Saturday, February 27, 2010

Project 365-7

Clickin' away... let's look at the week

Sunday 2/21/10 - Dinner Surprise for Uncle Ricky!..... I had a rough day & needed a big smile, so what do you do with that?  Go visit two little twins that are the cutest little girls in the world!  Ricky had called me to meet him for dinner & the plan was on to surprise him with two little faces!  There is just nothing like conversations with 5 yr olds...

Monday - Surprise for my hairdresser!... I got to finish blocking another project for my wonderul hair dresser.  She saw one of these that her granddaughter had, that Lynn made for her during Christmas - & she wanted one.  All she had to do was say the word & it was done... I really love these things... so cute...

Tuesday 2/23/10 - Done with one, begin another..... As soon as I get done with one book, I cant wait to start another one.  Its always exciting to me... and as I type this, I'm done with both of these... so onto ANOTHER book... always love to see what lies in between a front & back cover...

Wednesday Feb 24, 2010 - My first experience with oil!.... Ricky LOVES jumbo butterfly shrimp.  I ended up trying to make it for the first time frying it up.  As you all know, I'm new to cooking & I had never worked with oil & frying up anything... well, Ricky ate every little bit of it & wanted more... SUCCESS!

Thursday - Feb 25, 2010 - Do I hafta get up too?.... It was a cold morning & my Bruno sleeps with me all night long... but when I got up for work, he just stayed snuggled.. I was getting ready to leave for work & saw him STILL under those blankets... I just wanted to crawl right back in & go back to sleep.

Friday - Lovin' my new Crocs!..... I saw where the Croc Warehouse was having a bargain of a sale online & got these shoes for $19.00.... they were regular $65.00 - BARGAIN!  And I LOVE 'em!!! 

Saturday - Feb 27, 2010 - Pump me up....  I ran 6 miles today & didnt realize I had only had toast for the day before my run... UNTIL, I felt like I was going to die!  I was going to the hospital to see my friends Joe & Erica with their baby Emily, when I stopped to pick up some food.  Whoooo - I wasnt feeling good standing in line.  And of course, there was a LONG line... I started seeing the room spin, I got hot & cold & felt suddenly sick... I walked out ot my car & next think I know - I'm down for the count.  Totally blacked out.... next thing I know - a lady who was in Subway came out to check on me.  I couldnt get a hold of Ricky so I drove home.  I had to pull over one other time because I thought I was going to black out again.  I got home & almost felt like I had to crawl in the house.  Ricky called me after seeing missed calls & reminded me that's exactly what happened to me when I ran the mini-marathon last year & didnt have food for awhile... so I found these babies & they instantly pumped me back up... I felt shaky the rest of the night - but now, I know I need to keep an eye on my blood sugar levels...

Hope everyone has had fun clickin' away this week... cant wait to see all your pics...


  1. Great pictures this week!!! I have to say my favorites are Bruno snuggled in the blankets and the new Crocs. I would never have guessed those were Crocs! Makes me want to go check some out!! Can't beat that price too!

    Thanks for the comment about my glitter polishes too hehe I am a big kid, I did every other nail in those colors...right now I have orange or Crushed to be specific...and next I think I'm going to do each nail half pink and half purple! Yeah, I'm a dork!

    I've been thinking about you this weekend...I was just told that I will be teaching the young teen (6-8) graders class in Sunday School. The oldest group that I have taught is 5th grade girls in Awana and this group is mostly boys. I was wondering if you had any advice, words of encouragement for me as I am pretty nervous and VERY prayerful about this one! Thanks in advance!

  2. My little Loni would love to snuggle with Bruno under those covers. So cute!


  3. great pictures...but some food!!! how scary!! I am glad you are better.

  4. Seems like a perfect week to me, except for the blacking out part, of course. The shoes are very cute! And so are the girls and the puppy :)

  5. Great week! I am impressed you did oil...messy!
    I can't believe those are Crocs...cute.
    Have super week@@

  6. What a cute puppy! He does make you want to snuggle with him...

    Love those crocs. I'll have to check them out - I'm always up for new ones!

    What did you think of the Barbara Delinsky book? I usually like her books, but I haven't read that one/

  7. Whoa. Bet that was scary, passing out like that.
    Great pictures this week!
    BTW, I like what you did to your photos to keep them from being stolen. I've been thinking about doing something to safeguard my kids' faces...


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