Monday, April 21, 2008


My friend Joe informed us of a movie that was coming out this weekend called Expelled, which is a documentary that is led by Ben Stein (yes, from "Ferris Bueller's Day Off") & discusses how science & religion mix - or should I say, don't mix!

First of all, I have seen no publicity for this movie which is sort of addressed in the movie on how our media in this world has such influence on what gets noticed. And I have to say, this movie is full of interesting topics, eye opening things going on in the world & also, very disturbing!

I'm very excited for Julie to get to see this because she is a scientist herself & it specifically points to how the battle is going on so deeply in the science/religion arena. I can't wait to get her opinion of it! But for the normal person, like me, it just says alot on how the world looks at Christian values & our beliefs on how the world was created.

Not to give any of the movie away - I do have to point out just a few things that were mentioned. These world acclaimed scientist who are supposed to be "uber-intelligient" would sit there & laugh at the idea of an Intelligent Design - but would seriously, straight faced, whole heartedly explain how life could be created on the backs of crystals! I'm not joking! It was full of ideas like this that would just make my jaw drop.

Another idea that just made me shake my head was the idea that most of these scientist KNOW that religion will just sort of fade away over the years & science will prevail. I'm just wondering how they think that is even possible?

I couldnt even BEGIN to tell you everything this movie touched & talked about - you really should go see it yourself if any of this interests you. And I will admit, some parts of it - I was completely lost. When they started breaking out words that were more than 7 syllables long - I was lost - but then something would tie it all together & I'd get that "aha" moment!

And it's all worth it just to see the end where Ben Stein meets up with Richard Dawkins, a man who is intent on downing Christianity & even wrote a book called "The God Delusion" - I wanted to stand up & just cheer out loud during Mr. Stein's conversation with this man!

I know Ben Stein took a huge chance making this documentary - the movie points out how people who stand up for what they believe when it comes to a "Godly" viewpoint become a sort of "shunned" people by the government or those in positions of power & many loosing their jobs or any sort of future in their appointed careers. We can only pray that people, especially those in the fields of science, can keep their strength & knowledge focused on God - because there is a long, hard road ahead of them!

And speaking of Scientist - I just wanted to wish Julie a Happy Birthday!!! (It was Sunday) Enjoy picking out some knitting goodies & we missed spending it with you! Love you!


  1. What is so frustrating to me as a scientist, and to many other Christians in my field, is that many scientists really think that science and God cannot coexist. This baffles me. The more I learn about science, the more marvelous God becomes to me. The laws of science did not form out of thin air - God set them. Science does not disprove God in any way, it is simply the story of 'how' God does things. Why so many are blind to this fact is beyond me. I also get frustrated by Christians who tend to want to limit God and say that certain science is false simply because they don't think God would do something a certain way, based on their own interpretations or whims. I often find myself in a peculiar position on this topic among both non-believers and believers, but in my eyes, all things are possible with God, even the scientifically explanable.
    Looking forward to the movie. Ever seen Inherit the Wind? It is an older movie with the same basis.

  2. Intellectual dishonesty. One of my greatest pet peeves.


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