Saturday, December 12, 2009

Six Word Saturday

Giddy from all the fun surprises!!

I'm still just excited about the surprises I had on Friday...

Ricky & I were out shopping yesterday & I am in line & he tells me, I have to go back - I found something I want to get you for Christmas.  I love surprises so I went & checked out & went to the car while he made his purchase.

Next thing I know, he gets in the drivers seat & he says "I cant wait - I gotta give it to you now"... I thought he was joking & he said, "Seriously - I cant wait"... so he hands me this...

Can you see that name in the middle?  Yep... its Steven Curtis Chapman!  He said, "I knew if you saw SCC's name - you'd totally snag up on it"... so I'm so excited about it... gotta put it in today while I'm wrapping presents to get in the Christmas mode with my sweet Steven!... & giddy that my husband even thought to surprise me with it... one Christmas point goes to Ricky!

And then I get home & there is a package on the front porch from my wonderful southern bloggy friend, April (my link up isnt working... ugh!!) I'll have to try the link up again because ya'll GOTTA go visit this beautiful, Christian woman who has the two sweetest daughters!

I won a giveaway she had on her blog last week & look at all these wonderful goodies!  The most gorgeous candy dish - CANDY!!!!!!! - a bar of soap that is made of yogurt (gotta be good on the skin!) - a yummy candle - And even some oven mitts that arent shown here because I had already used them!  I also already have that hand sanitizer in my purse...

But look at this... my heart just was giddy beyond giddy with this part of the giveaway...

An apron.. & not just any apron - but the cutest darn apron EVER!!!!!  I have literally worn it around the house all day... Is there a law saying you cant wear an apron as an accessory with an outfit?  Well, now that I'm trying my hand in the kitchen too, I've been wanting to try some Christmas cookie ideas & this is just going to make my Christmas baking even more fun...

Only problem - my oven is covered with gifts that need to be wrapped... oh well, I'll just keep wearing the apron anyways!  Thanks April! 

Hope you all are having giddy-ness in your life during this Christmas season!!!


  1. Those 6 words sure had a lot to say,lol. What a blessing...enjoy!!!

  2. That is a great surprise gift! Awesome wins also! Happy Saturday!

  3. You seriously look adorable in that apron; your bright smile compliments the tree nicely :) Congrats on your win.

  4. RJ,
    Only one CHRISTmas point?!! Oh girl I'm thinking AT LEAST three =)

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE that apron!!! You wear it well girl, YOU WEAR IT WELL!! How cute are you ~~ I mean seriously!!

    Get those presents wrapped and that oven heated girl, with that apron you just MUST bake ~~ oh you must!!! =)

    Have a Super Blessed Saturday,

  5. Since we are bloggy BFF's (and hence very much alike), we obviously read some of the same blogs.

    I hollered in joy when I saw April post your name as the winner of her giveaway.

    The apron looks FANTASTIC on you, and yay for the other goodies!!!!

    My question, though, is why in the world would you use the stove as a present collector? Oy girl! Get that stuff out and start cooking!!


  6. what a fun day.. yeah for all you got..

  7. Who does not love wonderful surprises?

  8. Surprises are the best. Didn't you know that in September during fashion week all of the designers named the apron to be the NEW accessory? It is perfect in every way.

  9. I love the apron too..I'm jealous haha!

    Yep, 14 inches of snow...some freezing mist going on now too. Hopefully the roads don't get too bad tonight!

    We are most definately in the Christmas spirit now! Just so we don't get any more!!

  10. You are definitely one lucky girl!!! Love the apron.

  11. Wow! How fun! Look at all your goodies!! Congrats! =)

  12. Don't you just love surprises!!!!! :)

  13. Oh my gosh! I love that apron! I'm a tad jealous :D

  14. Love the apron! Also love peppermint bark. Congrats on all your goodies and thanks for playing 6WS.


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