Wednesday, April 30, 2008


If anyone knows me - they know one of my most favorite things to do is laugh! It just makes you feel so much better in so many ways & the happiness you feel from it, its just the best thing in the world that God created! My 2nd favorite thing is to hear others laugh! To hear some laughs, they are just so contagious, they make you break out in laughter for no reason at all.

Me - I can laugh at ANYTHING! It doesn't take much to get a giggle out of me. It drives some people nuts (namely, my husband) - but I truly can't help it - laughter is just always ready to pop out of my mouth! Ricky - you practically have to be Jay Leno to get anything out of him - but man, when he gets a belly laugh - its the best sound to my ears because its so rare to hear!

Have you ever sat & listened to people laughing? Or what they laugh at? What they find funny? It's different things to different people! For me - all it takes is someone tripping or falling down - I'm gone! Others, its a great joke, or a funny story, or a clever come back. We all have different senses of humor.

2 years ago, me & Ricky went with Steph & Jack, as well as Julie & Steve to see the Southeast Christian Church's Easter Pagent. If you've never seen it & you're around the Louisville area - man, you've got to go visit it! Its truly amazing! But during the play, there was a few times that the man who played Jesus would laugh out loud - a great, loud, boldestrous laugh! Steph & I had the best conversation about that - how out of all the drama of the Easter story, how that stood out to us. Can you imagine hearing Jesus laugh? You picture him in all these dramatic stories of the Bible & the situations he was in & you wonder what his sense of humor was like. Some people even wonder if he even HAD a sense of humor. It was cool too because the week following the pagent, the actors that portrayed Jesus & Satan were on the radio for questions or comments & I got through & was able to tell them how much I loved the sound of the laughter. The man who played Jesus made some great comments about how Jesus had to laugh throughout his life on earth & it was a great conversation that ensued - all for the listening audience!

Steph & I were at an antique shop one day & she ran across an awesome picture of Jesus with his head back & a great laugh on his face. She immediately got it & had it hanging right by her door. Every time I saw it, I just imagined the laughter that came from his mouth.

Then yesterday, I ran across a great verse from a devotion I was doing - in Psalms 2:4 - it says:

"The One enthroned in heaven laughs:..."

The Message Bible states it as: "Heaven-throned God breaks out laughing...."

Now, the rest of the story talks about how He immediately turned angry at some sinning fellows - but just to hear the Bible talk about God laughing - I loved it! And for me - I picture God not laughing at all - Jesus, yes - God - not too much the prankster! But then you have to think of some of the things life hands to us, or even some of God's creations & you have to think that God had a sense of humor. Afterall, he created man in his image - And we have senses of humor - its got to come from somewhere - right?

What do you think makes God laugh? What is it that makes him chuckle? Can you imagine how glorious the sound of His laughter is? Oh - I can't wait to hear it for myself one day!


  1. I think that everytime you and I have a conversation God laughs... then shakes his head... then wags his finger (imagine how huge THAT is) in our general direction.....

  2. I have to say - I agree completely with you Lynn!!! We HAVE to make God laugh at our conversations!!!

  3. Of course He has a sense of humor - the platypus...giraffe...pelicans...

    And isn't it great to know that the Old Testament God can actually laugh! :-)

  4. I think that God must get a chuckle when we try so desperately to control a situation and later realize that He was in control, and we really like the way something turned out, or we experience that "aha" moment when everything suddenly makes sense. "Silly girl," He says to Himself, with a smile on His face.


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