually do our whole tree in Disney ornaments.  But Ricky doesnt really want to put all our ornaments on this tree because he doesnt want to cover up the bulbs or hide them in any way. 

& I dont know what color scheme to go with.  Because what I would do for clear lights, wont work for green lights, that wont do for red lights or blue lights. I dont know what to do here.

if it were up to me, I'd leave it on the clear lights - I love a clear light tree....sigh...

I've always wanted to do the black & white buffalo plaid thing - would that work with all the colors? Maybe? Possibly?... if you need me, I'll be on Pinterest today looking at ideas.

So tell me how your weekend was....

You putting up your tree soon?

Do you love big dogs?

Whose your favorite character on A Million Little Things?


  1. Ditto! Our tree is up but not decorated, either. We had issues with the lights again this year, and I think a strand is still out near the bottom, but I'm just going for it. Hoping to begin the decorating next weekend! Oh my goodness that dog is HUGE!! Looks like you had a pretty productive day with Ricky at work anyway! Such a lovely and fun weekend. It's suppose to start raining here today, too, and turning COLD! Hello Winter!

  2. Our weather is the same, I might just have to hibernate today! I love A Million Little Things.

  3. Enjoy your day off! I have to get caught up on A million little things too! I love the guy that plays Eddie! We may put our tree up the weekend before Thanksgiving since it's so late this year! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Wow, you really did have a productive Saturday! I'm impressed :) And that is a big dog, I would definitely forget that he was still a baby.

  5. I do love big dogs!! You had a productive weekend and family company is always great! We don't decorate for Christmas until after Thanksgiving. Your new tree is very nice. Keep us posted on the decorations!!

  6. Wow, that’s one big doggie. Gettin er done girl!! Hope you are having a marvelous day.

  7. Our weather is making the big change sometime during the night tonight. We should wake up to snow on the ground and much, much colder temps.
    I absolutely LOVE the giant baby! I fell in love with Great Danes back in college. A girl on my dorm floor had one that her parents would bring when they came to visit. When they would go out to eat I'd jump to volunteer to watch Bambi (she was the same color as a deer). She was such a gentle giant and I adored her. I'd have one now if I had enough room inside and out.
    Totally Team Gary here. Did you see him in the commercial for...well, I forget what, but he's on a sled with his "family." It bugs me because when he talks it's not his voice.
    I'd stick with your Disney ornaments. Disney stuff is colorful and would go with everything!

    1. Oh, and our tree isn't up yet. I just ordered a new one from Balsam Hill last night. It's supposed to come next week. I probably won't put it up until the weekend after Thanksgiving, though.

  8. After having only big dogs (greyhounds), then only having small dogs (pugs), and now having another big dog again (lab/retriever/etc.) ... I've decided that I will always want to have at least one of each. I love the little dogs, but I enjoy having a big dog around too. I want to put my tree up soon since I love the Christmas season, but we'll be moving soon and I don't know the timeline yet. Not sure I want to set it up, then have to pack everything up and set it up again at the new place. Can you do a 2nd tree with your Disney items? I love how the lights change on that one, but ornaments would detract from it and the lights might overpower the ornaments. I saw the first episode of A Million Little Things but never got around to watching any more of it.

  9. I love the big baby! my cousin has a Great Dane as well. I don't think I've met her yet. She is also somewhat of a pup still but very large!

    I love that you put your christmas tree up already! I am trying to resist the urge to get some Christmas stuff out. I told Scott we should have put our outdoor light and decorations out this past weekend before it gets too cold here. He didn't think it was a good idea. So i guess we will wait until it is below 32 degrees and we'll do it then. That sounds like a better idea doesn't it?


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