Thursday, April 10, 2008

Not feeling this project!

UGH! I started working on my newest sock & was so excited because this was the first time I had used Cotton for socks. I wear cotton socks from the store every day & know it feels good on my feet & I'm currently working on a Spring wrap (though at this rate, I may call it my Summer wrap) that is made out of cotton & I love feeling that yarn. This stuff though - it felt like pulling teeth to get this far on this sock. I hate that because the yarn is patterning up so nicely - lots of changes - beautiful colors - lots to attract the eye. But I can't make myself go any further. The bad thing about a sock - once you're done with one, you have to do another one. So I'm ready to scream doing this one & then I have to do a WHOLE OTHER ONE? Forget it - I'm pulling it out - I'll save the yarn for something else. Maybe a cute little hat? Maybe a cute little baby sweater? Maybe some yarn I can just give to someone else?

Its funny how some things just dont work for everyone. I'll go onto Ralvery, which is the best & biggest knitting sight for patterns & ideas & finished projects & tons of people have used this yarn in different, beautiful projects - projects that they enjoyed making. Not like me with this sock.

Same thing with needles - everyone has a preference - whether they like the Bamboo needles, the slippery Addi's, the metal Susan Bates - or my favorite, the QuickSilvers! It all is different with each person - the preference that suits them the best - what makes them a better knitter.

But what's cool about it - in the end, when you find that perfect yarn & the perfect needles & you feel good about what you are doing - a beautiful project comes out.
It sort of makes me think of the "projects" we give to God - the Spiritual gifts that we have to offer. We're all different - we each have our own preference on how we do things - how it feels to us - if its comfortable. Just like the yarn or needles - it doesnt feel good to me, but to someone else - it may be the perfect combination. Its like someone else may not be comfortable doing something for God where it's perfectly comforting, exciting & what I'm called to do.
I'm glad other people have different gifts other than what I can do - it covers all the works that God wants done within this world. And it all works together to make the most beautiful Projects to offer to God!

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  1. Poor little sock!!! Half way done and no where to go!!! But a cute hat it will be!!!!! Happy "un-knitting"!


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