Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Its a LOST thing...

..you wouldnt understand...

Unless you are a fan of LOST, that is...

I'm so excited about tonight!  I cant take phone calls - I'm hiding my cell so I wont text, & I'm turning off the computer so I wont check my email... I will be out of commission from 8-11 tonight! 

Enjoy this LOST Anthem... pretty dang funny!!!  (I want his shirt! It says "Desmond is my constant"_


  1. lol That was AWESOME! He said my first choice for a name is Sayid Jarrah LOL LOVE IT!

    And his shirt is the bomb! :)

  2. We are BIG LOST fans!! We have the DVR set and are ready to take in the last season.

  3. Seriously, it must be a “Lost Thing” because I have never watched an episode and have no clue what the hype is about, ha!

  4. RJ,
    My husband will be joining you from afar. He is a HUGE Lost fan. Me? Yeah I'm just TOTALLY CONFUSED!!! I try to watch, but Lost has lost me friend. I mean seriously did the island just disappear but not? I'm so confused. I thought he died, nope he's alive. Where did that chicka come from....the underground. There's an underground?

    Okay so are you CONFUSED YET!?!!? Yep that's the way I feel too!! I get nervous just watching the commercials. I DON'T EVEN GET THE COMMERCIALS!! I need to go lie down now.

    Love you =)

  5. I never was able to get into Lost. I watch 2 episodes and got so "lost" I never bothered again.

  6. HAHAHA! LOVED it!!!

    I am still on season 5 (on dvd) so I can only record it until I'm done. I can't wait either!!!

    (good thing you reminded me too)

  7. Never got into Lost but lots of folks are...must be something about it I just couldn't figure out. I prefer the Real Housewives of Orange County & New York! HAHAHA

  8. I am so ready... You can have all three that you listed on my blog for sure.. I am glad you watch..

  9. Fantastic! We watch it too, Bec. Love love love it! I have to get up at 3 a.m. for work but I'm still going to stay up! Call me crazy, but LOST is the best....show....ever!

  10. Oh my stars... I loved the premiere. My head is still spinning.

    And NOT just from the glass of wine I had while I watched the show.

    It was so good!

    The show, I mean.

    The wine was ok.

  11. That was cute! But my favorite part was the last 12 seconds and the nose bleed!
    It was good last night, but I CANNOT believe they brought in other OTHERS!!!

  12. I was late to work last night so I could watch the whole thing! I loved it! Confusing? Yes. Awesome? Yes. Loving the Christian parallels...

    Loved this youtube video; I called my sister and we were cracking up together!

  13. Ahhh...LOST...I am a HUGE fan! I am catching up on last night's episodes via my DVR (thank goodness). I am sad to know this is the last season, but I can't wait to see how the writers wrap up all of the story lines!


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