Saturday, December 19, 2009

Six Word Saturday


Anyone else remember that wonderful 80's hair band, Europe?  But I've been humming that song all day since my eyes popped open today. 

I woke up & got all my packages together & went to the post office, came home & made some pancakes (oh yes, my love of pancakes is still strong), & then have bene wrapping, wrapping, wrapping...

I'm now getting ready to go with my "Final" list of things I need & head out into the nasty day to finish up.  We are heading to have Christmas with Ricky's family tomorrow so the fun of Chirstmas is getting started... & everything needs to be DONE by tonight!... Oh yes, the countdown is on...

I'm also going to try & slide in some baking tonight - just because I want to see exactly how much pressure I CAN put on myself without me breaking down & huddling in a corner & crying... I think red & green icing will take care of any crying spells I may have.  Doesnt icing cure everything?

And because you KNOW I had to share pictures from the twins program last night - here's a little glimpse of the cuteness of kiddos...

Sophia as the Shepherd... she was in charge of her little "Lamb" & because she was taking her role seriously, she'd keep reaching down & would hold his hand... what a good little shepherd!!

And there's Madi as another shepherd... her "lamb" is over from her, but I was proud of her for keeping her hands from hiding her eyes... that little angel in front of her came up to me afterwards & said "Did you think I made a good angel?"... of course she was...

This little boy goes to my church - & he is the most ADORABLE little boy!!!  He has the sweetest heart of a child & man, let me tell you - this little boy KNOWS his Bible stories!  His mommy & daddy are raising him up right... but how cute of a little cow did he make? 

Look at those little ones!!! And see that little Joseph?  That's who holds Madi's hand all day during school... first crush - is there anything sweeter? 

Sophia & her friend, Shawna... Shawna was the star - literally, the shining star... & she told me how she had to practice walking in it... Sophia originally was going to do that part, but she told the teacher she knew she'd fall so she didnt want to do it... the girl knows her limits!

Hope you all have a fantastic Saturday!!!!


  1. Awwwwww! The twins are ADORABLE! And wow! The set and costumes are phenomenal! Looks like they had a great time performing - and I loved that Sophia kept holding the hand of the little sheep she was in charge of...priceless! :)

  2. Adorable photos. Thanks so much for sharing them. And for playing 6WS!

  3. The pics are so cute!

    Thanks for your support on my blog.

  4. So sweet those kids are.
    I am already in the corner crying. I need some icing.

  5. Oh my stars ~~ sweet bliss ~~ Children's programs are just the sweetest aren't they?!! And that cow ~~ get-out-of-town CUTE!!!!!

    Have fun at your first CHRISTmas gathering tomorrow.

    Love you girl,

  6. the children are too cute.. I am ready for the count down too.

  7. If you like pumpkin then i have the world's most amazing pumpkin pancake recipe. Email me if you want it :-)

  8. We attended Yaya's first pageant this year and we couldn't have been prouder of her. This has been the most special Christmas EVER all because she is old enough to understand the true meaning of the season. She loves Jesus and is so happy to be celebrating his birthday.

    These kids are so adorable I could just love them all silly. I hope you get all your projects done today. Just put on some festive music and I bet you'll be done in no time.

  9. Best.Song.Ever. Makes me want to break out the skates (but don't tell MB - he's been egging me on)

    The kids looked so cute!!!!

  10. Those pictures are just adorable!!!!! :)

  11. Oh so cute! I love all the little costumes!

    I was a star in my 2nd grade play and I still remember going home after school everyday before the program to put on my star costume. I loved it so much! LOL

  12. I'm so glad you shared this--it's so, so sweet. Thanks.


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