Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas with our friends...

So I warned you,so be prepared - there will be talk of Christmas for at least the next 3 days...  but its just too much to wrap up in one post... you'd be paging down through pictures for an hour & I dont wish that on anyone...

Our kick off for Christmas was when my sister-friend, Lynn invited us over, along with our buddies, Joe & Erica & that beautiful baby Emily, as well as Ryan & Chasity...

There is nothing better then just sitting around the table, eating yumminess & talking & laughing with friends.  And put all of us together, & that's what happens every time... even when everyone has to yell at Ryan for playing with fire.  He thinks its OK now that he's a firefighter...

So off to some pictures of the night..

The beautiful little Emily in her Christmas dress... this was the first time she had been out for a long time since she was diagnosed with IS (Infantile Spasms) but we made sure there was no sickness in any of us so we could get around her... isnt she lovely?

And here's Carly with her gingerbread house that she & her brother made... a perfect house

Ryan geting excited about a Mighty Mouse shirt he received from Lynn "Here I come to save the day"... how appropriate for the new firefighter?

And check this out!  Lynn - the MASTER KNITTER - made this caplet for Chasity!  I literally took like 7 pictures of different ways to wear it - its an amazing piece of knitting... I totally HAVE to have one myself!

And then the most wonderful moment of the night for me... I have a package, I open it up & what do I see??? A piece of knitted Heaven... The funny thing, I saw Lynn making this kimono over the past few months & LOVED it... she told me she was making it for herself & I just fell in love with it each time I saw it grow... when I saw it was in the box for ME... oh, can I say, that's a piece of sure happiness right there... Here are Lynn & I - me wearing the most beautiful kimono EV-AHHHH...

It was just a wonderful kick off to Christmas... nothing like having friends that become family...

Oh - & I wanted to thank the blogger that gave me this idea... I totally forgot where I saw this - it was on one of your blogs & I'd give credit but I visit so many blogs that I cant even remember whose it was - if it was you, let me know... but look at this idea I found for cupcakes... how cute did they turn out...

So easy & simple & so darn cute...


  1. Wow! Amazing knit pieces!!!

    And that baby is an absolute DOLL! I just wanna hug her!

  2. And a grand time was had by all. Your pictures say it all.
    Beautiful baby. Beautiful knitting.

  3. LOVE the knitted pieces...kind of inspires me to learn to do that! Not sure if it was on my blog you saw them but I featured them a couple weeks ago on mine. Aren't they easy & fun? I make those every year for my kids school parties. Can't wait to read more Christmas!

  4. Definitely the way Christmas should be celebrated - with lots of family, love and laughter.

  5. You did have a great time. Love the cup cakes..

  6. The cupcakes AND the knitting handiworks--all beautiful! You look so happy :) Glad your holidays were nice.

  7. RJ,
    I am totally pumped for you!! How exciting for a knitter to get a knitted gift. Ideas in the making?!! Me thinks so =)

    Little baby girl Emily is just precious. I'm so glad she got to come and wear that beautiful CHRISTmas dress. What a sweetie!!

    Have a Blessed and Beautiful day friend,

  8. Are those reindeer cupcakes? Good job, Martha-in-training! And I love surprise gifts like that. I picked out my own microwave one year thinking mom was giving it as a housewarming present to another family member!

  9. Oh my goodness I have GOT to learn how to knit!!! That caplet and kimono are awesome! I'm so jealous! lol

  10. Soooo fun!!!! And those cupcakes are adorable!!!! :)

  11. Is it just me or does everyone else just want to kiss those cheeks off?!

    That caplet is gorgeous and the kimono is to die for! Jealous!

    Now I must go make cupcakes.

  12. Look at all your knitted goodies! So fun!!


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