Saturday, December 26, 2009

Six Word Saturday

Figuring out my new fun toys!!!
Its over...

I woke up with that weird feeling of "What do we do now?"

I know!  I'm going to figure out my new fun toys I got for Christmas...

This is what Santa Ricky had under the tree for me in the morning...

An Ipod Touch!  yipee... Perfect to keep all my songs organized... & I am already loving looking at all the applications you can put on it too... will be purchasing the "Scrabble" application today - FOR SURE!

And this is the big surprise I got this year....

A SEWING MACHINE!!! I've been wanting one forever.... & dont have a clue how to use it!  But that has always been a goal of mine - to learn how to sew.  I have always wanted to learn to make skirts - which seemingly is easy.  I LOVE long skirts & being 5'9 - its not easy to find a long skirt in the world of short, bare it all clothing... I have a feeling its going to take me a few lessons on how it all works though.  I got a "Sewing for Dummies" sorta book, so exited to play with it!

And today, I will be uploading & editing my pictures over the past few days of  Christmas fun... & I am going to have some FANTASTIC pictures... next week is probably just going to be "picture week" on my blog...

But I have some AMAZING.. & can I say it again - A- MAZ-ING kntted goodies I received that you HAVE to see the pics off... These knitting skills make me look like a beginner.. just wait!  And of course, you gotta see pictures of the twins... & the best of all - we got to have Christmas with our grandbaby via Xbox Live... was able to watch him open his gifts & it totally made our Christmas complete!  I even took pictures like any Nanny would do of him - regardless if its of a TV screen - you still see the cuteness coming through!.... so dont say I didnt warn you about all the pictures coming...

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas... I'm off to look at some more new apps to download!


  1. ~best wishes figuring out & playing with all your great treats..brightest blessings~

  2. New toys for Christmas—
    what fun, what delight! Now to
    figure them out, right?

    My Six Words

  3. I really want an iPod touch... I didn't put one on my list, though. Maybe that's why I didn't get one? ;)

  4. Sounds like you had a great Christmas! thats awesome....and sewing is SO much are going to love it.

  5. Wow what a fun Christmas you had. I think next week I will have a ton of pictures too.

  6. So awesome!! Sounds like you had a great Christmas and got some really fun things!! =D

  7. Looks like some really nice gifties! My husband has an iTouch - it seems pretty slick.

    Thanks for playing 6WS!

  8. Happy SWS and Happy Boxing Day.
    How awesome to get a sewing machine, although im not very domesticated I've secretly always wanted a sewing machine.

  9. OHH an Ipod touch. How great. I would have liked just a plain Ipod. LOl I am a little behind.
    The sewing machine is a great. I love mine. I don't know how to sew either but I love having a machine.
    Can't wait to see the pics.

  10. Oh how fun!! You are going to LOVE sewing ~~ I just know it. As handy as you are with a knitting needle, a sewing machine will be a beautiful fit for you!!!

    LOVE the I-pod touch. Maybe I'll put that on my birthday list =)

    Love you friend,

  11. My SIL teaches sewing at the local tech school. You could learn a lot at a class like that. I'm excited for you :)

  12. How cool.... enjoy your new toys!!!! :)


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