Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Yesterday, as I was driving over to see my nieces, I was looking at all the beautiful daffodils that were bloomed along the side of the road. Spring has brought all the beautiful things that bloom (& stirs up allergies) & its always so exciting to see the buds & know that everything is coming alive again.

But as I was looking at all the beauty during my drive, I felt so sad & helpless. I knew a frost was going to hit our area overnight. I could see some people had covered some of their flowers & even blooming trees with blankets & sheets trying to shield them. I too had covered up my tulips, which are my all time favorite flowers. They were just getting ready to bloom & I didnt want their beauty to be snuffed out. I also covered up my own daffodils with the hopes that they would still be beautiful when the morning sun hit them.

The frost did come overnight....my tulips, they are still ready to let the blooms burst open! My daffodils - most of them survived - the sheet must have blown over & some of the flowers were exposed & the frost had stolen their beauty.

It really made me think about how God must feel looking at his children. He knows the frost is coming - he wants everyone to be saved. Just like I covered my own flowers - but I was helpless to protect all the wild daffodils on the side of the roads - God knows some will be lost. How heartbreaking that must be for Him.

And what a call to us, as His followers. To try & save all we can for His glory! And something else that hit me - the flowers that were originally covered but the frost got anyways. Once people are saved - we have a calling to keep on looking out for one another because sometimes, just like these flowers, the blanket is blown off. People tend to turn away even after they are saved - & they too will again become lost.

I'm looking forward to driving home today while the sun is shining once again & the spring temperatures are going back up to see what beauty is still around & I will appreciate it even more knowing that it was a hard night for these things - & they survived the frost!

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  1. What a true and beautiful, yet sad, analogy. Stupid frost/sin! It ruins everything.


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