Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A gander at Believe!!

Another successful year at Believe!  This was probably one of the best trips, in the sense that the most dramatic thing that happened was one of the kids forgot his coat & we had to wait for him to run back & get it... how nice is that!  It let the time be focused on the important things...

The weekend was full of lots of laughter, some A-MAZ-ING worship, some deep & powerful discussions in small group & just great time worshipping the MESSIAH!

The theme this year was "The Messiah is MORE".... & each session would discuss more about that - like "The Messiah SEES MORE" - "The Messiah LOVES MORE" - "The Messiah EXPECTS MORE"...

During each of the sessions, the artist, Eric Samuel Timm, portrayed GOD & would paint a picture right there in the midst of a song that was just gorgeous & relevant to the message...

At the last session, it all built up to this amazing presentation... he painted this crown of thorns & the music started building up representing the death of Jesus... The lights went red & "God" just stood & then hung his head... he stood like that for about 5 minutes & there wasnt a sound in the room... a room full of thousands of kids & silence... it gave me chills. 

Then the music started again, & Eric started painting over that crown of thorns & turned it into the CROWN FOR A KING!!!!

The picture was complete... Eric pulled chains raising the whole complete picture of the Messiah... all the while, the entire areana was singing "Hosanna".... I had chills non stop & to see the reactions of all the kids around - it was just so beautiful...

We were reminded at the end of it all that the Messiah expects MORE from us... that we are all called to be Kingdom workers for Him!  Big or small - we can do MORE through HIM because HE IS MORE!

If you ever get a chance to go to a CIY Convention, please load up the kids & go... they have such a powerful way of relaying a message - perfect for young & old of all ages... just be sure to know, LOUD, BOOMING music is going beat your chest out!  Just the way I like it...

And see this group?  Yep, we all BELIEVE that the MESSIAH IS MORE!!!!!

We're already ready for next year....

(Here is a little taste of what the weekend was like... you'll enjoy this - trust me)


  1. Wow ~ what an awesome weekend! The picture of all the paintings being lifted gave me chills and I wasn't even there. Sounds like a powerful, God-moving experience and I am so glad you & the kids got to enjoy it.

  2. That is beyond AWESOME! More like MAGNIFICIENT!!!

  3. what a fun time. I saw you stopped by. I will not be around much today. My baby is sick.. Boo.. Have a great day.

  4. WOW… sounds like an amazing weekend!! :)

  5. What an amazing presentation to integrate art in with the music! I bet it was so powerful!

  6. Wow, the complete picture is awesome! Such an incredible image.

  7. So glad you had such an awesome time! And no trips to the emergency room!

  8. That sounds incredible, Rebecca. I have chills just reading your description!


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