Friday, January 29, 2021

Friday Favorites


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Favorite Connect Four

You can get it personalized.
How fun would this be for a wedding gift? 

Favorite Garbage Cans

We really have to get a new one. 
We had this one - an older version - but it lasted us nearly 20 years.
We had to get it when we got Buffy, our lab, because she was forever getting in the garbage. 
She actually learned to use her nose to do the motion activation on this -HAHA
But the batteries dont last in ours now for longer than a few weeks & 4 Size D batteries adds up each  month. I mean, it lasted 20 years. Its time to get a new one.

Favorite Bed Table

If you dont have space for a nightstand but need something to hold your phone or watch or book

Favorite Hanger

So this is pretty cool. 
It pulls down in 5 hangers - or have them stay up for just like a piece of art on the wall.
They make it in black that I think looks better....I wonder if you could even paint this one.
But I like the hangers dont stay out when you dont use them.

Favorite Blanket Holder

Perfect for the basement where its always cold!!!!

Favorite Make up Organizer

Favorite SAFETY jewelry

I first liked this because of the look...
But its actually a GPS tracker & a button on it calls 911 if you're in an emergency & send texts & location to where you are at to 5 people you program. Isnt that amazing!
You have to buy a new charm every year - or two - but you get it discounted.
Sort of like a yearly membership - but for safety, if you travel a lot, go on a lot of blind dates, work in areas you're out late - it's so worth it!

Favorite Funnies

(I love me some Jennifer Lopez - but this made me laugh)

... the barista at Starbucks that I keep talking to because I havent seen another human in months

... everyone who is now a Stock broker genius after reading a lot of Reddit & buying Game Stop Stock 

.... me at 4:30pm today

Happy Weekend Y'all!!!

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