Friday, April 25, 2008

Who's at work?

Look at who came to work with me today! You can see in this a bit of her neck & how she's scratched it to the skin. She's also done it to her foot. So needless to say, I'm keeping her with me today to keep an eye on her - no scratching! Hopefully, after today & keeping an eye on her over the weekend, she'll be all healed up! You can tell she's just miserable with this too. Allergies? Something from getting groomed? We dont know - but I hate when one of my fur-babies is miserable! At least she's making the others jealous by getting to come to work with me. I think each one of them has now been up to my office.

Do I have the best job in the world or what?


  1. Hi Rebecca Jo, I just found your site, through Auburnchick and love it. Saw the post about the 70's stuff. I cracked up. I too am a Christian and I love to knit. I shall be back often. Thanks for such a wonderful and thought provoking blog.

  2. Oh, poor darling! I wish I could take mine to work too! Better yet, I wish I could work from home. My dogs would just love that!

  3. It is very cool that you can bring her to work with you. I hope it is something minor and gone soonl.


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