Tuesday, December 15, 2009

And a little child shall lead them...

Our church had our Christmas program this past Sunday.  There is nothing that can fill up a church more then the children's Christmas Pageant.  I mean, we were packd to the rims!  I love when we have to pull out chairs & line the aisles for extra seating.  Camera were pulled out, video cameras were turned on, smiles were plastered over every face. Parents, brothers & sisters, aunts & uncles & grandparents all come out to see their little ones from their family become a STAR for a moment...

Ricky & I had no children in this pagenant, but it doesnt even matter. When you watch these little babies grow up to little tikes, you get just as excited to see them up there & to see them proclaim the name of Jesus just as well any preacher could do...

And maybe even better...

I mean, we have an amazing pastor, but I dont think he'd be taken serious if he rapped out a Christmas song!... (I'd be entertained though!)

Afterall, how many of those people who come into the church on nights like this aren't "church goers" - or maybe even not be that familiar with the Christmas Story... how these little ones can preach to their hearts in a way that no one would be able to do.

And there is just something about the sweet voice of a 5 yr old singing that can bring on the water works....

And seeing a little Mary & Joseph standing holding a "baby" Jesus... how do you just not melt in the moment?

You think about the message of Jesus who came as a baby & how this time of the year is centered around a baby in a manger... & I looked up & saw all these little children reaching into the hearts of so many, at many ages... & its just another reminder of how powerful God can be - working through even the smallest of his creations...

Hope you all have an opportunity to hear little voices since Glory to our King this Christmas Season....


  1. RJ,
    Kid's CHRISTmas programs are the best!!! And you are right, they can touch people in a way like no other.

    Have a Blessed day friend,

  2. To me, there is nothing quite like seeing children interpret the Christmas story in their own way. Warms my heart every time!

  3. Children telling the story of baby Jesus kids me every time. I cry no matter what ! I love it.

  4. The kids did a wonderful job, but you forgot to mention that the Ensemble, which you are a part of, did great as well... and the solos and duets... oh my.... I'm telling you... GCC is PACKED with talent.... it was definitely an awesome night!

  5. oh that is a really great way to spend a night.

  6. I always choose the Christmas Eve children's service. The wondrous little eyes and voices so pure and loving just fill my heart!

  7. yep. that kinda thing would bring tears to my eyes, too - but I'm all for the rappin' pastor :D

  8. I love children's Christmas Eve services - they are so much more 'magical' than anything else! :)

  9. I love kid's Christmas programs, too! Savannah is in ours again this year. She is a Minnie Mouse ornament! The whole program is ornaments argueing over who is the best and then realizing that baby Jesus is the best!


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