Sunday, December 20, 2009

Brain Game?

We had our Christmas today with Ricky's family... we really dont get to see them enough... enjoyed laughing with my sisters & brothers in law... & my nephew & niece. 

Our niece is just at that age where you dont get them cell phones & text messaging, but they are all intrigued by it... so Ricky & I got these cute little walkie talkie things that look like the i-phone & she can "text" with her friend...

Cute right?

We open it up & I start to read the directions & this is what it said...

Anyone notice anything?  yeah - the BRAIN game actually says BRIAN game...

A kid name Brian come with this game? 

What a word to misspell on...

I have to be honest... I looked at it like 10 times before I mentioned it to anyone to make sure I was looking at it right & I was spelling "brain" right... who says I'm not smart?


  1. that is hilarious!!!! Obviously Brian didn't use his Brain on that one. :)

  2. Hahaha RJ ~~ I always fall for the joke about Moses and that Ark too. Have you heard that one? Yes I know it's Noah, but for some reason my brian (uhh brain ~~ heehee) has a moment with itself and I always feel really silly after wards. Much like looking at this like 10 times and making sure your seeing it right.

    WOW that was a long confusing comment that I'm sure makes no sense.

    Oh guess what my dear love is doing right now? He is going to Best Buy to take back my camera. The silly thing locked up in the open position and won't work. How sweet is it that he is taking it back tonight before we leave? Yep he is just the best!!

    Yes I do realize this is a comment and not an e-mail ~~ just the way I roll!!

    Love you girl ~~ I'll check in sometime tomorrow ~~ Dawn

  3. Love when that stuff is found... makes me all the happier to know that I am NOT alone in my ability to misspell even the simplest of words!

  4. Too funny! Hope all has been well with you. I am trying to get caught on my blogging after being gone so long.
    Merry Christmas!

  5. Those are too cute (Rayna would love it!) but it always makes me leary when instructions are misspelled! lol

  6. When I was in college I was the secretary for our Res Hall Association. During one of those years our president's name was Brian and on more than one occasion I would type BRAIN instead of BRIAN. I got crap for that for quite some time to come (and still do!). : )

  7. That is too funny.. It made me laugh.
    I just wanted to tell you to have a very nice Christmas with your family. Thanks for being such a great blogging friend to me.

  8. Even after I read your comment on the misspelling I could not see it. I usually spot all the typos there are. Especially in newsprint and magazines. But this one got me.
    Merry Christmas.

  9. Haha! I didn't notice it the first time I read it either I guess our brain assumes things!


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