Thursday, April 24, 2008

April Socks

Yipee - I've got 3 out of 4 months so far for the year done with socks! 3 delicious, yummy, comfy, wonderful pairs of socks! I will say though, I'm not too happy with these socks - but they'll do - how can knitted socks ever be bad? Right? But I just didn't like a few things about these.

First, the color - I love pink & thought these would be great - but I didn't like that weird peach color in the middle of it - if it were a different shade of pink or even another shade of tan, I think it would have looked nice - but peach? Didn't dig it!

Second thing - I matched these up to be perfect - or close enough to perfect (is that possible?) - but they didn't turn out right - they ended up being like an inch off! Talking with Lynn, she too had the same problem with this same yarn. What's up with that? So I was grumbling the whole time I was making the second sock when I discovered this.......but all is well because now, I have some more Aloe on my feet. Yes, this is another pair of Aloe yarn - loving it!

But now, I'll be onward to my new Ambrosia yarn for the next pair of socks! Will I laugh in Aloe's face after I have Cashmere on my feet? Oh, for the love of yarn!!!!

Oh - & the Charity Knit is offically on! I've finished my first block - almost done with the second & have seen progress on other's squares. I'm so excited to get it all together & see how it turns out! I know people are excited about this & this blanket is going to be full of love & prayers for the baby that receives it.

Here's a picture of the first square with the heart in it. The flash is a little bright & when I do another one without the flash, it ends up blurring! I need a professional camera just for knitting! Think Ricky will buy that excuse?


  1. Well, I for one liked my socks!! ;)
    Since you talked mom into buying that yarn for me!! I also liked that they didn't match they are unique. And comfy...makes up for the rest though doesn't it.

  2. On the Charity knit... I have one heart block completed and one plain block completed and have casted on for the third!!!!


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