Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A lesson in prayer

I've said it before, I'll say it again - & I'm reminded constantly on how much I am blessed by being able to "hang out" with the youth in our church.  I know I'm supposed to be the leader, & I pray I do teach them some things along the way, but let me tell you, they teach me so much on their own...

I have a young lady in our class named Cayla.  This young lady is the sweetest little soul... always has been.  And one thing I love about her is she has always had no problem in praying to open up class or close up class.  I LOVE that in a kiddo - especially a teenager!  Its so rare - but not for this young lady.  "Anyone want to pray?" & her hand always goes up. 

(There's Cayla with her buddy, Mandy Lou-Who.. not her real name but what I call her!)

So she prays to close out our class Sunday & after she was finished, another amazing, BRILLANT young lady, Allyson came up to me & said, "She prayed right"... I was like, how do you pray wrong?  & Allyson said, she didnt ask for anything - she was just thankful...

And you know what - it clicked... Cayla has always prayed like that... just always THANKFUL for everything... She thanked God for Ryan, who led the lesson that day, she was thankful for the snow that we did receive (even though we only got a dusting, nothing like the kids were wanting), she was thankful for the day, her parents, everyone getting together...

& she just reminded me on how we dont need to really go to God with a list of what we want - He already knows anyways, right?  That when we talk to Him, we can just be thankful for the things He has given, the things He hasn't, & the things that He WILL take care of...

Since Sunday, everytime I've prayed, I think of her... & even when I go to pray for healing for someone, I'm even trying to re-word it - like "Thank you God for being in control of healing so & so"... it really makes me feel like I'm worshiping God more then using him as a genie in a lamp...

& I learned this from this beautiful young lady...

Honestly, if you get a chance - get to know some of the youth in your church or just around you... I'm telling you, they'll teach you more then you'd ever realize...and you'll be blessed more then you can EVER imagine...


  1. What an incredible spirit that girl has! God is truly working through her to touch so many people, isn't he? Amazing!

    And though you may be blessed by them, they are certainly blessed by you, Rebecca! Not many adults can appreciate teenagers; you have a rare talent!

  2. This was awesome Jo Jo.... LOVE it!!!! :)

  3. What a great post! :-) and a great reminder - love her!

  4. Sometimes what we are needing a reminder about is given to us in the most amazing way, isn't it? : )

  5. You are so right! I've watched a 12 year old so involved in worship she was completely oblivious to everyone around her. You don't see that very often in 12 year olds and it was such a beautiful thing to watch.

  6. I have to agree she taught me something new today.

  7. That's awesome that you're so comfortable around teens and are able to learn from them...they intimidate me for some reason.

  8. That's really beautiful. Kids have a lot to offer us if we are simply open to them.


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