Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

*OK, I've gotta start off right here because I REALLY, REALLY want to encourage you to go visit my friend Erica's blog.  If you remember, Joe & Erica are the ones with Baby Emily & they received the diagnosis of Infantile Spasms.  This is a condition that is pretty much not as "in your face" as most conditions - & because of that, they are having some issues getting the help they need.  They've been told their baby is just a "mystery".... but I've seen the bloggy community gather around Harper & Stellan & Miracle Max & many other beautiful angels... They can use your words of encouragement... & honestly, Erica is such an honest writer on what is going on in Emily's life, I think you will immediately fall in love with all of them too & want to stay up to date with their story... Their blog is called Our Beautiful Emily ... God is at work in their lives... go give them a visit & let them know you're praying for them!
*American Idol... so I havent watched the past few years (who is Adam Lambert? ... kidding) - but who are your favorites so far?  I'm horrible with names, but I love the dude with the tattoo on his neck who redid Paula Abdul's "Straight up"... that was genuis!  I also really liked the 70's guy... very Jim Morrison!  For the girls, not sure who stands out for me there... I know I REALLY cant believe some of them made it through & that some amazing ones got away... oh well. I'm sure it'll all change once the real performances take place..

*It hit above freezing yesterday & the sun was out... how messed up is it that it felt like SPRING... Honestly, it felt like it was Heaven... But, back to freezing temps after the weekend so we're not going to get used to it... sigh...

*I love GAWDY rings - the bigger the better... always have... so when I saw this ring, I had to stop & say "hmmm... is this too much"
And this is not a joke... there is a lady on Etsy that sells this - along with other various rings- go look!  Tell me which is your favorite? & for $12.50 for each, I may have to get one just because....

*Am I the only one who could care less about Tiger Wood's press conference today?  Remember, its 8:00 am right now - but see if I can predict what he's going to say .... "I'm sorry I hurt my wife, I'm sorry I hurt my sponsors, I'm sorry to all those I hurt...." - just go play golf Tiger...

*SPAT OF THE WEEK:  SNOW COVERED SHOES!!!! Its bad enough I have dogs dropping little snow balls from their fur all over the house, but Ricky refuses to take his shoes off at the door... so he'll walk around & big ole dirty snow clumps fall off & I either walk right into it unknowingly with nice, clean socks... or I have to wipe up the dirt stains it leaves.... I need to start standing at the door with a spray bottle & shoot him in the face if he doesnt take them off... isnt that how you train cats?  He does hate for his hair to get messy so it could work!!!

*Speaking of hair... THE FLYING TOMATO - Shaun White is everywhere - isnt he pretty dang cool?  Well, every time I see him, I tell Ricky, "There you are"... they resemble each other so much... especially of pictures of Ricky when he was younger (ALOT Younger, as I like to remind Ricky - haha!!!!)... I need to start calling Ricky a nickname - "The Flying ???" - oh, help me - I gotta get a good name... remember, he is a skater, so it could work...

*REALLY RANDOM!!!!.... I saw a billboard today that said "Vicki Lawrence and Mama" are coming to a local riverboat casino... who knew "Mama" was still getting around!

*GROSS OUT PICTURE.... Ready for this... my dad has been having PLASTIC SURGERY!!! Not really, but kinda!  He's been having the excess skin lifted over his eyes removed... & the first eye was done last week, the other gets done next week... He said he's got Michael Jackson's plastic surgeon!  But how painful does this look?  Isnt technology great that we can make people go "OHHHHHHHH' with just a click of a button?

**UPDATE - I still hate Vienna from "The Bachelor" may continue on with your day now
Happy Friday everyone... may your day be full of frags!


  1. I'm going over to check out the blog you suggested... : )

    My mom had that same surgery quite some time ago and it, sadly, wan't done very well. That, or she just got older and more things drooped! ha!

  2. what a great week. I know snow does not look good my floor either. I do not care what Tiger has to say. He should be saying it to his wife.. I know the media wants this but I would say, "No Comment" this is a private matter. Gross picture at the end. Amazing ring..

  3. I always love your Friday posts!! They make me smile!! Going to check out your friends blog now!!!

  4. My blog is BEST viewed in Mozilla Firefox. If you still have internet Explorer then that's the problem.
    Opera web browser I guess is okay too.
    Try a diff. web browser and make sure to you get the most updated web browser.
    Mozilla Firefox is what most people are viewing my blog in. GOOD LUCK!

  5. I'm going to your friend's blog right now . . . and I ADORE Andrew Garcia (the one with the tattoo on his neck) he is so talented!

  6. Your dad's picture... um, ewww. Looks so painful!

    My friend kept me waiting to walk today so she could hear Tiger talk. I could have told her what he was going to say!

  7. I loved the tattoo guy that re-did paula's song too! It was awesome! Is it bad that I really think that hippy girl is an amazing singer but I just can't look at her when she sings because her teeth bug the crap out of me!

    I'm a bad, bad person.

    I couldn't care less about the T Woods either.

    OUCH! That looks painful!

    I'm off to visit Erica's blog, stories like that just make my heart ache!

  8. Going to check out the blog you posted about.

    Man, that has got to hurt.

    Come by sometime.

  9. I hate Vienna too - at least, hate her for Jake. And gross! I hate eye injury stuff. Thank you 8th grade gymnastics. :(

  10. My mom had that surgery a couple of weeks ago. I didn't see any pictures though. I don't think she was brave enough to send them or at least take them!

    I'm so with you on the press conference.

  11. Ok, that picture of your dad just may have helped me lose the 4 pounds I'm trying to shed by Friday. I don't think I"ll eat again for a week.

    Vicki Lawrence & Mama -- LOVE them!

    How about "The Flying Snow Dropper" for your dh? or if he doesn't learn to take off his snowy shoes, "The Flying Dead Man?"

    Now, I wouldn't wear the pancake ring, but I sure will visit the Etsy page to see what else she's got!

    PS -- Internet Scrabble on Facebook or -- which is not exactly Scrabble but close enough for us addicts!

  12. I am so sick of hearing about Tiger Woods...

    LOL-A pancake ring!

    Visiting from Friday Fragments

  13. Ok...let's see my comments to your fragments (cause I'm really starting to go through withdrawals from your DWTS posts...when will it start again, dag nab it!).

    Shoes in the house...I have a big rule that shoes get taken off before you enter the house...guests have to do this too. It started when I lived in south Florida, and my South American friends kept their tile clean this way. The Mr. despises this rule, but until he's willing to clean, the rule stays.

    Tiger Woods...I'll admit that I rushed home from an appointment to see it; however, I knew there would be a survey invitation mailed out concerning this, so I wanted to be informed. I think he shouldn't have acted angry at the media about being so aggressive. He's the one who put himself out there and did all that stuff. Unfortunately, these are the consequences. And his mention of Buddhism totally turned me off. Why bring in religion when you've messed up so royally? Did not win any votes in my camp. Blech.

    American Idol...I faithfully watched for years but have boycotted since the announcement of Ellen as a judge. I don't think she's an expert on singing, thus she's not qualified. Blech. My DVR is happy to not have its recording time taken up by this time suck.

    The Bachelor...ditto on the above, minus the Ellen part. I just can't reconcile my beliefs about dating with this show. You know what? I don't even miss it!!

    Now, allow me to live vicariously through you (in other words, I'm broke and I assume you're not)...order the ring and let's see how it looks on your hand!!

  14. Wow! Your poor dad! And he has to go back AGAIN?! Glad he's able to get that fixed, though.


    Shaun doesn't do it for me, but I do admire his success :)


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