Monday, December 07, 2009

So Dramatic...

Ahhh - Drama... the cornerstone of a teenagers life... or a 5 yr old.  My niece Sophia is so overly dramatic & I love every pouty face she makes or every look of surprise, as I too have been told I've got a dramatic side to me.  Sophia didnt stand a chance when she couldnt even walk & I'd put her on my lap & practice her "emotions" with her.... if she ever wins an Academy Award, I hope she remembers those days & thank her Aunt Bec.

Working with the youth too, its such a fun reminder of all the drama that a teen life holds.... shoot, I remember thinking the same things these kids do!

"If they dont like me, I'll just die!"
"If he breaks up with me, I dont know what I'll do!"
"If we dont win the game, my life will be over!"

Oh, the drama....

Then we were looking at the story of Jacob & Esau yesterday in class & came across the part where Esau comes in after a day of hunting & says to his brother

"Quick, let me have some of that red stew!  I'm famished!" -Genesis 25:29

The next few lines bring the drama into play

Jacob replied, "First sell me your birthright"
"Look, I am about to die" Esau said, "What good is the birthright to me?"
-Genesis 25:31-32

... yep, he gave up his birthright because he was "starving & about to die"... can't you just hear the torture & drama in that whining voice?  Do you really think he was going to die?  Come on Esau!  Man up! :)

The kids in the youth group all started to make fun of Esau, even calling him "not so bright" for giving up such an important thing over something stupid.  Jokes & jabs were made...

but wow!... what a reflection of who are are & how it goes back that far.  We get caught up in something so meaningless & make it so dramatic & we make some stupid decisions...

Such a good reminder for the kids - & for us - to watch ourselves & not get caught up in a moment & feel like its the end of the world.  But to stop, focus on the important things, & then, maybe some wiser decisions can be made...

And finally - I did enjoy getting to point out to the kids that just proves that guys can be JUST AS dramatic as girls! ... haha!!  Gotta throw my own little touch in a lesson!  The girls enjoyed that part!


  1. Ohh, you're good!

    I've never even noticed the drama part of that story!

  2. Yes, totally. It started way back then. Over from SITS.

  3. I always love your lessons. Feel like I'm in the class with you, haha!! :)

  4. haha way to turn this into a lesson :)

    and isn't it soo true that it's the end of the world when they are that age?

    "i'll die if he breaks up with me.." poor girl!! haha she'll make it though, promise! :)

  5. How funny you are sharing this as my daughter stands by my side begging for more food. She just finished an entire bowl of cereal 30 minutes ago. You should hear the whine in her voice. TOTAL DRAMA! I asked her if she might die and she replied. "YES!"

    I better go feed the hungry beast. Either through attention or food.

    I love coming here and knowing I'll be filled spiritually.

  6. Somethings never change with us humans lol. So dramatic. I love that you pointed that out in this story, so tru!

    I need that little graphic on a shirt for Rayna. That is too cute lol

  7. Wherever there are girls involved, there will always be drama!

  8. Drama, drama, DRAMA...we have lots of that going on around our house. You just have to keep a good sense of humor. :) Sounds like you are definitely on the right track!

  9. Girl, have you been following me around lately? I've been subbing in the same classroom for several weeks, and what an eye-opener!! The kids really start becoming "themselves" the longer you're around them. I've got a group of boys that talk about all kind of stuff, and I have a group of girls who talk about other stuff...all in the same class.

    Oy! My head always hurts a bit after first period.

    The funny thing is that although I'd like to pat myself on the back and congratulate myself for being out of high school and away from "drama," I find myself getting caught up in it 39 years of age! You'd think I'd know better by now, eh?

    Thanks for a good reminder...drama queens are NOT God's invention!


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