Monday, April 07, 2008

A Bold Lunch

I am still so tired from the weekend & the retreat we went on with the Jr. High gang - (I have to get the pictured downloaded before I even talk about it - so look for it tomorrow!) At lunch today, I was just planning on staying at my desk, eat something quick & just sleep for the rest of the lunch hour. I can see how beautiful it is outside & was wanting to venture out, but was just too tired.

Well, lunch time comes, & I can't find my lunch that I brought - looked everywhere - where did I put it? My office isn't THAT big! Finally, 10 minute is ticking away & I figure, OK, I'll just run out & grab something & come back - eat, then nap.

I get in my car - (& I have to say - OH MY GOSH - it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL outside today!) & venture down the road. It hits me that we are completely out of one of the dog's dog food. (Why do 4 dogs need different food? - Spoiled!) So I run down to the grocery that is down the road. As I drive past the corner, I hear a man speaking. I realize he's holding a little portable speaker that he can hold onto & talk & his voice is very loud & BOLD! I ran in the grocery really quick, come back & I can hear the voice in the air. I'm not able to hear what he's saying but I just am curious at this point. I pull over in the parking lot that is right behind the corner where he was at to listen. Here is this man - a simple man in jeans & a t-shirt & he is saying words of the Gospel - Praising the Lord - speaking Truth! It was amazing -I just sat & watched & listened. He didn't say too much at one time - just a few lines every now & then - reading a line of scripture & then just pacing. I noticed then that his timing was perfect - he would say things just long enough for someone who was at a traffic light - or walking across the cross walk area to catch it all in one sentence.

"One day - every knee will bow & confess that Jesus is the Christ - the son of God who died for your sins"...."There is no one in this world who will love you more or like Jesus Christ will or ever could love you"...."I hope you are not listening to the horrible voice of the devil that is trying to lead you away from Jesus".....

The words just kept coming - but in every line or phrase he spoke - Jesus' name was right in the middle of it!

What was interesting was the people who were walking by or at stop lights. Some would just completely ignore him - others would look at him & you could tell they were curious with what he was saying. A few people were actually sitting out on the hoods of their cars, listening - or sitting on the grass near by watching. Others would give the "he's insane" sort of look as they walked by him - you could tell they were completely uncomfortable with being around it.

It was a very insightful lunch. To see how others reacted to this man who was very pleasant - not aggressive, not harsh, not intimidating in any way - just a man who was speaking the Word of God.

I have to give it to the guy - what a way to be bold! Could I do it - go stand on a street corner in Downtown Louisville & speak of the Gospel in that way? That's what is so cool - we're not all called to do the same thing - but it was so neat to see this man following what was obviously a call on his heart to do.

I'm so mad about it though because I just took my camera out of my purse because my battery is dead from the weekend - but I would have loved to snap a picture of the moment - because it made my boring, tired, just wanting to nap lunch, all turn around to another lesson to see that we should always be Bold - no matter where we are - no matter what we're doing - always speak the truth of God wherever you are at!

So - How Bold are you when it comes to speaking the Truth?

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  1. What a neat opportunity, Rebecca! I don't think that I am quite that bold, but I certainly do not hesitate to share my faith when presented with an opportunity.

    Have you ever listened to Way of the Master Radio? They are very bold in their witness for Christ. is a really neat site. Trish works for Way of the Master, and she goes out on the street witnessing. She calls into the radio program, and the host (Todd Friel) talks to the person she's pulled aside.

    What wonderful examples to the rest of us.

    Thanks for sharing your story.


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