Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea
*Tonight's my twin nieces Christmas Pageant at their preschool.. I totally cant wait to see all the little ones up there.  With Sophia (aka Miss Dramatic) in her element... (A STAGE!!!) & with Madilynn (aka Miss DONT LOOK AT ME) ignoring everyone thinking, "If I dont look at them, they wont look at me"... Oh, be aware that pictures WILL be taken!!!

*SNOW!!!!!!!!!!  We have snow forcasted EVERY DAY up until Christmas!  And this weekend can drop us a few inches... which really isnt cool when you still have some Christmas shopping to do.  At least I have my little 4 wheel drive... maybe it'll keep the stores less crowded?  Nah - it'll just be crazy people in the SNOW now... oh, this can't be good!!

*So You Think You Can Dance... I just didnt even care this hour long finale when they've drug out the show for 10 hrs every week?  And Russell?  I mean, I liked the dude, but Jakob was by far the best dancer... it was just stupid this year...Fingers crossed Ryan gets snagged up on "Dancing with the Stars"

*I saw my counter top for the first time last night after HOURS of wrapping... but the kitchen table is still MIA.  I know its under there somewhere!

*I want a fireplace in my home....

*SPAT OF THE WEEK:  SURPRISES!!!  So I've said before how Ricky just cant handle holding gifts for me - he either gives them right to me, or he lets me pick out what I want for Christmas... but yet, he gets angry at me that he doesnt know what I got him (which is pretty decent, I must say!!!), & he'll have surprises Christmas morning & I wont... now excuse me, is it MY fault I have control & he doesn't?  I'm just saying...

*I had to turn my "Word verification" back on... hate that... but I've been getting scam comments lately for banking & financing... no, dude, no one cares & you arent going to comment anymore here... so sorry nice bloggers who comment LEGIT comments, you have to now take the time to do a stupid word verification because of dorky people...

*Did you see all the nominations for GLEE for the Golden Globes?  And Jane Lynch even got a shout out... totally deserved!!!!  I was so excited when I heard that.  Picked up the GLEE 2 Soundtrack & its even BETTER then the first!  I listen to them over & over & never get sick of it... GLEE has some sort of mystic powers that drags you in - I'm sure of it... I also just read that Sue Sylvester will be having her own song to sing in the next round of shows... I love any scene Jane Lynch is in... cant wait!

*Our boss received a live wreath for a Christmas present & he let us put it up on the door in the office.  Can I say, all you live tree people, I see where the smell drags you in to getting a live tree.  Every morning when I open the door, that smell in the office is just so heavenly...makes me sad though that its dying... I want that smell around here longer! 

*We had our Youth Christmas party Wednesday... As always when we're all together, I laughed so hard, my belly hurt, I lost my voice from singing Karoke (or SCREAMING Karoke, I should say), and yes, if you saw my Facebook - I even ate Pla-Do!!!  All the other leaders were talking about how they've eaten it before & how salty it tasted... Someone say salt?  I was intrigued.  So our youth minster took the first dive into it & then I had to try it myself... afterall, it was the beautiful pink color... and WOW - it is MAJORLY salty... who knew?  I've said it before & I'll say it again - it takes a certain kinda people to work with youth - & I think I just proved it once again!

Here we are singing YMCA... notice I dont even put down my Diet Coke to rock out!

And no, I'm not singing a heart moving hymn here... we're not raising our arms praising God - we are doing the moves to YMCA... but my emotion in this song is just TOO much ... & Ryan watching me is even more hilarious!  Now that's good times right there!

Happy Friday everyone!  May it be FABULOUS!


  1. It's friday already? WOW.

    thanks for the update. Sounds great!

  2. That last picture is hysterical!!!!

    Send some snow down my way!!!!!! :)

  3. I truly hate that I missed those moments! I saw from Jeremy's video Ryan singing...that was hilarious!

  4. Totally cracking me up, you Diet Coke wielding youth leader!! CRACKING.ME.TOTALLY.UP.

    And can I just say, that SYTYCD left a lot to be desired for me this season as well. I really liked all the finalist all great dancers. But I'm with ya, Ryan and his shirtless self, needs to get right on over to DWTS!!

    Have a Blessed week ~~ off to type in my word verification ~~ dumb spam ~~ Dawn

  5. Love our fireplace and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Glee!!!!!

    Hallie :)

  6. Wish you could keep snow there! I really am not looking for snow in my area. Hope your neither of us get too much!
    Love the photos! LOL

  7. I love Glee and I love your YMCA nusical!! Those songs just make you smile and have fun.
    I'm excited about the snow as long as it holds out till late tonight.
    Keep Warm!!

  8. I loved this update! : )

    I just found out about my computer: $70 fix! That's it! WHOO! I pick it up tonight. : )

  9. Look at you rockin' out - looks like a fun bunch for sure :D

    Had to turn my word verification back on for the same reason - sad.

    Can't wait to find out the awesome gift you got Ricky - skates perhaps? (I think you should throw in a box of Bisquick just for kicks ;-)

  10. Oh I would die, I'm allergic to trees. I felt so bad one year because the family I nannied for got a real tree and I could barely breathe so they were forced to put their Christmas tree out on the porch.

    Oh...and our new house has a fireplace!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. It looks like ti was a fun party. Way to sing, er scream.
    I would like the scent of pine in my home too, but it is just too small. I keep a pine scented candle, unlit near the tree. It's scent may not go through out the whole house but a good part of the room anyway.

  12. Hoping for snow right along with the kids; if the weathermen are wrong, Gabe is gonna be one disappointed boy...

    I have Dec 29th marked on my calendar; the release of season 1 of Glee! Can't wait!

    Love the pics of you with the youth; rock on, sister!

  13. What a fun week and a lot going on. Have a great weekend..

  14. We've got rain in the forecast... but I don't think it will be cold enough for snow :(

    I had a feeling about SYTYCD... as soon as Kathryn was eliminated and it came down to Russell and Jakob, I was pretty sure Russell was going to win. Jakob was brilliant, but Kathryn was my favorite this season!

  15. Loved your Friday fragments! Looks like a busy week for you. I love that you just found your counter top. Mine's been MIA along with my tabletop until late last night. I feel like a huge weight was lifted. AHHHHHHH!

  16. Great fragments. !!
    Love that you keep hold of your diet
    ..oh and Glee..I LOVE IT> not on again til April..dang!

  17. I might have to turn my word verification back on, too - I guess it's this time of year for them to start crawling out of the woodwork!

    I bet the pageant last night was awesome! I'll be checking back for pictures! :)

    You're getting snow every day up until Christmas? We're getting one major dumping of snow today - most likely will see 2 feet of it before this storm decides it's done. I wish Mother Nature would have waited until Christmas Day to send us this major snow storm - I have too many things left to do to get ready for Christmas! We may or may not see snow next weekend too - hopefully it won't do as they say and warm up to the 40's on Christmas Day, since there's a 50% chance of getting rain or snow. I'd rather have a White Christmas, not a rainy one! :)

    Too funny your hubby can't wait to give you your presents...and even funnier he gets miffed when you don't do the same for him! ;)

    I'm thinking about going back to a live tree next Christmas, since our pre-lit one is pretty much burned out in the 'lit' department. I got it to save the work of stringing lights, but since I now have to string lights on our fake tree, I might as well have the yummy pine scent to go along with the work! ;)

    LOVE that last picture of you rocking out to YMCA - and too funny you were hanging onto your diet coke the whole time! :)

    Happy FF a day late! :)

  18. I love those YMCA picture! It looks like you guys were having a blast.

    We have a fake tree but get the nice Christmas tree smell from a little centerpiece with tree branches in it. It works brilliantly!

    Stupid spammers! I moderate my comments so that people don't have to do word verification, but I'm not really sure that's a better solution either!

  19. I've been getting alot of spam too. I think I'll turn the WV back on as well :( stinks.

    LOVE those pics of ya'll singing! So fun!

  20. Wow-That looked like a lot of fun :)

    Mr.4444 says we can get a fake tree over his dead or disabled body. Bummer.

    I hate it when the voting shows turn out so stupidly. American Idol? Perfect example.

    Your depiction of your little nieces was really sweet. I hope you've posted pics, as I plan to look for those next.


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