Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas with the kiddos...

Christmas pictures continue...

We got to have our visit with the baby of the family, Lindsay & her fiance on Christmas Eve... She turned 21 this year & its crazy to know she's growing up & on her own, which means we dont get to see her as often, so its wonderful when we get to spend some time with her.  Here she is with her daddy... & of course, Sydney, who LOVES Lindsay more than anything!

And here she is with her prize gift of the evening - her SNUGGIE... & not just any ordinary one - but the Zebra print... I was so dang jealous.  She had fun rubbing it in not only my face, but her fiance, Tyler's face!  He's been wanting a Snuggie himself.  He said he didnt even care if it was Zebra print, he was using it... Lindsay threatened his life if he touched it... aah, the beginnings of wondering what marriage will be like starting off just right!

Then after she left, Ricky fell asleep about 8:00 so what am I to do?  Take ANOTHER blog buddies idea & make some Peanut Clusters... I remember this one came from Finding Normal... and the awesome blogger was discovered who made the reindeer cupcakes - want to give credit where its due... The John's Family is the creative, wonderful woman!... but these peanut clusters were so easy & fun to make... & I did end up getting Milk Chocolate instead of semi-sweet & while they were SUPER sweet, they were so dang yummy!!

And then the BEST PART OF CHRISTMAS... seriously, this made my whole Christmas... We got to "spend" Christmas with our dear Julie & her husband Steve & the cutest grandbaby in the whole world...How?  When they are in Texas & we're obviously NOT in Texas?  Xbox Live...

When Julie saw on my Christmas post a few weeks ago on what I wanted for Christmas so badly was to see Isaac open his gifts on Christmas morning, she instantly emailed me & said "Lets do it"... oh, that sweet precious girl!

So when they woke up, they turned on the cameras & we turned ours on... & look at this beautiful face we saw!!!  This is my favorite picture - Isaac looking at his Pappy & listening to him talking to him...

We got to see him unwrap every gift... & how he would always go back to one little toy that was in his Doctor's Kit we sent... it was the only thing he wanted.. how cute is that! 

And we sent down a book, & inside the cover, I taped a picture of Isaac & his Pappy skating (Thanks for the idea Erica!) & when Julie opened it up for him, he gasped because he recognized & remembered that moment... oh yeah, Christmas tears...

And here is he showing us his Christmas tree....

And yes, if you ask, those are KISS heads on the wall.... I told you my husband is a ROCKER... & no, those heads dont freak out Isaac - he actually likes looking at them... a mini-Rocker in the making!

So even though they were far away, technology made us feel like we were all together... & just LOOK at what we got to open - things Julie knitted for us... she made me a hot pad & a dish cloth... & then this... the most beautiful, cabled book cover...

And then she knitted - YES, this is knitted - her dad a checker set.  She made the pieces & even a little bag to hold it all... they have a history of checker challenges...

I'm a total loser when it comes to challenging either one of them, so I'll stick with reading my book in its beautiful cover...


  1. I'm with you RJ ~~ I am terrible at checkers. What is my problem? It is not a hard game at all.... anyway.....

    So funny, I was looking at the wall thinking "is that KISS?" So is KISS!!!

    You are so fun ~~ love ALL the pictures!!

    Have a Blessed evening friend,

  2. What a great way to use your xbox! I never would have thought of that! So you got to see him open his presents after all...that's awesome.

    I am hopeless when it comes to knitting; I sit in awe looking at all of those creations! You are some talented women!

  3. Peanut clusters?! YUM! And so happy to read/see that you had a great Christmas :)

    By the way, that knitted checker set is so cute! You can just tuck it into your bag and take it anywhere.

  4. That is so awesome that you could do that on Christmas morning. What a huge blessing....second best to being there, right? And I LOVE LOVE LOVE that knitted book cover. How cute is that?!?!

  5. I have to say I love the computer. I get to talk with my Mom too. It is the best..

  6. Wow! What great gifts!! So glad you were able to "be with them" on Christmas!!

  7. Oh, that book's GORGEOUS!!! Soooo much better than the one I attempted to make!

    And the checkerboard?!


    I'm so glad you guys had a wonderful Christmas. Thank goodness for technology, eh? The world is a much smaller place.

  8. It looks like a great time was had by all.. I love all of the knitted gifts! I loved the book cover..

  9. This might sound funny, but Ricky has got the most beautiful hair, LOL! Is he going to let it go down to his ankles?? Haha!!! How awesome that you got to see the grandbaby on Christmas!!!!!! :)

  10. Oh Rebecca, that was a dream come true for you guys! Technology can be so awesome sometimes. And the stuff Julie knitted is just freakin cool! A book cover! What an idea...hmmmm...going to my sewing machine now...

  11. That checker set is amazing!!

    THis post made me a little weepy and a lot happy at the same time. CJ will be in Afganistan next Xmas but we bought him an XBOX 360 this year so we can see him the same way you did!!

    Love it.

    Hallie :)

  12. What great photos and a recap of your day!

    And I totally DIG the checker set! How creative!!

  13. What a wonderful Christmas! So awesome you got to see him open his presents. Technology is amazing :D

  14. What amazing gifts and so thoughtful! The checker board is just awesome!


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