Friday, April 11, 2008

A girl of the 70's

Its funny - someone sent me an email about if you were a girl of the 70's! I was completely cracking up because the things it said & the pictures attached - I HAD THESE EXACT THINGS! Yes - I am a girl of the 70's - if you are too, I hope some of these bring back some memories!!

Did you have that Fisher Price Doctor's Kit with a stethoscope that really worked!

Did you have the yellow bike with the banana seat - I had a basket with flowers on the front of mine too!

Did you think Gopher from the Love Boat was cute - its ok to admit it now - really!

Did you have nightmares after watching Fantasy Island? I really did - I dreamt Tattoo was chasing me on the island to kill me - emotionally scarred for life!

Did you own rubber boots for rainy days? Yep - I had them too - mine were dirty from playing in the rain. You could slide your own shoes in them & when you tried to pull them out - your shoes ALWAYS came off inside!

Did you own Klick-Klacks & smack yourself in the face more than once? Oh yeah - still have mine actually! Mine were green & yellow...groovy colors!

Was your Holly Hobbie Sleeping bag your most prized possession? Actually, I didnt have the sleeping bag - I had the Holly Hobbie Oven! Made the best cakes a hot light bulb could make!

Did you wear poncho's or gauchos or knickers? I STILL wear them - they did make a comeback, you know!

Did you beg Santa for an electronic game of Simon? We just got a new one a few months ago - but when I was young - I even had a POCKET sized Simon! How cool was I!

Did you own the Donnie & Marie dolls with the purple & pink shredded outfits? YEP - I LOVED my Marie Doll - I think I still even have her somewhere! Dont forget the microphone that fit in the hole in her hand!

Did you spend hours in the backyard on a metal swing set that would tip over at least once?

Did you have homemade ribbon barretts in every color imaginable? Oh - especially after watching Xanadu - I had to have more & more of these things!

Did you play PONG & think it was the most futuristic game you've ever seen?

Did you want or have hair that had "wings" or "feathers"? And how cool were you walking with a comb in your back pocket? And the scary thing - this was a uni-sex look! Guys - dont act like you didnt have the feathers either!

Did you & your girlfriends fight over which Duke Brother you were going to marry?

Was it a big event in your household each year when the Wizard of Oz came on TV? Oh - if you know me personally & my mom - it STILL is a big event!

Did you tape songs off the radio by holding your portable tape player by the speaker? I even taped the songs from Xanadu & Grease 2 by doing this!!!

Did you wear friendship pins on your tennis shoes or shoelaces?

Did you want to be a Solid Gold Dancer? I STILL want to be a Solid Gold Dancer!!!

Was Love's Baby Soft the first real perfume you ever owned? (How creepy is that advertisement for it?)

And my favorite of them all on the list - it said, "Did you want your first kiss to be at the roller rink?" - forget that - I met my HUSBAND at the roller rink! I'm a true girl from the 70's!


  1. That's so hilarious, because I grew up in the 80s and 90s and over half of those apply to me!!! The doctor's kit was my prize possesion because I wanted to be a doctor, and I even had the Holly Hobbie doll. Of course, I guess a lot of that stuff could have originally belonged to my mom, who was a child of the 70s. That brought back some memories.

  2. ROFL!!!! I can honestly say that I identified with almost all of them! Wow! Brings back memories...sigh...

  3. Okay, I grew up in the 60's and EARLY 70's (graduated in '77) and had kids who grew up in the 80's and 90's. I have seen, owned, played with, or purchased ALL of that stuff at some point in time. How strange.... this stuff would actually be considered antique right now... so... does that mean that I am and antique???? AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!

  4. OK, let's see: Dr.'s kit-check, bike with banana-boat seat-check, rubber boots-check, Holly Hobby sleeping bag-check, knickers-check, Simon-check,
    metal swing-set-check, (Accidents on metal swing-sets-check),Ribbon barettes-check, wanted hair with feathers (Mom would not oblige)-check, taped songs off the radio-check, friendship pins-check, roller rink every Saturday-check.

    Hilarious! I must have done and owned many of these in the early 80's though considering I was born in November of '77.


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